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Sunday, 29 August 2010 05:29

What the Kings of the earth have done"¦Psalm 2

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by Bill Randles
Posted on August 24, 2010

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.(Psalm 2:1-2)

Watching the way President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg and other assorted Religious , media and political leaders took their stand with those seeking to install a Mosque on the site of the worst mass murder of American citizens in history, has been instructive.

About 80 percent of the American people think it is an outrage of biblical proportions, to install what amounts to a monument to victory over the infidels, at ground zero. What does it mean then that the movers and shakers in politics and media support the so called "Cordoba project" at the same rate?

The penny dropped when the plight of an Orthodox church which was destroyed at the same site came to light. After 9 years, St Nicholas church has been run through a zoning purgatory and has yet to be given leave to rebuild! The Mosque has been rubber stamped, fast-tracked but for the negative publicity. The church which was destroyed by 9-11 is in the doldrums.

Then I remembered the Word of the Lord, the second Psalm , which predicts a time of worldwide confusion and breakdown. The Heathen rage"¦ That is , the nations are in an uproar. The people Imagine a vain thing...The minds of the people have been emptied, they chase vanity, they cling to an empty ideal. And the question is Why?

The answer is that The Kings of the earth and their Rulers"¦(Not just the political class, but all of the opinion shapers, pundits, the leaders in Education, Media and respectable religion) Have taken counsel against the Lord and His Christ"¦ When did they take this counsel ?

Most likely they did when they went to University, or even earlier, they were steeped in an anti-christian worldview, they rejected the western consensus, especially the contribution of Christianity to this greatest civilization the world has ever seen.

The West has a culture, developed over thousands of years, whose roots are twofold, Greco-Roman and Judeo Christian. But a culture cannot be maintained without a cultus, the germ of the culture, the spirituality of it, which is Judeo Christianity.

What the contrast between the "Cordoba Mosque" and St Nicholas Orthodox church has shown, is that the "Kings of the earth and their rulers," are doing everything they can to neutralise the christian element, silencing it wherever possible, stifling it, relegating it to just one of thousands of other religions any of which is as valid , if not more so, than the professed religion of most of this nation.

How else do we explain the nonsensical and vastly unpopular immigration policies of western nations such as Great Britain, the Netherlands, and the USA ? Flooding once civilized societies with millions of assimilable immigrants, such as Muslims, literally importing hostile populations who loathe their hosts in spite of the generous welfare benefits which they enroll in.It doesn’t make sense!

But it has to do with change, for these "kings and rulers" hate the West as it is, and seek to obliterate it’s distinctive traditions, especially it’s religious heritage,in order to pursue what David prophesied as "The Vain Imagination", which is a humanistic, godless,utopia.

The Muslims, with their hypersensitivity which only runs one way, are ideal "change agents", perfect for the task of wiping away the remnant public expressions of our Christian societal influence.

Every time an American meat packing house is forced to change it’s hours for Ramadan, or an airport installs at public expense a foot bath for Muslim a cab driver , or in this case a Mosque is erected on the same site as the worst massacre on American soil, the heart of the nation is demoralised. Is this what they mean by death by a thousand cuts?

The Counsel, that the Kings of the earth have taken is described as the casting off of the shackles of the religion of God and Christ-(Judeo Christianity)-

"Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us"¦"

Remember Obama proudly proclaiming to the Muslim world that America is no longer a christian nation? Obama is only the most blatant of them.

This explains another riddle, how do the champions of abominations such as "Gay marriage" and abortion, find common cause with Wahabi Muslims who if given the power would behead the Homo’s first of all?? The answer is in the old Arab proverb- the enemy of my enemy is my friend-(for now).

The kings of the earth and their rulers, side with Islam, in fact they have used Islam, because although Islam and they are at polar opposites in every other respect, they have one over-riding thing in common, they seek to overthrow the God of the Judeo Christian west,and obliterate the culture that grew out of such a faith.

This doesn’t end well folks, buckle your seat belts and read the rest of the second Psalm!

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