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Monday, 01 October 2007 00:12

Is This Deceitful Narrative Unravelling?

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Posted in Doc Blog at 10:04 am by Calvin L. Smith

Some of you know I have a major  problem with  the concept of man-made global warming. No, that"s not quite true, actually. My real problem is how  even mild dissent or  doubt  is pounced upon and vilified as utter heresy by Enviro-Fascists in a display which  would make certain medieval, torture-driven ecclesiastical institutions proud. Such `liberals" are nothing of the sort, refusing even to debate the issue. Yet I sense the global warming narrative is beginning to unravel. This year has, I believe, been a pivotal moment  with Channel 4"s The Great Global Warming Swindle, the publication of several books by scientists who dare take on the  Eco Inquisition and the IPCC Church of Politicised Science, a British judge who ruled Al Gore"s movie must be accompanied by health warnings in schools because of its misleading nature and its many inconvenient untruths, and British public opinion polls which suggest people"s views are changing on this issue.

Of course, when the whole issue has been exposed for what it is (in part, a mixture of half-truths, deceit and scare tacticts driven by liberals who want to tell us how to live while they  jet around the world to this or that Green conference held in exotic locations), mark my words the Enviro-Fascists will still claim victory, that their efforts saved the planet, this despite the fact that at the present time and in a bid to get us out of our cars and into sandals,  many claim we have left it to late!.

Sadly,  many Christians, like many  other well-meaning people, have uncritically embraced the global warming gospel, thus sleepwalking into a culture of fear and doom.  Their instincts and motives are partially correct, namely, that  Christian theology does have something to say about dominion, care for and protection of the world God has given us. Yet they have allowed a largely  atheist or post-Christian, pagan  `geolatrous’ (worship of the earth)  lobby to dictate and drive the agenda. Subsequently,  there is a near total absence of Christian teaching and study of environmental issues that do matter from a biblical perspective, namely,  good stewardship of resources, waste, personal responsibility  and pollution. Instead we are all out chasing the rainbow.

Calvin L. Smith, Ph.D.
Principal and Tutor of Theology
King's Evangelical Divinity School
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Faculty Page: www.kingsdivinity.org/about/faculty-calvin-smith

Editor, Evangelical Review of Society and Politics

Blog: www.calvinlsmith.com
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