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Friday, 01 October 2004 00:12

Catholicism is False

By Mike Gendron

We applaud Mike Gendron's true statements. May The Lord bless him and his ministry.

I am a bible believing Christian who is formerly Catholic and my own family is a combination of Jewish and Roman Catholic in background. Given the fact that the ACLU defended nazis in Illinoise, thus destroying the credibility of ACLU in the mind of any thinking person, it is surprising such nazi defending riff raff who actually defended nazis would compare someone with no nazi beliefs to nazis. I met Mike Gendron, and he is no nazi. Nazis are indeed bad, but if the ACLU also thinks they are bad why did ACLU defend them? The hideous irrationality and hypocrisy of ACLU becomes more legendary by the day.

They go on witch hunts falsely comparing those who are not nazis to nazis, while publicly defending in open court those who actually are admitted nazis.

The best thing a nazi defending organization like ACLU can do to defend the civil liberties of Americans is to drop dead.

James Jacob Prasch
International Director of Moriel

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It never fails to amaze me when I come across some aberrational point of theology or cultic view of Christ or God. "How could they not see this, or how could they overlook the error in that point?" But when it comes to the ever-changing religious fables springing up in the Catholic Church, one would have to physically put on spiritual blinders not to see through their obvious errors. Let's look at one of their latest logical blunders.

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Sunday, 01 February 2004 00:12

Reaching Catholics for Christ

By Evangelist Mike Gendron
Director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry
PO Box 940871
Plano, TX 75094

How do you approach Catholics who believe they are already Christians? How do you share the Gospel with Catholics who are adding to what Jesus finished on Calvary's cross? We must begin by telling them that sacrifice of the Lord Jesus was perfect, complete and sufficient for their salvation. To add to Christ's finished work of redemption is to nullify grace - the only means by which God saves sinners (Rom. 11:6). Most Catholics do not know God's punishment for sin or His only provision for it. If we are to reach Catholics for Christ we must tell them God's righteous justice requires the death penalty for any and all sin. Only then will they see how futile their works are, and only then will they turn to the Savior, who died as a substitute, to pay the death penalty sinners deserve.

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Sunday, 05 January 2003 00:12

Why Mother Teresa Should Not Be a Saint

Daily Mirror, UK, 3rd January 2003
By Christopher Hitchens

In the good old/bad old days, the procedure for making a former human being into a saint was well understood.

There had to be an interval of at least seven years after the death before beatification - the first stage in the process - could even be proposed. (This was to insure against any gusts of popular enthusiasm for a local figure who might later prove to be a phoney.)

There had to be proof of two miracles, attributable to the intercession of the deceased.

And there had to be a hearing, at which the advocatus Diaboli, or Devil's Advocate, would be appointed by the Church to make the strongest possible case against the nominee.

I am not a Roman Catholic and the saint-making procedures of the Vatican are really none of my business. But it strikes me as odd that none of the above rules have been followed in the case of the newly-beatified woman who called herself "Mother" Teresa of Calcutta.

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Tuesday, 01 January 2002 00:12

A Catholic Childhood of Confusion

By Jackie Alnor

Singer/Songwriter Billy Joel didn't know what he was talking about when he sang the lyrics "Catholic girls start much too late." That certainly wasn't the case with me or with most of the girls I hung out with in the late '60s at St. Emydius School in Southern California. We viewed virginity as a state only the few Catholic saints and nuns could maintain and we could never be in their spiritual class. So we were conditioned to expect that "mortal sins" such as fornication were inevitable and we had recourse - the confessional.

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Tuesday, 01 January 2002 00:12

Rev. Ed Barclay's Testimony

Snatched from the Jaws of Rome!

What perilous times we are living in.We are seeing before our very eyes the Great Apostasy that is sweeping the Church and hopefully soon the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Since the death of Pope John Paul 2, I have witnessed some mind blowing statements that have issued forth from the mouths of so called leaders in the Church especially Brian Houston, President of the AOG in Australia who stated that the Pope is in Heaven with Jesus because he believed in Jesus, statements from Fred Nile and Gordon Moyes, both Men whom I used to highly respect saying that the Pope was a great man of God. I ask one question and it is this "what Planet are these men living on"  Hello? Martin Luther would roll over in his grave if he heard the rubbish that is spewing out of these men"s mouths. I suppose then that these men have never been Roman Catholics or come out of a false religious system. To those of us who have been RC"s, I found their statements to be repugnant, nauseating, and highly offensive. Either these men are stupid in not knowing what Catholicism teaches (in which I don"t think so) or they are being deceptive. Frankly if they are going down the road to Rome then I want no part of it. I call on their Churches to stand up to these men and if they persist, then remove them from office. They are acting like Hirelings and not as Shepherd to the Flock of God.

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Tuesday, 01 January 2002 00:12

Roberto's Testimony

I come from Italian parents. My dad was a WW 2 prisoner of war in Kenya. After the war he married and   I was born there. Spent my youth in Kenya and then went to South Africa in 1971 . I lived in Cape Town for 26 years and then returned with my wife and two sons to Italy 8 yrs ago to look after my 92 yr old father.

As an Italian, I was baptized as a baby, christened, (still have the photos of the bishop "imparting the Holy Spirit ").

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Tuesday, 01 January 2002 00:12

Deliverance from Darkness Posing as Light

The testimony of Esther Ruth

"Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore, if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." Matthew 24:23-27

By following a false christ into the desert and seeing signs and wonders, I have lived this Scripture passage. Praise be to God Who by His great mercy delivered me from the blinding delusion of darkness.

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Tuesday, 01 January 2002 00:12

Andy Neckar's Testimony

I came out of the Roman Catholic Church. I came out of her by reading the New American Bible, a Catholic bible. It had enough truth in it despite the Catholic footnotes and the Apocrypha to convince me that the teachings of the Catholic Church were all corrupted and that I was a lost sinner. That was in 1991.

My wife followed me. She had become a Catholic in order to marry me back in 1962. My three grown children have "come out" also. My family and I have been very blessed of God. He has offered salvation to "me and my house" and we gratefully believed it.

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Tuesday, 01 January 2002 00:12

Catherine Win's Testimony

I came from a family of 4 sisters and 4 brothers. My parents were converted to Catholicism as adults. Dad was 28 and Mum was 19. We were bought up in the Catholic faith observing all the rules and regulations.

Bound under the pain of mortal sin not to miss Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation. [special feast days] Going to a convent school meant we got a few extra days off during the year. St. Patrick's day, Feast of the Assumption [when Mary's body was taken up to heaven as her body was too pure to stay in the grave] I always remember the great devotion to Our Lady, even as very little kneeling down saying the family rosay asking Mary to intercede on our behalf.

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