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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 06:59

Criminales Solicitaciones

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Translated from Latin means "Criminal Solicitation"

[Note: This was translated and commented on by someone named "˜Teeem' and who referred to themselves as a "Recovering Catholic". By their knowledge of this document and Roman Catholicism, it is quite possible this person is a former RC priest or very knowledgeable layman that served in the church to some capacity. I have also edited out a number of curse words and vulgarities surrounding the issue at hand. It is quite evident that this person translating the piece was/is not saved and very angry. The original posting was from March 2009 "“ BE ALERT!]

The headline reads " For all Patriarchs, Archbishops, Bishops, and other Diocesan Ordinaries 'even of the oriental rite' ---Instruction on the manner of proceeding in cases of solicitation----Vatican Press, 1962"


Article 11 reads,

"11. Because, however, what is treated in these cases has to have a greater degree of care and observance so that those same matters be pursued in a most secretive way, and, after they have been defined and given over to execution, they are to be restrained by a perpetual silence (Instruction of the Holy Office, February 20, 1867, n.14), each and everyone pertaining to the tribunal in any way or admitted to knowledge of the matters because of their office, is to observe the strictest ++7++ secret, which is commonly regarded as a secret of the Holy Office, in all matters and with all persons, under the penalty of excommunication latae sententiae , ipso facto [see bottom of the blog for translations] and without any declaration (of such a penalty) having been incurred and reserved to the sole person of the Supreme Pontiff, even to the exclusion of the Sacred Penitentiary, are bound to observe (this secrecy) inviolably. Indeed by this law the Ordinaries are bound ipso jure or by the force of their own proper duty. The other helpers from the power of their oath which they {sic} must always take before they undertake their duties. And these, then, are delegated, are interpolated, and are informed in their absence by means of the precept in the letters of delegation, interpellation, (or of) information, imposing upon them with express mention of the secret of the Holy Office and of the aforementioned censure."

Translated into English, the above paragraph says that ANYONE in the Clergy who knows about a kid getting molested by another Clergyman must keep their mouths SHUT about it, forever. It further warns that if you DO spill the beans about a pedophile at the pulpit you will be AUTOMATICALLY excommunicated ... not just kicked out of the priesthood, but excommunicated!

(Catholic dogma primer: Sins are categorized into 2 classes: Venial--minor sins like lying, stealing; and Mortal--murder, rape, cheating on your wife, and ... not participating in the Sacraments!

If you die with a Mortal sin on your soul, you go to Hell immediately and forever.

If someone is excommunicated from the Church, this means you CANNOT participate in the Sacraments, meaning you will die with a Mortal sin on your soul, and go directly to Hell!

THEY aren't' sending you to hell, it's the Church Laws (that they made up) that send you to hell!)

The underlying message? Rat out another priest, and YOU GO TO HELL!!!)

...Wait, it gets better...

Article 13 reads:

"13. The oath of keeping the secret must be given in these cases also by the accusers or those denouncing (the priest) and the witnesses. To none of these, however, is there subjection to a censure, unless by chance toward these same persons some censure has been expressly threatened upon by the person himself, for his accusation, his deposition or of his violation (Excussionis?) (of such) by act. The accused, however, should be most seriously warned that even he, with all (the others), especially when he observes the secret with his defender, is under penalty of suspension a divines in case of a transgression to be incurred ipso facto."

Translation: You've got to make the VICTIMS swear to keep the fact that they were molested a SECRET, just like the priests do! Do a little digging into the big cases against the Church, that's a very common theme throughout.

BUT WAIT! it gets better!

Article 52 reads:

"52. These things having been taken care of, there should be a procedure to present the accusation to the person accused, according to formula P, having cautiously and most diligently made sure that the persons of the accused and especially of those denouncing him be not revealed, and, on the part of the accused, that he in no way violate the sacramental seal. Now if something in the surge of speech slips out which seems to savor of either a direct of indirect violation of the seal, the judge [in this document, a "judge" is defined as the presiding bishop of the diocese concerned] should not permit this to be referred to in the Acts by the notary; and if, by chance, it has been inconsiderately (put into the Acts), he should order, as soon as he notices it, to be completely deleted. In every way the judge is to remember that it is never right for him to bind the accused by an oath to tell the truth (Cfr. Canon 1744)"

Translation! Pretty mundane, standard, 'if someone slips up and starts naming names, the bishop should strike their testimony from the record'. The last sentence is the kicker ... DON'T MAKE THE ACCUSED SWEAR TO TELL THE TRUTH!!! Ha ha! Brilliant! As long as you LIE, we'll keep looking like we have moral credibility!! ... That'll work perfectly! ... well, as long as people are afraid of you...

Article 59 reads:

"59. The appeal having been made, the judge must transmit an authentic copy of the original itself of all the Acts of the case to the Holy Office, as quickly as it can be done, adding information as necessary or as he has judged to be opportune. (Canon 1890)"

Translation? THE POPE HAS KNOWN ABOUT EVERYTHING THE WHOLE TIME. And PROMOTED the worst offenders! Remember Cardinal Law of Boston infamy? Shuttled to the Vatican so he can't be prosecuted in the USA. I think the message the Vatican is sending is 'ha ha, victims!'

Article 70 reads:

"70. All these official communications shall always be made under the secret of the Holy Office; and, since they concern the common good of the church to the greatest degree, the precept of doing these things obliges under serious sin (

sub gravi)"

Translation: 'Dude! if this gets out, no one will believe in us anymore!! You are SO going to Hell if you screw this up for us!!'

Under Title V, subtitled "THE WORST CRIME" (it's really in all caps),

Article 71 reads:

"71. By the name of the worst crime is understood at this point a signification of any obscene external deed, gravely sinful, in any [sic] perpetrated by a cleric or attempt with a person of his own sex."

It's further defined in

Article 73, which reads:

"73. To have the worst crime, for the penal effects, one must do the equivalent of the following: any obscene, external act, gravely sinful, perpetrated in any way by a cleric or attempted by him with youths of either sex or with brute animals (bestiality)"

Translation: when you hear bishops/priests whining about how much of a "gray area" this stuff is, THEY'RE LYING. It's spelled out right there! any obscene deed OR AN ATTEMPT to do such deed with a member of his own gender is this "criminal solicitation" that they're trying to cover up.

They're not stupid, they're just criminals with a LOAD of money and arrogance.

Finally, we come to the section where the Vatican has laid out the formula for the process of the secret investigations. They have scripted out every step, including samples of cross examinations, and a formula for absolution (forgiveness in the eyes of God) of this sin.

What I write next is the oath sworn by all priests involved in said secret investigation, and (they hope) the victims. It's titled "Formula A--THE FORMULA FOR TAKING AN OATH TO EXERCISE ONE'S OFFICE FAITHFULLY AND TO OBSERVE THE SECRET OF THE HOLY OFFICE" [again, their caps, not mine]

"In the name of the Lord

I......appearing before......and touching the most holy Gospels of God placed before me, swear and promise to exercise my duty faithfully.....Likewise, under the pain of excommunication latae sententiae ipso facto and to be incurred without any declaration, from which outside of the moment of death, I can be absolved by no one except by the Holy Father, excluding even the Cardinal of the Penitentiary, and, under other most serious penalties, at the disposition of the Supreme Pontiff to be inflicted upon me in the case of transgression, I promise sacredly, vow and swear, to observe inviolably the secret in all matters and details which will take place in exercising the aforesaid duty, excepting precisely those matters at the end and at the completion of this negotiation (or of these negotiations) which can be legitimately published. Further, I shall observe this secret absolutely and in every way with all who have no legitimate part in the treatment of this same matter (or, who are not constricted by the same sworn bond); nor (will I ever), directly or indirectly, by means of a nod, or of a word, by writing, or in any other way and under whatever type of pretext, even for the most urgent and most serious cause (even) for the purpose of a greater good, commit anything against this fidelity to the secret, unless a particular faculty or dispensation has been expressly given to me by the Supreme Pontiff."

Let me just reiterate the particularly damning sentences in this oath:

"Likewise, under the pain of excommunication latae sententiae ipso facto and to be incurred without any declaration, from which outside of the moment of death, I can be absolved by no one except by the Holy Father." shorter version --'if I tattle, I'll go to HELL!'


Further, I shall observe this secret absolutely and in every way with all who have no legitimate part in the treatment of this same matter (or, who are not constricted by the same sworn bond); nor (will I ever), directly or indirectly, by means of a nod, or of a word, by writing, or in any other way and under whatever type of pretext, even for the most urgent and most serious cause (even) for the purpose of a greater good, commit anything against this fidelity to the secret...."

Shorter version: 'I won't tell, EVER, even if it means more kids get raped. We've got to protect the Church's reputation! It's MORE IMPORTANT that we have mindless sheep shuffling in every Sunday and depositing 10% of their meager incomes and obeying every one of our increasingly insane demands! If they know we're raping their children, they won't believe in us anymore!'

Congratulations if you made it this far! The actual document is 39 pages long and full of Catholic Church legalese, and REALLY boring to read. I hope this enlightens you a little bit. If you read this and decide never to set foot in a Catholic Church again, or patronize a Church-owned business again, then I will have done my part.

Basically, what I'm trying to show is the inherent evil in the [Roman Catholic] Church. It's not because 'some evil people have corrupted Mother Church'. The Church STARTED OUT EVIL. It's been a perversion since it took over the Roman Empire! ...


All translations can be found at Latin word look-up. Several Latin words have multiple meanings, so it's left to the Latin student (not me!) to interpret the meanings more accurately than I can, but I'll do my best as to what I think it says ...

latae sententiae: hidden opinion, or broad way of thinking

ipso facto"this itself is fact"

a divinis :coming from divine inspiration Logo_40x45

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