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Saturday, 01 February 2003 00:12

Moriel Missions Southern Africa - February 2003

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In this edition:

  • New Moriel Church in Limpopo
  • Family News
  • Moriel Missions College
  • Dave's Visit to the UK
  • Jacob Prasch visits in March

Happy new year to everyone and we pray that the Lord will bless you all in the coming year. Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support.

We started this year with our annual break 10 days away from phone even mobile's TV and computers well that's what we thought until the lads found the nearest internet cafà ©. The mobile phone worked on top of the hills but not in the valleys so we had a few surprise calls. Plus necessity meant we worked with the mission team for short spell, but all in all it was a good break and the people in Zululand are wonderful they are friendly and very helpful though we did cause a bit of a stir for some people. Vryhied is a very old fashioned Afrikaner town and the separation between black and white is still very distinct. One man even tripped over a street bin he was that taken aback and some nearly crashed cars. Black children with white parents? Whatever next?

Family news we have had a good share of birthdays Aaron's in December, Christopher's, S'phewi, and Joe in January the little boys have reached 6 now and are doing very well as in our last letter, they are learning things very quickly and enjoying home schooling. Paulina has started back at her special school and is learning to catheratize herself and she is very pleased with herself going to the toilet and also sleeping in a big bed now, she is doing very well. We are coming into autumn here so please pray that the boys will continue in good health over the winter.

Ministry Dave and Christopher are looking forward to seeing everyone in the UK in April. If you would like to see the itinerary then go to the Moriel web site www.moriel.org or contact us here at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . There are not money dates left, just the odd day, so if you would like to book Dave for your church or fellowship please contact us as soon as possible. Please pray as well for transport while in the UK. If anyone has a second car they wouldn't mind lending?

The church is doing well and we now have a Sunday school that started last week. Please pray we will grow and nurture the younger ones of the fellowship. We had our first baptismal service on Wednesday night it was a lovely and blessed time please pray for the chap who was dunked (Richard) it was a wonderful evening, the water was warm, the stars were shining and it all made a great experience for Richard and his family.

The Missions College is going to start with an access course soon as we are still talking to the university of Wales and Midlands Bible College and Divinity School about links with them. We are also talking to Vryhied College about working with them through the mission station. We have already given them facilities to have sowing classes and it looks as though there will be other classes soon to help with the upliftment of the community. The Alpha community has 99.6% unemployment so they need all the help they can get.

New Church plant 28th February. Dave will be going up to Limpopo province to establish Living Christ Bible Church; this will be the third Moriel plant in 7 months. The area is called Takalane which means 'to be Joyful' in the Northern Sothu language. Please pray for Bernard Mathe as he and Dave travel there to preach and teach.

Finally Jacob Prasch the ministries founder visits here in March from the 18th - April 3rd. He will be speaking in Springs, visiting the Kwazulu Station and Dave will be accompanying him to Cape Town. Please pray also that a church will be established in Cape Town. Part of Dave's visit along with Fred and Wendy Blompkaamp is to see if there is any interest in starting a fellowship.

Fred and Wendy who head up Moriel teaching Ministry here in South Africa are also doing well. They send our regular bulletins like this and circulate Jacobs teachings etc. Pray for their good health and strength in the Lord. We know as a family what great encouragers they are and they have been the source of help on many occasions.

Prayer requests:

  • That the boys will continue in good health
  • That Paulina will continue at the special school for this year
  • That Dave will be given the wisdom to run so many new ministries at once.
  • That the Lord will bless those who take the gospel out onto the street of Springs
  • That the doors will open for the Missions College
  • That the mission station will start to see fruit for their labours in the Lord
  • That the trip overseas will go well and that much fruit will come from it.
  • Please pray for the ongoing drought here, we have been told that it will continue for two more years. This means food shortages and the suffering of the poor.
  • Pray also for the aids pandemic, this time next year will see 1,000,000 orphans needing care. The government are even considering letting prisoners adopt children.
  • Please pray for are family needs. Sometimes we go months without a letter and this is an important area for our encouragement. We really appreciate it when people write to us from wherever.
  • Please pray for jobs in South Africa. No work, no food it's as simple as that. No dole here and so we see the violent crime rate souring. We even had an old man murdered for food.


Thanks for those of you who supported us both prayer and materially over the last two months. Remember because of the favourable exchange rates a few pounds or dollars go a long way.For ministry support please contact your local Moriel Ministries office nearest you. Moriel USA has an online store where donations can be made as well.

Our South Africa details

Pastor David Royle
Po Box 10807
Strubenvale 1570
South Africa
Tel/Fax: 011 362 1026
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally we have now finally put together our ministry website, or rather Alistair Gordon has. Alistair has worked very hard, staying up late and has been a real blessing to the ministry. So see the fruit of his labor and click onto the address below.


May the Lord Bless you as you find your strength in Him

Dave, Lyn, Anthony, Christopher, Aaron, S'phewi, Johannes and Paulina

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