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Tuesday, 01 March 2005 00:12

Muslims Rule Sweden

An exclusive series of translations from the Swedish press, made for Jihad Watch by Ali Dashti: [Note Important Clarification - see second  item below]

Sweden is one of the worst hit countries in Europe of Muslim immigration and Political Correctness. Now, the police themselves have publicly admitted that they no longer control one of Sweden 's major cities. I have made some exclusive translations from Swedish media. They show the future of Eurabia unless Europeans wake up.

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Saturday, 15 January 2005 00:12


An Eschatological Perspective

by James Jacob Prasch

Jesus indeed warned of an increase in seismic activity in the Last Days, and in the books of Romans and Revelations we see natural disasters described as emblematic of the creation itself crying out before the return of Jesus. Indeed, geologists reported that the force of the Boxing Day Christmas earthquake actually jolted the earth"s axis rotation. Having experienced Hurricane Jean, the fourth and worst of the consecutive 2004 hurricanes to hit Florida while visiting my unsaved mother in West Palm Beach, one cannot help but relate the increase in such natural disasters to a chain of other world events matching biblical descriptions of the Last Days. While preaching in Singapore several months ago I had been invited to lecture at a Thailand Bible college, and only by the mercy of God I had ministry and family matters to deal with in Israel and decided not to go to Thailand at Christmas, or else our daughter and myself would quite probably have been in Phuket, an area badly hit by the tsunamis on Boxing Day. The Lord was indeed gracious to us.

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Tuesday, 01 October 2002 00:12

Iran TV Shows Blind Hatred for Israel

By Hilary Leila Krieger

Though the new Iranian TV program Zahra's Blue Eyes does feature plenty of gory operations and heart-wrenching moments, it's no ER.

Also titled For You, Palestine, the dramatic series "reveals" how Israeli doctors are harvesting organs from Palestinian children and focuses on the campaign of fictional prime-ministerial candidate Yitzhak Cohen, who is particularly interested in seizing young Zahra's arresting eyes.

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By Charles Moore, Telegraph

"On Wednesday, I wrote a letter to David Blunkett. As he resigned 15 minutes after my fax arrived (I cannot claim the two events were related), I do not complain that I have not yet received an answer, either from him, or from his successor, Charles Clarke. But an early response, as they say on bills, would be appreciated. What I asked the Home Secretary concerned his department's proposed law against "religious hatred". Readers may remember that, last week in this column, I defended the right of people to say - though it is not a proposition with which I agree - that the Prophet Mohammed was a paedophile. So my question to whoever happens to be Home Secretary is whether it would be an offence under the new law to assert this proposition. Muslims are also very offended by any pictorial depiction of the Prophet; so I asked whether such depictions would also be an offence under the law.

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By Charles Moore

Was the prophet Mohammed a paedophile? The question is sometimes asked because one of his wives, Aisha, was a child when he married her. As Barnaby Rogerson gingerly puts it in his highly sympathetic recent biography (The Prophet Muhammad, Little, Brown): "" ¦the age disparity was considerable: she was only nine while Muhammad was 53". Aisha was taken from her seesaw on the morning of her marriage to be dressed in her wedding garment. After sharing a bowl of milk with the prophet, she went to bed with him.

To me, it seems anachronistic to describe Mohammed as a child-molester. The marriage rules of his age and society were much more tribal and dynastic than our own, and women were treated more as property and less as autonomous beings. Aisha was the daughter of Mohammed's right-hand man, and eventual successor (caliph), Abu Bakr. No doubt he and his family were very proud of the match. I raise the question, though, because it seems to me that people are perfectly entitled - rude and mistaken though they may be - to say that Mohammed was a paedophile, but if David Blunkett gets his way, they may not be able to.

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By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent

The Prince of Wales is brokering efforts to end the Muslim death penalty on converts to other faiths, The Telegraph has learned.

He held a private summit of Christian and Muslim leaders at Clarence House this month to explore the centuries-old Islamic law under which apostates face persecution and even death.

His intervention follows mounting anger at the treatment of Muslims who have converted to Christianity in a number of Islamic states.

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Wednesday, 01 May 2002 00:12

The Arab's "Berlin Wall"

There is an old Arab saying "My brother and I against our cousin, but my cousin and I against a stranger".

That reveals a great deal about Arab culture. There are multiple layers and degrees of loyalties isolating Arabs from the outside world. What matters is blood relationships, ancestry, tribalism and nationalism. To Arab/Moslems the rules on the inside differ from those on the outside and what they tell themselves in private differs from what they tell the rest of the world. To them this is not lying, it is simply the other face presented to the non-Moslem world.

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Tuesday, 01 April 2003 00:12

Arab Means Not Having to Say You're Sorry

by Nonie Darwish

In Moslem culture, during the Daheyah (Sacrifice) feast, Moslems bring a lamb into the home for a ritual slaughter accompanied by the invocation 'Allahu Akbar', in the presence of the family and the children. Now we see the Daheyah of Radical Islam to be Jews such as Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl, who were beheaded with no mercy, accompanied by the same pious invocation. This is a perversion of Islam, but don't expect an apology.

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Tuesday, 01 June 2004 00:12

Cleric Supports Targeting Children

By Rajeev Syal

An extremist Islamic cleric based in Britain said yesterday that he would support hostage-taking at British schools if carried out by terrorists with a just cause.

Omar Bakri Mohammed, the spiritual leader of the extremist sect al-Muhajiroun, said that holding women and children hostage would be a reasonable course of action for a Muslim who has suffered under British rule.

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By Amir Butler (Amir Butler is executive director of the Australian Muslim Public Affairs Committee (AMPAC))

Peter Costello was quite correct in his National Day of Thanksgiving address to describe Victoria's anti-vilification legislation as "bad law".

As someone who once supported their introduction and is a member of one of the minority groups they purport to protect, I can say with some confidence that these laws have served only to undermine the very religious freedoms they intended to protect.

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