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Friday, 23 May 2014 22:40

Pastor James McConnell and Whitewell

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May 23, 2014
by James Jacob Prasch 

The incremental effect of Islamic sharia law into British and European legal systems by virtue of the political pandering to petro wealth has been in the view of many nothing short of dangerous.

That figures, such as Dante Alighieri (author of the Divine Comedy), Sir Winston Churchill, and Polish king Jon Sobieski, among others, would be liable to arrest and criminal prosecution today, due to their opinions of Islam (as a legal - political - religious system), is itself an outrage, as is the prosecution of Paul Weston, (a British candidate for the European parliament) for the crime of publicly quoting Winston Churchill due to fundamentalist Islamic objections.

This progressive dismantling of democratic rights of free speech has now reached the point of threatened religious persecution with the police investigation of Pastor James McConnell, of Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast, for the expression of his theological views concerning Islam. At no point did James McConnell voice any personal hatred or remarks of a racist nature. When one poll of UK Moslems after the 2005 London tube & bus attacks revealed 40 percent of British Moslems would not report knowledge of a planned terrorist attack to the police, his personal inability to trust members of that community, coming from a city like Belfast, haunted by its own history of terror, is an opinion to which he entitled. He did not however engender any hatred of Moslem people as radical Islamic clerics have been exposed, doing against 'infidels', with virtual immunity from arrest and prosecution. Despite our disbelief in Islam, we do not despise Moslem people or deny them their rights and neither does James McConnell - a man with whom we ourselves, at times, have theologically disagreed. The issue however is not agreement or disagreement but the right of religious conviction and expression inside of a church. It is an undeniable fact that not a single Islamic nation in the world provides Christians and Jews the same rights Western societies give Moslems. Are Christians now also being denied that freedom in Christian societies also? We urge the public of all communities to rally to the support of Pastor McConnell and we respectfully urge the Northern Ireland police to refrain from, what it is impossible to see as anything other than, a politically motivated attack on religious freedom.

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