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Thursday, 12 August 2010 04:40

A Bible-believing Christian's reaction to the overturning of Prop 8

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This week's overturning of the vote of the people of the state of California has left Bible-believing Christians reeling and voters cynical. It appears that the interests of the Castro District of San Francisco trump the voting rights of the entire state. Perhaps the talks of dividing northern and southern California into two separate states should come back to the table. That might be the only way for church-going voters to regain their democratic right to vote in an election where their vote counts.

The judge's ruling was a direct assault on freedom of conscience/religion. Judge Vaughn Walker made that very clear in his "Finding of Fact" statement number 77 which reads:

"Religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful or inferior to heterosexual relationships harm gays and lesbians."

He gave citations to back that up, such as a CNN exit poll showing that 84 percent of people who attend church weekly voted in favor of Prop 8. He also cited five different court decisions allegedly establishing that the faith of Christianity is harmful to the rights of homosexuals as if he has the authority to outlaw such beliefs. In one trial he quotes one judge as saying:

"'Religion is the chief obstacle for gay and lesbian political progress, and it’s the chief obstacle for a couple of reasons. It’s difficult to think of a more powerful social entity in American society than the church. It’s a very powerful organization, and in large measure they are arrayed against the interests of gays and lesbians. Biblical condemnation of homosexuality and the teaching that gays are morally inferior on a regular basis to a huge percentage of the public makes the political opportunity structure very hostile to gay interests. It’s very difficult to overcome that."

It now appears that, unless this can be overturned, the government has been taken away from the law makers, the elected representatives of the people, and the voters themselves, and handed over to the personal interests of judges.

In fact, during the course of this case, it was widely reported that Judge Vaughn Walker himself is a homosexual. On the day that the judgment was decided, Wikipedia's entry on Walker, identifying him as a gay man, was edited to cover that up. It would seem that damage control immediately went into action by gay lobbyists upon the announcement of the judge's ruling.

When the decision came down, the Internet was abuzz with reaction. Gay activists were having a field day, rubbing their victory into the noses of the "moralists." One particular forum was jam-packed with hateful blasts at Christians such as:

"Any day the Christian American Taliban bites the dust is a good one. Up yours, pigs!"

"Eat it fundamentalist Christian b******s! Prop8 overturned!"

"I really can't wait until all these white heterosexual fundamentalist conservative Christians die off so we can start making REAL progress."

"Prop 8 Overturned! Back to the drawing board, you Right-wing Christian-values Fundamentalists!"

"A battle is won - the war continues. Til then, all you closeted mouth-breathing right wing fundamentalists can suck it."

"It surely sucks to be a puritan/fundamentalist/bigoted/right wing homophobe right now."

These are examples of real hate speech by those who accuse Bible-believing Christians of being full of hate. Haters accusing 'lovers of good' of being evil. Morality and human decency are now characterized as evil while immorality and licentiousness are paraded around as good. The end of civilization is just around the bend.

The Bible teaches what constitutes the consummation of a marriage as when a man enters the woman and the two become one flesh - no longer are they two, but one. There is no gay or lesbian sex act that qualifies for that physical/spiritual event. Think about it!

And every American has the right to believe the Bible and express what it teaches. Every American has the right to reject the Bible as well. The overturning of Prop 8 is a set-up for the majority of Americans to lose the freedom to believe in God's Word. When that happens all freedom is lost.Moriel closing

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