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Dear Sir (s);

As a staunch friend of WND I find myself dropped into a quagmire by the date setting DVD's by a Mr. Mark Biltz.

I am American born but my family are Israeli Messianic Jewish believers (our children were born in Galilee). I speak Hebrew and I matriculated at Hebrew University in Science and did Judaism at Cambridge University (UK), plus a degree in theology at London School of Theology and post graduate studies at Tyndale House Cambridge. I presently teach Jewish hermeneutics at Kings Divinity School, University of Wales and direct a Messianic based ministry with branches in seven countries. I also host a TV program in Great Britain.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2008 00:55

Patrick Dixon

by James Jacob Prasch

Much has been said regarding Patrick Dixon being regarded as a charismatic guru figure and a physician turned physician to organizations, even recognized as such in certain secular circles.

Jacob Prasch & Moriel agree that Patrick Dixon is indeed a "guru" but not of a biblically Christian kind, rather of the classic Hindu kind.

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By James Jacob Prasch

Will Rejecting Pentecostalism and Charismatic Gifts Solve The Churches' Problems?

In the recent few years a number of people who had always been open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit have felt driven away from that belief into a stoic non-charismatic or even an anti-charismatic or anti-Pentecostal Christianity. There exists a combination of reasons for this trend. Among them are the unbalanced and anti-scriptural extremism of Toronto and Pensacola, the essentially mystical and New Age perversions of biblical theology by the Vineyard Movement, the Shamanism copied from Buddhism and Hinduism by Yongee Cho, and the Altered States of Consciousness as Christian experience argued for by Patrick Dixon. To this has been added the failed prophetic predictions of men like Paul Cane, Mike Bickle and the Kansas City Prophets', Gerald Coates, and Rick Joyner. Perhaps worst of all has been the wild televised proliferation of money-oriented faith-prosperity preachers and bogus faith healers who are too numerous to mention, that seem to be good for nothing other than discrediting the Gospel in the eyes of the public, conning undiscerning and biblically ignorant Christians out of money better donated to honest missions, Christian charity, and biblical forms of evangelism, and too often even getting people killed when they cease vital medical therapy wrongly believing they have been healed when they have not been. (When Jesus heals people without medical intervention, as He sometimes does, they do not die.)

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Thursday, 07 February 2008 23:45

The Joash Syndrome

by James Jacob Prasch

A Response To The Letters We Have Received Regarding David Wilkerson's UK Visit

Joash was a good king who all his life did much good in the sight of The Lord. He restored God's House, sought revival, and pointed the people to righteousness. For many long years he served The Lord earnestly with an honest heart.

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Thursday, 07 February 2008 22:59

Is Satan Bound Today?

If Satan is bound I would like to know who keeps letting him go.

The notion of his being bound is post millenial absurdity that is both unbiblical and illogical.

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by James Jacob Prasch

Discredited Y2K & "˜Gospel In The Stars' Hype Artist Enlists in Presbyterian War Against Israel And Israel's Christian Friends

As The Presbyterian Church in its birthplace in Scotland has gone down the road of homosexual ordination, and higher critical liberal theology "˜holding the form of religion but denying its power' dominates in most key Presbyterian and Reformed seminaries "“ the spiritually, theologically, morally and numerically declining Presbyterianism of the Western world has tried to reinvent itself as a social activist institution with a political agenda. The rallying point for Presbyterianism's attempts to find relevance in a post Christian/neo pagan Western world has been to attack Israel and Evangelical Christians supportive of the eschatological importance of Israel.

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by James Jacob Prasch

Matthew Murray, the deranged shooter who murdered four and attempted to murder hundreds of other Christians in his armed attacks on a mission's center in Arvada, Colorado and on an Evangelical church in Colorado Springs had been until recently a member of the spiritually and doctrinally warped 'Youth With A Mission' (YWAM) organization founded by Loren Cunningham and promoted by Danny Lehman.

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Sunday, 03 February 2008 07:47

Alan Morrison's Latest Fantasy

by Jacob Prasch

Indeed we know Alan Morrison. He is a fringe element conspiracy theorist; attempting to operate under the masquerade of a Christian discernment ministry. His pathetic antics cost him his pastorate and his job as a pastor of a small Baptist church in the English midlands when the congregation couldn't take any more and rejected him as a leader. Even his hyper-Calvinistic friends from the Peter Masters/Peter Glover clan seem to have disowned him. After that he moved onto Holland, and then to France. He left Britain with his tail between his legs.

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by James Jacob Prasch

From Annapolis to Armageddon
From Saddlebrook to Sodom
From Willowcreek to Wormwood

Although He lived in a politically charged environment, Jesus  never aligned Himself or His message with political causes or parties. He simply expounded upon political events in light of biblical prophecy, particularly those prophecies found in the Book of Daniel. In passages such as Matthew 23 & 24 He prophetically taught His followers the outcome of such events, including the destruction of the Temple in AD 70 and the events that would transpire in the very last days before His return.

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Sunday, 20 January 2008 03:20

Paul Cain, R. T. Kendell, and Friends

by James Jacob Prasch

Where Is All The Big Talk Now?

In late summer of 1990, the late John Wimber brought the Kansas City Prophets to Great Britain for a series of hyped-up meetings at London's Docklands Arena. The agenda included Mike Bickel, who in direct defiance to the plain teaching of the Word of God, voiced the opinion shared by false prophet Rick Joyner "that a prophet can be partly right and partly wrong in what he predicts". This of course runs contrary of the biblical criteria of a true prophet in Deuteronomy 18. Among others, Rick Joyner, Bickel himself, Gerald Coates, Cindy Jacobs, Juanita Bynum, and Benny Hinn, along with a wide host of many more,  would all by biblical definition be among the false prophets Jesus warned in the last days to deceive the elect. All have made time specific prophetic predictions in the name of the Lord that failed to transpire.

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