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Friday, 23 January 2009 00:56

The Biblical Basis of Division

by James Jacob Prasch

When is Church Division Ordained of God, and When is It Not?

As we have often noted, in His high-priestly prayer in the 17th chapter of John's Gospel, Jesus prefaces His prayer for unity amongst believers, in verses 17 to 23, with a prayer that they first of all be sanctified in the truth. Biblical unity, that is the unity of the Spirit, first and foremost depends on that unity being grounded in doctrinal truth. "Sanctify them in the truth, Thy Word is truth" . Moreover, Jesus identifies Himself personally, as the literal incarnation of truth itself (John 14:6), because in the context of the Gospel of John, particularly, Jesus Himself is literally the incarnate Word (John 1:1). In short, if there is no truth, there is no Jesus and if there is no Jesus, there is no unity in Him. His teaching, in which we are to be sanctified, of which He Himself is both the eternal Logos (or "davar" in Hebrew) and of which He is the physical incarnation, is referred to in the New Testament by the Greek term "didaskein". Those rejecting biblical doctrine reject truth and consequently reject Christ, placing themselves under a divine curse, where the Lord Himself will send a delusion, causing them to believe what is false, which will ultimately be the Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:3-11).

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008 23:27

Anglican Policies?

by James Jacob Prasch

The Anglican Church policies on opposition to Israel and support of the establishment of an Islamic Palestinian state on what the archeological record proves to be the indigenous Jewish homeland in accordance with history & Judeo Christian scripture, comes as no surprise.

As a Christian myself I can only describe it as typical Anglican hypocrisy.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008 00:52

Moriel Statement Concerning LA Times Article

by James Jacob Prasch

While the LA TIMES feature on the differences between Pastor Chuck Smith Sr. and his son's church at Capo Beach, California were described by Chuck Smith Sr. as essentially accurate, there were clear aspects of the coverage that plainly were not and appear designed to amplify the personal split between father and son out of proportion, as their personal relationship is not averse in the manner the feature article describes, despite clear differences in theological emphasis and pastoral opinion.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008 00:23

The Blind And The Blinder

by James Jacob Prasch

A decade ago I & Moriel hosted a conference in the U.K. entitled "Preparing For Persecution" . At a time when the popular rhetoric of most so-called Evangelical leaders in the UK , Australia , New Zealand and elsewhere riding on the back of a counterfeit moves of God from Toronto, Canada and Pensacola, Florida that predictably came to absolutely nothing   in terms of the revivals these carnal and demonically influenced deceptions promised but could not deliver.

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Friday, 11 January 2008 14:29

Brian McLaren - A True Son Of Lucifer

by James Jacob Prasch

Emergent Church Guru, Brian McLaren has now publicly stated that "many of us do not know what to think about homosexuality" and suggests a five years moratorium on addressing the issue.

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Any comments on this article?  Ã‚  Do you think they explained the Emerging
Church well?


William M. Alnor, Ph.D.
SCP Access Director

Hello Bill,

This article from my perspective is not a good representation. (the theologian DA Carson did a semi-scholarly review of McLaren & the
Emergent Church which was very good, but was not exhaustive or published in a popular magazine).

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Todd Bentley - Lakeland, Florida

It is just more of the same old ridiculous, unscriptural, carnal, and demonically inspired junk that will not and cannot bring true biblical and historical revival, but can be used to help prevent it.

In the character of other counterfeit moves of God that produced no promised revival, the latest lie is from Lakeland, Florida after the failed promised revivals of Kansas City, Toronto, and Pensacola.

It is more of the same unbiblical doctrine and contra-scriptural practices, manipulation, carnality, demonic influences, counterfeit spirituality, and just plain stupidity in the groove of the Kansas City False Prophets (Mike Bickel, the drunken homosexual Paul Cane, and the sexually immoral Bob Jones), the Toronto Experience (John Arnott, influenced by Rodney Howard Brown via Randy Clark), its American clone, the Pensacola fiasco (John Kilpatrick, Steve Hill), and West Africa's TB Joshua.

No revival came from any of this lunacy, and true revival will not come from Lakeland either for the same reasons - it is not scriptural and not of God.

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Sunday, 15 August 2004 00:12

Enough Is Enough???

by James Jacob Prasch
August 2004

Some years ago in the company of the late evangelist Barry Smith I spoke at the predominantly Maori. church of Brian Tamaki , in Rotorua, NZ .

At that time I warned against going the way of the American and South African tele-evangelist money preachers. My warnings were needless to say unheeded.

Now Brian Tamaki has imitated Australia 's Andrew Evans and John Lewis in seeking political office in a down under version of American tele-evangelist and ecumenical false prophet and scandal guru Pat Robertson.

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I was requested by someone in Israel to comment on the attached report regarding Mr. Bonnke in Nigeria with 400,000 said to be saved at a meeting of 1.6 million in a Moslem country.

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by Ingrid Schlueter
Slice of Laodicea

Following Bill Hybel"s example, Rick Warren will be dining with Christians who say they are gay and proud of it. They are bringing their families with them to Saddleback for a Father"s Day celebration. This is the same gay road trip that has traveled the country to various megachurches to win converts to their views on sexuality. Even Joel Osteen said no to such a gathering. Repeat: these are professing "Christians"  who are in moral revolt against the Word of God, not atheists at a gay pride parade who need someone to bear witness to the truth. These people know the truth and have rejected it. Not only that, they want everyone else in the church to reject it, too. Christian Research Net reports.

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