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Friday, 05 January 2007 00:12

Rick Warren, Syria, and the Sorko Rams

by James Jacob Prasch

Given his propensity to twist the Word of God out of context and his urging of Christians to avoid "End Times Prophecy" by an unbelievable butchering of a biblical text, we are not surprised by Rick Warren"s latest adventures in singing the praises of   terrorist Hizbollah"s   Syrian sponsors, and doing so the very week that Lebanese Christian leader Pierre Jemayliel was assassinated by Syrian backed interests.

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Tuesday, 01 August 2006 00:12

Peace Plans? Rick Warren's or Christ's?

The New Testament clearly relates the divine plan for global peace in and through Christ.

Ultimately, wars and rumors of wars are determined. Not until Jesus returns will nations fulfill Isaiah"s prophecy of beating spears into pruning hooks.

The way the church as a ministry is to work for global peace now is through the evangelism that will see the Kingdom of Messiah arrive in its fullness according to Ephesians 6 and Isaiah 52.

It is therefore no coincidence that to entertain the alternative Rick Warren P.E.A.C.E. Plan, we must first reject the one of Christ.

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By James Jacob Prasch (Rev)

What Every Roman Catholic And Every Parent Needs To Know


Our aim is not to offend or attack Roman Catholic people. On the contrary, we are very much for Roman Catholic people, and recognizing that it is Roman Catholic children who have been the victims of these breaches of trust, we only want to examine the claims and address the solid facts.   While it is not our purpose to assail Roman Catholics, those whose allegiance is not to the irrefutable truth, to justice for innocent victims, and to the protection of their children and grand children, but to an organization whose clergy has perpetrated these unspeakable violations of law and of  basic human decency irrespective of the true facts, may indeed be offended by the presentation of these facts.   Those willing to turn a deaf ear to the plea of helpless children, no matter how guilty or   Ã‚  institutionally corrupt The Church of Rome may be genuinely demonstrated to be, may object to these facts being presented. None-the-less, they remain proven facts. For the sake of the victims and the children, and for the sake of the truth itself, we tell the truth and address these uncomfortable and often shocking facts.

We challenge any ordained member of the Roman Catholic clergy in open debate before a public audience, the press,   and a video camera to disprove these facts in light of the documented, legally documented, and photographic evidence we shall   present at such a debate.

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by James Jacob Prasch

Moriel endorses no political candidates. It is in our view not scriptural to use the ministry for electoral purposes or secular party politics. We are also at theological odds with John Hagee over his position on  evangelizing Jews which we hold to be contra-biblical.

However , we are  sickened (but given its history, not surprised)  Ã‚  at the unmitigated hypocrisy of the Catholic League and Catholics United for protesting the endorsement of  a presidential candidate by John Hagee due to what they term as "Catholic Bashing" due to Hagee's theological opinions of Roman Catholicism.

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Saturday, 01 September 2007 00:12

Pope Benedict The Great

The same week that the Roman Catholic Arch Diocese of Los Angeles and its notorious shield   of   baby raping sex pervert Roman Catholic clergy " “ Cardinal Mahoney announced a $630,000,000.00 payment to victims of its sex criminal priests and nuns, the Vatican made another announcement. According to the present pope, all other churches are invalid.

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Sunday, 01 May 2005 00:12

Pope Benedict XVI - Joseph Radzinger

by James Jacob Prasch

As doctrinal Czar for the Roman Church, Cardinal Joseph Radzinger occupied the position that had once been called "The Inquisitor General". His Vatican department for sacred doctrine had in former times been known as "The Inquisition".

When German theologian Hans Kung challenged the pre-incarnate deity of Christ, Radzinger did nothing. When Kung questioned papal infallibility (held as official dogma since 1854 as proclaimed by Pius IX who issued the "Qanta Curia" encyclical denouncing democracy and who supported the pro-slavery of the American confederacy), Radzinger promptly stripped him of his credentials as a Roman Catholic theologian. Radzinger's theology was clear: say what you want , no matter how heretical or apostate, about Jesus Christ, but do not question the pope or the papacy.

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Friday, 01 October 2004 00:12

John Paul II: A Hypocrite and a Coward

John Paul II is the pope who denounced Born Again Christians as 'rapacious wolves' and called upon the Catholics of Mexico 'to rise up against the Protestants' in a country where church burning is not common.

John Paul II is the pope who instructed the German Bishops to lobby the German government to recognize Croatia in a throwback to the holocaust when the Ustashi Nazis killed 750,000 Serbs with the active participation of the Roman Catholic Church and their leader Arch Bishop Stepinac. And it was John Paul II who visited the troubled former Yugoslavia and paid tribute to this Nazi war criminal.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2006 00:12

The Pope and Islam

by James Jacob Prasch

We have a Pope who in his role as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger issued the "Criminale Solicitacciones" instruction on behalf of his old boss, John Paul II. This document effectively instructed Roman Catholic bishops to protect sex pervert pedophile clergy at the expense of not protecting the little children whose lives these demonic priests and nuns destroy. This orchestrated campaign to obstruct justice and allow wide spread pedophilia to continue was effectively perpetrated at the behest of The Vatican.

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Saturday, 15 January 2005 00:12


An Eschatological Perspective

by James Jacob Prasch

Jesus indeed warned of an increase in seismic activity in the Last Days, and in the books of Romans and Revelations we see natural disasters described as emblematic of the creation itself crying out before the return of Jesus. Indeed, geologists reported that the force of the Boxing Day Christmas earthquake actually jolted the earth"s axis rotation. Having experienced Hurricane Jean, the fourth and worst of the consecutive 2004 hurricanes to hit Florida while visiting my unsaved mother in West Palm Beach, one cannot help but relate the increase in such natural disasters to a chain of other world events matching biblical descriptions of the Last Days. While preaching in Singapore several months ago I had been invited to lecture at a Thailand Bible college, and only by the mercy of God I had ministry and family matters to deal with in Israel and decided not to go to Thailand at Christmas, or else our daughter and myself would quite probably have been in Phuket, an area badly hit by the tsunamis on Boxing Day. The Lord was indeed gracious to us.

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In the recent UK observances of Islamic Awareness Week, the church burnings that are normal Moslem behaviour in Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere, came home to Great Britain. Islamic gangs hurled anti-white racist insults at an Anglican vicar in a parish church in Bradford, setting alight an automobile parked in front of it, and then attacked the church with the aim of burning it down.

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