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Saturday, 01 October 2005 00:12

What Our Enemies Learned From Katrina, Rita, and Wilma

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by Jan Markell

We are at war so I will not apologize if the following is a bit negative. Thankfully God makes a marvelous Homeland Security Director. Keeping in mind that He is the "stability of our times" (Is. 33:6) puts things in a better perspective. But through recent events, our enemies learned too much about us.

They learned that government response at all levels is not what it should be particularly through hurricane Katrina. Chaos seemed to reign but perhaps the greatest enemy was the media who blew many stories out of proportion and made some up. They were reminded that the American media is no friend of America.

They learned that the evacuation of Houston during hurricane Rita revealed a nation inexperienced at fleeing in mass. Hopefully America learned a great deal through that experience. If not, a terror-related evacuation could prove to be a greater disaster than Rita as our enemies take advantage of poor planning, panic, stalled vehicles, and more. The weapons of the Islamofascists are far more lethal than Rita.

They saw a battle weary Gov. Jeb Bush and the entire state of Florida during Wilma. But Americans have great resolve. Many lean on God rather than federal or state agencies. They have to. Agencies fail and God doesn't. But Bush asked, "Why us?" His state has been hammered eight times in two years. Crops have been destroyed but Floridians pick up the pieces and carry on.

They learned that America's economy is vulnerable to high energy prices. Disruption to our nation's energy supply creates a ripple effect throughout America and even other parts of the world. There will be a profound impact on consumers this winter. Christmas advertising will begin early to catch shoppers before they get their first high energy bill.

They learned that we have to continue our desperate relationship with Saudi Arabia. I invite you to hear Laurant Murawiec on my radio show last weekend, October 22, hour one. Visit my Web site, www.olivetreeviews.org then go to "Radio Archives." We have made it easy for dial up users to listen as well. His book says it all: "Princes of Darkness: The Saudi Assault on the West." Though America does not get much Saudi oil, we try to stabilize the planet by bowing to the Saudis so that they will keep the price low. They are our worst "strong ally." They have one quarter of the world's proven petroleum reserves and if al-Qaida ever destroys some of those reserves, the world would be turned upside down.

Al-Qaida denounces America for "stealing Arab oil" even though we get our oil from many other sources. But it is now believed that a terror attack on the Saudi oil fields would have a greater affect on America than a chemical weapons' attack. The West has an addiction and the Saudis are a primary supplier.

Our enemies learned they could do extensive damage by destroying our oil installations as was the case during hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The Islamofascists would love to do a number on our economy and that of the Western world. They will use the oil card one way or another and the events of the last three months have given them great encouragement and insight.

We have entered the "perilous times" of 2 Timothy 3. Don't chalk up the calamities of our day to global warming but rather to a "global warning." God is trying to get our attention just as Noah did. Some listen and many don't. Our job is to get the message out, win the lost, and redeem the time.

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