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Tuesday, 10 May 2005 00:12

The PA Comes Calling But What Has Changed?

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The Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas will visit with President Bush Thursday, May 26. Yaser Arafat was never permitted such a privilege. I have to keep asking, "What has changed?" With Arafat's passing, it's not a "new day for peace." According to the Center for Near East Policy Research, the invective, incitement, paranoia, false accusations, and inflammatory sermons in the PA mosques and media are still the same. There have been over one hundred attempted terror attacks on Israelis since the January election of Abbas.

Does Mahmoud Abbas not have control of PA TV? It can't get much more hostile to both Israel and America. On "Good Morning Jerusalem" (over which Abbas will demand control when speaking to President Bush) calls were taken from PA viewers who berated Jews and Americans with approval of the show's hosts.

Palestinian Sheik Muderis said in a recent sermon as reported by the Palestinian Media Watch (www.pmw.org.il), "Allah has tormented us with the people most hostile to believers....Jews and polytheists (Christians.) The Jews are behind all the strife and suffering in the world. We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we rule the entire world again. The Jews are like the AIDS virus. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew." Does Abbas protest such inflammatory sermons and media outrage that are ongoing daily? Not a chance.

If you read no further, visit this Web site depicting the intentional brainwashing that has gone on for decades in the Arab/Palestinian world: http://www.teachkidspeace.com/flash.php.

It is produced by the Palestinian Media Watch, and it would be helpful to have its director, Itmar Marcus, in the same meeting with Abbas, but that's not in the plan of action. What has Abbas done to stop this "child abuse"? Will decades of such brainwashing vanish when vast amounts of territory are given over to the Palestinians? Look at the faces of these children and young people and decide for yourself. No plan, no withdrawal, no signed document, is going to bring peace. What would help would be if PA leaders would stop teaching their children to kill, enjoy it, and die for glory.

Will Abbas be challenged about the fact that he has never disarmed terror groups? How about the fact that he wrote his doctoral thesis on the denial of the Holocaust? Will he be rewarded with aid and other benefits even though Abbas planned the 1972 slaughter of Israeli athletes in Munich? Will he be chastised for dedicating his January election victory to the soul of Arafat and the PA "shahids" or martyrs? Or the "pretend arrests" that go on daily: Arrest terrorists but let them out the back door of the jail? On Israel's Independence Day, May 14, 2005, Abbas and associates called this day a "catastrophe" and were in mourning.

As Daniel Pipes said in the May 19 "Jerusalem Post", "How do things look a half year after Arafat's death? About as awful as anyone might have expected. Abbas is leading the Palestinians to war with Israel after the Israel retreat from Gaza and the territories." Israel's Gen. Ya'alon says, "Immediately after the disengagement, we can expect a burst of terrorism." Will this come up in the discussions? Will Abbas be told he must stick hard and fast to the rules of the "Road Map" or he gets his walking papers, too, and is shut out of the Oval Office as was Arafat for his violations?

Mahmoud Abbas is calling on the president for hundreds of millions of more dollars to rebuild his empire, but most of it will be pocketed by his corrupt leadership. America has already given hundreds of millions to one of the most corrupt regimes in history.

The failure of the Clinton administration in this regard was the refusal to hold Arafat accountable for these issues and more. President Bush needs to let Abbas know in no uncertain terms that he won't be getting a free pass on the above violations and incitement of hate speech towards both Jews and Christians. Condoleeza Rice insists that "We are not going down that road again." She insists the Oslo-era tolerance of PA noncompliance is over.

President Bush's White House guest is dangerous and will further destablize the region but with the world in strong delusion, they see it as a "new day" for peace in the Middle East. Abbas is not looking for peace! He and the rest of the Arab world are looking for opportunities to annihilate Israel.

Here's what you can do: Speak your mind at any of the contact information at www.whitehouse.gov. And join the Presidential Prayer Team, www.presidentialprayerteam.org.

To better understand this, order Bill Koenig's book from my Web site, "Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel." Also visit the categories on my Web site of "Palestine", "Islam and the Arabs", and "Israel", as well as pertinent stories under "Current Headlines" at www.olivetreeviews.org.

It is my belief that God will not allow the creation of a Palestinian state in the heart of His covenant land. Something will thwart the procedure, and it may be partly the result of earnest prayer that this travesty never occur.

Awaiting His return.
Jan Markell


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