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Dear Howard, Lesley, Gordon, Lorna, Staff and Presenters at Revelation tv,

I am sending this to everyone as a cover so that each person knows what I have written and it lessens the possibility of being misquoted by anyone.

This is possibly the most difficult e-mail I have ever had to write.

Last week my friend and brother in Christ Jacob Prasch contacted me and asked if Jesse Du Plantis is appearing on Revelation tv.

I did a check on the schedule to see when I was next on and noticed Du Plantis was on a Monday.

So I told Jacob he was correct and that it was now causing me some concern.

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Saturday, 26 November 2011 01:40

Pastor Cajoles Flock into Kissing-Fest

In the last few years we have witnessed a trend with an increasing emphasis on this kind of 'ministry' being propagated in what claim to be scripturally based Christ centered churches.

I do not object to married or engaged Christian couples displaying moderate nuances of affection publicly such as holding hands or a quick kiss etc. I am not a stuffed shirt puritanical religious freak and I don't pay much mind to those who are. But discretion imposes parameters and this exceeds prudent limits. This is inappropriate in public, even for married couples, especially in a church service. There is a time and a place for expression of marital romance, but in public or in church is neither the time nor the place. It cheapens the romance by reducing it from something personal and intimate into something approaching exhibitionism. I find it altogether inappropriate and any doctrinal theology used to justify it is bogus and devoid of exegetical support.

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We exactly concur with the remarks by Rosh Pinna below. What they may not have known concerning the Revelation TV debate between Dr. Calvin Smith and Stephen Sizer, however, was that Sizer's precondition was that the debate remain theological and doctrinal, not political, to which Dr. Smith and Revelation TV pre-agreed.

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Jesus warned not to set dates and that is the infraction ; Camping goes against the direct unambiguous instruction of Jesus.
This is the issue and the only issue. The over whelming majority of futurists view Camping as a dangerous religious charlatan
and many futurists have been among his biggest critics whose voices were at the forefront of the caveats warning against Camping.

To blame not Camping's reprehensible rejection of the plain instruction of Jesus, but rather futurism is a cheap and an irrational brand of warped opportunism and theocratic hooliganism leaving me with no more regard or respect for Marty Angelo than I have for Harold Camping and that is no regard or respect at all. Both of them are pathetically deceived figures used by Satan to deceive others.

Harold & Marty both obtain their eschatology from the same source - the pit of hell. They indeed are six of one, half dozen of the other.

In Christ,

Jacob Prasch

Harold Camping belongs in jail states prison minister Marty Angelo

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 21, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- In what is turning out to be another beautiful day in sunny southern California outspoken prison minister and author Marty Angelo spoke out harshly against doomsday prophet, Harold Camping at being allowed to make another false prediction that Jesus Christ was going to rapture the Christians today.

"I know prison convicts who are serving life sentences for much lesser crimes than what this Christian 'Bernie Madoff' Camping keeps committing," Angelo remarked to a Los Angeles reporter. "There is an inmate today in a California prison serving 20 years to life for his third felony for robbing a grocery store to feed his family.

"Camping has fleeced his followers out of millions of dollars over the years without one law enforcement official ever looking into what he was doing was against the law.

"When someone doesn't provide a service or the product does not do what it is supposed to a customer is allowed to receive their money back or it could be considered a fraudulent transaction. But I do not see Harold Camping giving one red-nickel back to his donors or even apologizing for misleading them. It is amazing this man is allowed to walk the streets. Defrocked Jim Baker went to prison for far less offences.

"There are many other end-time doomsday Christian prophets out there who do not go as far as Camping does in actually giving a date of Jesus' return. But they are just as wrong as Camping by misleading people into believing Jesus is returning in this generation when the Bible clearly teaches the only generation Jesus was returning in was the generation living when He walked the earth.

"Futurism is destroying Christianity. It chips away at Christ's words and makes Him out to either be a liar or just plain wrong.

"Jesus Christ returned within His generation just like He predicted and destroyed the old Jerusalem religious system to usher in His New Jerusalem... the church... the true Israel -- consisting of both Jews and Gentiles who believe in Him, the seed of Abraham.

"Jesus Christ does not need Harold Camping to announce His coming because He has been here for over two thousand years... living within each one of His followers."

For more information see:

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by Pastor Jeremy Reese

As a welsh pastor I have consistently had to contend with replacement theology which is widespread through welsh churches.  It is sad that at the time we were having a revival there was a violent pogrom against jews in Merthyr.  Obviously Genesis 12: 3 has not been widely read or studied.

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Friday, 14 October 2011 00:06

A Look at C. Peter Wagner's Memoirs

Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians: Lessons from a Lifetime in the Church "“ A Memoir is the autobiography of C. Peter Wagner, the head apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

An analysis, by Jackie Alnor
Apostasy Alert

[caption id="attachment_7906" align="alignright" width="167" caption="Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians: Lessons from a Lifetime in the Church "“ A Memoir"][/caption]

What strikes the reader is that Wagner's memoirs show an evolution of theology that adapts itself to whatever trends invade the church. What Wagner boasts as being "paradigm shifts" in his spirituality actually demonstrate his lack of any biblical moorings. He tries to convince the reader of his academic prowess, while exposing his spiritual shallowness.

The book gives the reader insights into what makes this so-called apostle tick. Wagner seems quite honest in his self-assessment and does not seem to mind exposing his humanistic attitude towards all things religious. What is very much lacking in this book is any Christian testimony of the greatness of God and the Lord Jesus Christ and knowing Him as his personal Savior. It is more an overview of what he calls his "career" in church growth, academics and influence upon others.

Although there is no dedication page, Wagner does acknowledge the person who confirmed that he should publish his memoirs, Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries. While it is widely known that Joyner is a false prophet and worker with evil spirits, Wagner calls him "one of the most brilliant of our contemporary Christian leaders...Rick helped me to feel that I have good biblical justification for this book," he wrote, citing 1 Thes. 5:12, "Paul's admonition that believers should "˜recognize those who labor among you.'" [p. 11]

The book opens up to several pages of Wagner's admirers, each writing a paragraph as to why they think Wagner is such an honorable figure in modern church history. They include Mike Bickle, President of IHOP; James Goll, Encounters Network; Bill Hamon, Christian Int'l Apostolic Network; Jack Hayford, Church on the Way; Cindy Jacobs, Generals Int'l; Bill Johnson, Bethel Church; Gwen Shaw, End-Time Handmaidens; Steve Strang, Charisma magazine and an assortment of endorsers from the charismaniac side of the church.

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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 00:02

A Case of Pinocchio's Nose

by Sandy Simpson

Recently Peter Wagner who heads up the new apostolic prophet movement with Chuck Pierce had sent out:


THE NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION an Update (the complete letter is posted on http://www.globalspheres.org/)

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Friday, 02 September 2011 03:17

Open Letter to C Peter Wagner of NAR

Prof. Johan Malan
Mossel Bay, South Africa

(The original version of this article may be read on Sandy Simpson's website: www.deceptioninthechurch/page2.html)

Dear Peter

I address this Open Letter to you in response to your article, The New Apostolic Reformation: an Update (Aug. 19, 2011).

Evangelical Christians everywhere, but particularly also here in South Africa, have to take issue with you for deceptively presenting the NAR as a movement which subscribes to "all the standard classic statements of Christian doctrine", for creating false expectations of introducing God's kingdom on earth by, among others, using an unbiblical form of strategic spiritual warfare, for completely negating biblical prophecies on the end-time, and also for associating a Christian reformation with the African Independent Church Movement.

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Friday, 29 July 2011 07:38

John Stott Deceased

False teacher and anti Israel author John Stott: Dead in England at age 90.

We do not and can not pass judgments on the standing of John Stott before Christ in terms of salvation.  However, James 3:1 instructs us that teachers will be judged more strictly than the rest and Stott taught God's people error and deception. Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones warned of Stott many years ago when Stott promoted the usual line of unscriptural Anglican dogma including infant baptism, Erastianism (state church), mono episcopacy, replacement theology, non-millennialism, etc. He was also a Calvinist.

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July 3, 2011 |  9:42 pm
LA Times

The Rev. Robert H. Schuller has been ousted from the board of directors at the Crystal Cathedral, the Orange County megachurch he built into a televised empire after getting his start preaching from the roof of a drive-in theater, his son said Sunday night.

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