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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 08:42

Jehovah Witness and the New World Translation

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Hi! My name is Jason. I was referred to your website and I finally had a look- interesting!

I too have been reading the NWT and all JW literature for the past 12 years on and off and many meetings.

I have noticed that though well qualified to teach the "Good news", some get caught up in lifes activities and demands (like everyone does) and thus sacrifice "Personal" bible study. 

-In short, I can answer some of your questions, but I am surprised that you can't see it yourself.

#1: The bible does say that there are "many" gods. - sorry, I don't have my bible with me so I can't tell you where - o wait!- 1Cor.8:5

#2: you said it yourself- there is no indefinite articles; so there should be a Definite article used in John 1:1.

Since there wasn't one used, the New World Translation is accurate.

The same thing is done in the account with Paul and the snake- Acts 28:6

#3: In English "J" is used instead of "Y" for Gods name(Ps. 83:18- KJ) for the same reason its used in almost all Biblical names that start with Je. If you haven't noticed, they have gods name as part of thier names meaning.

How about " Hallelujah" - notice the j and not a y.

- Col.1:15 tells us that Jesus was "created" - the "first"born.

It doesn't get clearer than that.

I don't think you believe that the ones Jesus was talking about in John 17:21 were also to become god-right?

Which brings another question to mind: if God were three entities, then dont you think the holy ghost is feeling left out - like "hey, I"m in union with you guys too. How come you dont mention me in the bible as being in union with you guys" (I'm not trying to be humorous or insulting).

Anyways, let me know what you think.

Btw- if you are a truth seeker and not interested in having your "ears tickled"

(as the evidence shows) then you will wind-up as one of his "witnesses"

"keep on seeking and you will find" -Mat.7

- if you have the right heart and, of coarse, if they are the "one true faith" (which all the evidence points to).


Well Moriel, I hope that was helpful. It would please me greatly if it did. If not,  then I would welcome your voice.


Hello Jason and thank you for your e ail which we are posting on our website.

As anyone reading Greek can tell you what you state is demonstrably wrong.

1. There are no chapter divisions in the original canon or autographs and if you continue reading the text in context until chapter 10 , these other gods are idols whom Paul goes on to identify as demons ( 'demonoi' in Greek) as does Moses ('sheddim' in Hebrew).

2. Your second point also betrays a gross ignorance. The original Greek text states, "ton Theon" that is 'the God'. The New World Translation is incompetently wrong.

3. The letter J exists in neither Greek nor Hebrew. The priority is always the original meaning of the original text (Nehemah 8:8). We fail to grap your point if you have one. Hebrew has 'yod' and Greek has an 'iota' in case you are interested in what God's Word actually says. We do not mind translations into English if they are accurate, but the NWT is a deliberate distortion. I happen to speak Hebrew and can read Greek , no one who can would take the NWT seriously.

4. Your follow up point concerning Jesus' unity with The Father being akin to yours with us, is to be honest, silly. The Greek says the unity of Jesus with His Father is "hypostasis"; it is hypostaic - of one divine substance.

My willingness to publicly debate in front of a video camera any leader of the JW cult from the original Greek and Hebrew text stands. So far I have not had any takers. This is not however because I am so clever.  But rather because the ridiculous JW mishandling of God's Word is so preposterous.

I suggest you read the excellent book 'Crises of Conscience' by a member of the Jehovah's Witness governing committee Ray Franz who came clean and exposes the entire Jehovah' Witness cult as a sham run by charlatans.  <img src="http://www.moriel.org/images/Logo_favi.gif" align="top">

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