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June 15, 2009
Seismic Shock

This week the Jerusalem Post identifies three of the most prominent evangelical critics of Israel as Jimmy Carter, Stephen Sizer and Brian McLaren. Whilst Carter is world famous, and I have discussed Sizer at length on this blog, Brian McLaren is less well-known.

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Moriel and Jacob Prasch solidly support the position recently published by Chuck Smith, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, (Santa Anna) California distancing Calvary Chapel from the Emergent Church Movement which is in essence a hyper-ecumenical combination of Post Modernism and religious mysticism that rejects the propositional truth upon which the biblical Gospel is predicated.

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by Prof. Johan Malan
South Africa (March 12, 2008)

All Scripture quotations are from the New King James Version, unless otherwise stated.

Christianity experiences unprecedented attacks on its foundational truths. These attacks are motivated and coordinated by evil forces that are intent on deceiving all people as a prelude to revealing the Antichrist and physically establishing Satan's kingdom on earth. Their main obstacle is biblical beliefs in the deity, atoning death, resurrection and second coming of Jesus Christ. As a result, attacks against evangelical Christianity are on the increase, being aimed at discrediting the canonical books of the Bible, and thus also the God and Saviour of the Bible.

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In what appears to be a sweeping phenomenon, Christian leaders are embracing practices and a new spirituality that borrows from Eastern mysticism and New Age philosophy. The changes are taking place worldwide and involve many of the most popular evangelical leaders including Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Richard Foster, Tony Campolo, and Eugene Peterson.

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By Paul McGuire

Recently, the President of the United States, George W. Bush, admitted that he did not take many parts of the Bible literally. For example, Bush doubted the Genesis account of Creation in favor of the disproven Theory of Evolution. President Bush reiterated his belief that all of the world's religions pray to the same God. This is all from a President who won the hearts of American evangelicals because he prayed a prayer to be "born again" with Billy Graham. President Bush's statements are just the tip of the iceberg of the apostate condition of the "theological Titanic" which is called the" Evangelical Church in America or what I refer to as the "New Evangelical."

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Saturday, 12 January 2008 04:51

Emergent Church: Is The Bible Inerrant?

by Ken Silva
Apprising Ministries

John 10:34-37

Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your Law, " ˜I have said you are gods"? If he called them " ˜gods," to whom the word of God came" ”and the Scripture cannot be broken" ”what about the one whom the Father set apart as his very own and sent into the world? Why then do you accuse me of blasphemy because I said, " ˜I am God's Son"? Do not believe me unless I do what my Father does." 

Let Us Nail Down Some Jello

The purpose of this short work is to show you what Brian McLaren, one the major spokesmen for the Emergent Church movement, has to say on the subject of the Bible. As has been stated elsewhere, this can be likened to the frustrating attempt to nail down jello. On his own website McLaren is asked a direct question: "What do you believe about the Bible? Do you believe that it is the inerrant word of God?"  His answer is:

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Friday, 11 January 2008 14:29

Brian McLaren - A True Son Of Lucifer

by James Jacob Prasch

Emergent Church Guru, Brian McLaren has now publicly stated that "many of us do not know what to think about homosexuality" and suggests a five years moratorium on addressing the issue.

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Any comments on this article?  Ã‚  Do you think they explained the Emerging
Church well?


William M. Alnor, Ph.D.
SCP Access Director

Hello Bill,

This article from my perspective is not a good representation. (the theologian DA Carson did a semi-scholarly review of McLaren & the
Emergent Church which was very good, but was not exhaustive or published in a popular magazine).

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Friday, 11 January 2008 13:57

The Emerging Church Shows Its Hand

by Jackie Alnor

Below is an article written by an Emerging Church author by the name of Fred Peatross. He has written three books, one of which has a forward written by Emerging Church leader Leonard Sweet. They are: Tradition, Opinion, and Truth: The Emerging Church of Christ?, A Pixel in a Greater Picture: The Emerging Church of Christ , and A Mobile Church For E.P.I.C. Times: Moving Across Faith Community Borders," Foreword by Leonard Sweet. Consistent with other EC leaders, Peatross quotes Catholic writers such as Thomas Aquinas in his own books. He is also a writer for various Emergent Church magazines such as Wineskins Magazine and Next-Wave Magazine.

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Jan Markell Olive Tree Ministries, Inc

If you're over age 35, your spiritual health may be at risk in that new "church movements" are focusing in on primarily "GenXrs." You may not have even heard of the latest, the "Emergent Church" or "Emerging Church." Many today are looking for a new "methodology," "new wave," or "new thing God is doing." I ask, "What is wrong with the old way?" Apparently just the Bible is no longer sufficient.

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