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Questions for Jewish people

Shalom! My name is Jacov – Jacob, and someone directed you here because you are Jewish and they were interested in speaking to you about the relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

I know Jewish people are revolted by Jews who believe in Jesus, so you can rest assured my mother is a Gentile Roman Catholic. She doesn't believe what I believe, but I am not halachaly Jewish. My wife and children, however, are.

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The first question I would like to ask you is this: There are two reasons most Jewish people I know – neighbors, friends, family – two reasons most I know reject any idea of Jesus being the Jewish Messiah. Those reasons are always “anti-Semitism” and “Why, if He was the Messiah, did He not bring in worldwide peace?” Therefore He could not be the Messiah. Let's begin with the most sensitive of issues, anti-Semitism.

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