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Zechariah 5- Barn Christian Fellowship

Play the Man - Barn Christian Fellowship

The Oldest Trick in the Book- Barn Christian Fellowship

666: The Number of the Beast (GV247.TV) [4:50]

The Abomination of Desolation (GV247.TV) [2:58]

Are Prophecies Self-Fulfilling? (GV247TV) [2.00]

Are We in the Last Days? (GV247TV) [1.14]

Arnageddon (GV247.TV) [4.08]

The Bible - Literal or Allegorical (GV247.TV) [1.41]

Biblical Interpretation (GV247.TV) [4:43]

Bible Prophecy No Longer Taught? (GV247.TV) [4.04]

Blood Sacrifice in the Millennium (GV247.TV) [2:58]

Cain/Abel Olivet Discourse 1 (GV247.TV) [13.57]

Cain/Abel Olivet Discourse 2 (GV247.TV) [5.46]

Claims of Jesus True or False (GV247.TV) [2.00]

Do Christians Want Armageddon? (GV247.TV) [2.30]

Eschatology: The End Times (GV247.TV) [2:58]

Examples of Fulfilled Prophecy (GV247.TV) [2:31]

Global Control (GV247.TV) [4:04]

Haven't There Always Been Disasters? (GV247.TV) [7.09]

Is the Media Biased? (GV247.TV) [4:32]

Is There Any Escape? (GV247.TV)[4.23]

Israel in Prophecy 1 (GV247.TV) [3:22]

Israel in Prophecy 2 (GV247.TV) [3:13]

Math Validates Biblical Manuscripts (GV247.TV) [4:56]

Modern Israel Predicted (GV247.TV) [4:55]

Pre, A or Post-Millennialism (GV247.TV) [4.54]

Prophecy or Prediction? (GV247.TV) [4.22]

Prophecies on TDP (GV247.TV) [1.50]

Prophecies Still to be Fulfilled? (GV247.TV) [4.03]

Rebuilding the Temple (GV247.TV) [4:31]

Searching for the Truth (GV247.TV [6.15]

Touch Not my Anointed

UFO's & ET's: What the Bible Says (GV247.TV) [13.20]

War in the Middle East (GV247.TV) [3:36]

What is the Antichrist? (GV247.TV) [4.33]

What is Armageddon? (GV247.TV) [1.27]

What is the Biblical Gospel? (GV247.TV) [5.59]

What is Biblical Prophecy?(GV247.TV) [3.14]]

What is the Millennium? (GV247.TV) [4:23]

What is the Rapture? (GV247.TV) [3:25]

Who or What is Satan? (GV247.TV) [1.21]

Why Did Christianity Mutate? (GV247.TV) [2.29]

Why Isn't the Gospel Preached Today? (GV247.TV) [4.17]

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