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Prayer Requests
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Please pray for Al dagger who's been battling a bad case of chronic bronchitis.He willl be cancelling his engagement at the Moriel Canada Conference in British Columbia. (We have Mike Clapham filling in for him at Canada conference. )

He ended up in the hospital a few weeks ago for a weekend.

The coughing was so hard that he developed what appeared to be a TIA (mild stroke) in the form of slurred speech with a blurring in the left eye. He went to a neurologist and after some tests he determined that he didn’t have a TIA, but doesn’t know what happened.

He is still coughing when speaking more than a few sentences, has shortness of breath just from the slightest exertion. He has been prescribed some steroid that may help, but I understand that it could be several weeks before he is back to normal, so please pray!