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HAVHA and the Black Stone

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“I could not put it down… a thriller with a solid and important message.”  Gail, Hampshire.

“This needs to be spoken, written, brought into the open.”  Peter, UK.

HAVHA and the Black Stone

Vartan was born in the Armenian Refugee Camp in Lebanon in about 1948.  Orphaned at four, he then spent four years at the Danish Birds’ Nest Orphanage until he ran away and lived on the streets of Beirut. He has made his way as a musician, with no formal education. This is a 3-D thriller—you feel as if you were there just as he was. 

Hardback, First Edition, signed copies,
sent “free” in return for donations
of not less than £11 to
“Melkonian Books Childrens Fund”
PO Box 528, Herts WD3 6XN
Or go to www.havha-the-book.com

Mention Moriel.  £2 will go to Moriel from every book sold.  All remaining profits from this edition will go to the Birds’ Nest Orphanage in Byblos.