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Jerusalem Evangelism Fund

The Jerusalem Evangelism Fund is designed to send funds to Israel to help finance evangelism, support local congregations and to assist needy believers. All contributions are transferred directly to Israel.

Moriel General Fund

This is a General Fund that allows you to support the overall work of Moriel.

Moriel Japan

This fund is to help Moriel Japan in their pastoral and ministry needs.

Moriel Pacific Fund

Sandy Simpson and family are serving the Lord in the Pacific Islands reaching the people of Micronesia.

Moriel Television

To help Moriel Television handle all the costs for the production of videos and future Moriel television web site. This will include cost of equipment and also help produce more live broadcasts and Q & A sessions.

Mormon Evangelism

This fund is set up to not only support the evangelism teams Moriel sends each year but to support the churches and year-round missionaries to Mormons with whom Moriel is in agreement with and works along side.

Philippine Garbage Dump Children's Fund

This program is for children who live in or nearby a garbage dump in the Philippines. We provide them food and the Gospel.

South Africa Fund

Our aim is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through establishing biblical churches, the training of leaders through our missions school, the running of Moriel's office and the care of orphans through Ebyown children's home.

Thailand Missions

´╗┐Scott and Penkhae Noble live in Chiang Mai Thailand and share the gospel in a mostly Buddhist context through prison outreach, an English class for children, Bible studies for college students, street ministry, camps, visiting their neighbors to talk with them and pray for them, and research articles.