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Moriel is an international multi-faceted ministry of Jewish and non-Jewish regenerate believers one in Jesus the Messiah and is committed to the evangelization beginning with the Jews and also people of other faiths including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and theologically deviant expressions of Christendom including Roman Catholicism (which we view as aberrational much as we deem Talmudic Judaism to be likewise largely unscriptural).

To this end Moriel plants churches, and operates missions especially among impoverished children in the Third World. While mainly rejecting the later midrashic writings of the rabbis, Moriel is also a teaching ministry seeking to exegetically interpret scripture with the Judeo-Christian hermeneutic of the apostolic church including the midrashic exegesis used by Jesus and Paul (midrash is a term found multiple times in the Tenak or Old Testament).

Lastly, Moriel is active in the area of discernment withstanding the popular apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. We remain firmly aligned to the conviction that contemporary events in The Middle East , Europe, and in the church make the present time in history different from other eras when people thought it was the last days. We affirm the belief that Jesus is coming again and prophecy of His return is radically being fulfilled increasingly.




We have a new website dedicated to Spanish speakers with videos and sermons from Jacob Prasch, Bill Randles and Marco Quintana - in Spanish!
Tenemos un nuevo sitio web dedicado a hispanohablantes con videos y sermones de Jacob Prasch, Bill Randles y Marco Quintana - ¡en español!

ADDITIONALLY: MORIEL (Denmark Branch) website with Jacob Prasch teaching materials and film clips in Danish: www.jjpr.dk



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Costing and Proposal

Greece with Moriel Ministries

3 – 14 October, 2016

Download this as a PDF (right click - or click to open)

TOTAL PRICE including flights to and from the UK £2200 (based on minimum 20 full fare paying passengers)

TOTAL Price excluding flights to and from the UK £1900

SRS                                          £230

Greece - a biblical background.

An unforgettable, life-enriching experience!

For bookings or more details please contact : Polly Zabari 01372 843678 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Flights to and from the UK  (to be booked Nov 2015*)

Date: from/to Flight # Time(s)
Mon 3 Oct 2016

London – Istanbul –

TK1980   LHR/IST

TK1893   IST/SKG

11.30 – 17.20

18.35 – 19.55

Fri 14 Oct 2016

Izmir — Istanbul —  London



18.00 – 19.05

18.00 – 19.05



Location # Nights Rating
Thessaloniki 2 4 star
Kalambaka 1 4 star
Delphi 1 4 star
Athens 2 4 star
Patmos 1 3 star
Samos 2 3 star
Kusadasi 1 4 star
Pamukkale 1 4 star
Izmir 1 4 star


Suggested Itinerary
Monday 3 October

Thessaloniki arrival.

Check-in, followed by dinner and overight

Tuesday 4 October


Breakfast at the hotel. Morning visit to Philippi passing by Amphipolis (short stop). In Philippi Apostle Paul came and worked, establishing a strong church. To this congregation, later he sent his Philippian letter. Of all the churches Paul founded, probably none was as near and dear to him as the church at Philippi (Acts 16:9-33).  We see the river where Lydia is thought to have been baptized, the ruins of a prison where traditionally is said that Paul and Sylas had been kept: the Agora, 5th and 6th century Basilica and the Theater. Philippi was named after Philip II, king of Macedonia father of Alexander the Great. The Roman road Via Egnatia crossed this city and ran from Rome to Byzantium. Lunch on your own. After the visit, we continue to Kavala, the ancient port of Neapolis (Acts 16:11) for a brief orientation tour of the city. Late that afternoon we return to Thessaloniki.  Meeting after dinner at hotel and overnight.

Wednesday 5 October


Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Morning departure from Thessaloniki towards Kalambaka. On our way we stop in Vergina  (ancient Aigai), the first capital of Macedonia, where we visit the most important tomb ever discovered that of Philip II of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great. Lunch on your own. Continue on to Litochoro, a small town from the southwest part of which begin almost all climbing routes to Mount Olympus.  Short stop to view Mt Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece (its highest peak Mytikas rises to 2,919 metres (9,570 ft), notable in Greek Mythology as the hole of the 12 Olympians).  Continue on to Kalambaka where we check-in at the hotel for dinner. Meeting in the evening. Overnight. 

Thursday 6 October


Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. In the morning we enjoy a spectacular drive up to visit Meteora. Colossal symmetrical gray and reddish boulders, as though pushed upwards from the bowels of mother earth by an invisible hand, sustain breathtaking beautiful monasteries perched precariously high above the ground. Lunch on your own. After the visit we leave Kalambaka and start driving south towards Delphi. Check-in at hotel for dinner and overnight.

Friday 7 October


Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Morning visit of archaeological site and museum of Delphi. Lunch on your own. On our way back to Athens we stop at Thermopylae, to see the statue of Leonidas. It commemorates the historic battle between the 300 Spartans, led by Leonidas and the Persian army of Xerxes in 480 BC composed of thousands. We arrive in Athens in late afternoon. Meeting after dinner and overnight. 

Saturday 8 October


Breakfast at the hotel. At 8:00 in the morning our excursion takes us out of Athens by the Saronic Gulf, where in 480 BC history’s root was changed! The small Grecian fleet managed to defeat the enormously powerful armada of the Persians.

From here, via the historic Corinthian Canal  (photo stop) we arrive at Ancient Corinth(Acts 18:1-18).  It was Corinth where Apostle Paul came and worked, established a thriving church, subsequently sending two of his epistles now part of the New Testament. Here, we see all of the sites associated with his ministry: the Agora, the Temple of Apollo, the Roman Odeon, the Bema and Gallio’s Seat.  The small archaeological museum here is an absolute must! We return to Athensfor our afternoon sightseeing tour.  We will climb up to the marble-capped Acropolisand visit the famous Parthenon and the Erechtheion. Then, we go to nearby Mars' Hill (or Areopagus) where Paul delivered his well-known sermon and spoke about the inscription: “to an unknown god”. Our tour continues with the highlights of modern Athens: we pass by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Parliament House, the Academy, the University of Athens and the National Library, the Panathenian Stadium, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch. In late afternoon we return to hotel. Meeting after dinner and overnight.

Sunday 9 October


Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Early morning transfer to Athens International Airport for direct flight to Samos. Upon arrival in Samos, meet our representative and board the local bus to transfer to the port of Pythagorion. Embark on the boat sailing to the island of Patmos departing at around 13:00.

Upon arrival in Patmos meet the local representative who will assist you in transfer to hotel in Skala, check-in, lunch on your own. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Monday 10 October


Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. At 8:00 we drive up to Chora old town of Patmos and we walk up to visit the Byzantine Monastery of St. John the Evangelist, followed by the Cave of the Apocalypse. After the visit we are transferred back to the port of Skala, lunch on your own. Take the boat to Samos departing at around 12 noon. Arrive in Pythagorion, transfer to the hotel in Samos Vathy town. Check-in. Dinner and overnight.

Tuesday 11 October

Samos - Kusadasi

Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Depart by morning boat from Samos to Kusadasi.

Upon arrival at Kusadasi port, escort transfer by to the hotel in Kusadasi. Lunch on your own. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Wednesday 12 October

Wednesday, Oct. 12: Ephesus - Laodicea - Pamukkale

Drive to Ephesus visit to the ancient city of Ephesus including the Basilica of St. John and the Ephesus archaeological museum. The Apostle Paul preached to the Ephesians and lived here for three years. This church also received an epistle from him. We tour the spectacular ruins where excavations still continue in this once great and important city, which was founded in the 10th century BC.
Walk through history along marble streets lined with wonderful public buildings, among them the Baths of Scholastica, the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Hadrian and the Theatre. The Temple of Diana of the Ephesians, another of the seven wonders of the ancient world, was built in this city. We visit the Basilica of St. John after lunch we proceed to Laodicea (present name Denizli) yet another of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor [Rev. 1:11; 3:14; Col. 2:1; 4:13-16]. Here we see the ancient theatre, the remains of basilica and ancient stone water pipes.

We continue on to Pamukkale for check-in at hotel, dinner and overnight.

Thursday 13 October

Hierapolis - Philadelphia - Sardes - Smyrna

In the morning we visit the healing city of Hierapolis, actually Pamukkale, the white «cotton fortress» where hot mineral water bursts from the earth and cascades over steep cliffs forming pools, channels and stalactites. The therapeutic waters were known to the founders of Hierapolis and of Laodicea in 190 BC. 

In Hierapolis [Col. 4:13] we will see the Martyrium of the Apostle Philip where he was martyred during the persecutions ordered by Domitian and we will visit the Gate of Domitian, the Arcadian Way, the 2nd century AD Theatre, the Nymphaion, the Temple of Apollo, the Plutonium and the Necropolis.

We continue on to Philadelphiawhich was rebuilt with help from Emperor Tiberius.

At Sardis(Rev. 3:1-5), your thoughts will turn to the Old Testament period following the 586 B.C. destruction of Jerusalem.

That was the time when the phrase “rich as Croesus” originated. Croesus (560-546 B.C.) was the King of Lydia, and Sardis was his capital. Gold was discovered in the Pactolus River at Sardis and it was here that coinage began, as we know it.  Cyrus and the Persians defeated and captured Croesus for all his wealth and made Sardis the administrative centre for the western part of their empire. The fabled Royal Road connected Sardis with the Persian cities to the east. Sardis was the hardest hit of the twelve cities destroyed in the earthquake of A.D. 17. Emperor Tiberius, according to the Annals of the historian Tacitus, gave much relief towards its rebuilding. Your visit to Sardis will include the imperial court and the ancient Jewish synagogue. You will rest in the shade of the Temple of Artemis, while studying in the light of prophetic Scripture.

Finally, enjoy dinner at one of Smyrna’s famous kebab or seafood restaurants. Overnight stay in Izmir.

Friday 14 October

Thyatira - Pergamum - Izmir - London

Today, we will visit our final two of the Seven Churches of Revelation. At Thyatira (Rev. 2: 18-28), you will see the ruins of an ancient commercial centre, located in the fertile valley where the trade route passed. One of the town's cloth and dye merchants was a woman named Lydia, who conducted business as far away as Philippi, where she became the first European convert to Christianity, during Paul's second missionary journey (Acts 16:11-15). A most memorable experience will be Pergamum, with its acropolis and Great Theatre, the steepest of the ancient world. Revelation 2:12-16 describes the city as “where Satan’s seat is,” a reference to the altar of Zeus, where we pause for reflection on the fulfillment of Scripture. Nearby, visit the Red Basilica; once a pagan temple, it later converted into a Christian church.   Finally, walk through the Pergamum Asclepion, the famous medical centre of antiquity. Drive back to Izmir airport for flight back to London departing at 18.00



Price includes 12 days touring in an air conditioned bus, 12 days guiding with an English speaking guide, accommodation, breakfast and dinner each day, entrance fees.

Price does not include : insurances, lunches and personal shopping.

Download this as a PDF (right click - or click to open)

  1. Your contract is with Archtours.
  2. The Client is the person or persons named on the signed Booking Form. No booking shall exist until :
    1. A booking form has been completed, signed and received by The Travel Professionals.
    2. Full pre payment has been paid and forwarded to Archtours, with the booking form.
    3. The booking has been confirmed in writing to the Client.
  3. Cancellation of any booking will incur the following charges.

    Up to 70 days before departure Deposit
    69-40 days before departure 50% of total reservation value
    39-30 days before departure 75% of total reservation value
    Within 30 days of departure 100% of total reservation value

    All notification of cancellations either in part of in full shall be made to The Travel Professionals in writing. Cancellation or amendments to take effect from the day that the notification is received by The Travel Professionals. If the Client(s) find it necessary to change reservations after confirmation, this facility is available up to 10 weeks prior to departure at the nominal charge of £25 per booking plus all charges of whatever nature levied by the companies suppliers. After this time all alterations will be treated as cancellations and re-bookings and full cancellations fees are applicable.
  4. The Travel Professionals reserves to right to cancel or make changes to tour arrangements. We will always offer either arrangements of a comparable standard or a full refund; should cancellation or a material changes be made within 10 weeks of departure, the Client(s) will also be entitled to compensation provided The Travel Professionals has received full payment.

    Period before scheduled departure date within which a material modification is notified to client Compensation per person
    More than 56 days NIL
    15-56 days £15
    0-14 days £30

    Payment of compensation will not be made for any change caused by force majeure.
  5. The Travel Professionals accepts responsibility should the services which it is contractually obliged to provide prove to be deficient or not of reasonable standard, save in respect of injury, illness and death where liability only attaches to a proven negligence of operators employees or agents acting within the scope of, or in the course of their employment. No liability can be accepted for any negligent act or omission of air or sea carriers, whose responsibilities are governed by international convention which may limit or exclude our liability. The liability of any hotelier may also be limited in accordance with the Paris Convention of 1962 on the liability of hotelkeepers. The Travel Professionals cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage or expense resulting from war or terrorist activities threatened or actual, civil unrest, closure or airports, industrial action, threatened or actual or any event outside our control where such delay extend or compel a change in arrangements. The Travel Professionals will not be liable for any damages either for death, injury or illness or for any breach of contract if the same is due to unusual and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised, or due to any event which even with all due care we could not foresee or forestall. Obligations and responsibilities in respect of carriage by air and sea are subject and limited to the conditions of the carrier with whom the Client travels. The Travel Professionals is unable to accept any liability for any delay in any flight whether the cancellation or delay is caused by adverse weather conditions, re-scheduling or times by the airline, any action by airport authorities and/or the action of air traffic controllers, mechanical breakdown, strike or industrial action or otherwise. In the event of any flight delay the responsibility for the welfare of any passenger booked by The Travel Professionals will be with the airline concerned. All claims shall be subject to English law and all proceedings shall be within the exclusive domain of the English courts.
  6. In confirming the reservation The Travel Professionals would like to advise the Client(s) that the hotel(s)/venue(s) being used have safety precautions designed for the protection of all Clients which are displayed accordingly. All Clients of The Travel Professionals should acquaint themselves with these precautions on arriving at the hotel(s)/venue(s).

Tour Greece with Moriel

Our next tour will will October 2016.

11 Full days touring, 11 ½ days guiding, airport assistance

An unforgettable, historical and life-enriching experience.

Bible study tours to Israel and other biblical lands with Jacob Prasch emphasize spiritual, theological, and doctrinal content. Unlike most tours, we avoid becoming pilgrimages, devotional tours, or vacation packages. We visit places of biblical importance and proven archaeological and historical veracity, steering clear of tourist traps and unsubstantiated “holy” sites.

Any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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