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Good Evening. Where can I find accurate commentary on the Book of Enoch? Even better, can Mr Prasch record a short synopsis of the book and it's meaning as the historical context of Noah and the events leading to the flood.

Why are so many believers making assumptions based on emotion and lack of biblical understanding? We are not all gifted bible expositors, but we should never ever condemn denounce anyone because you have a preference over person A against person B. Or if we are unsure about a biblical position. How many of you consult with your pastors or elders before you make such inflammatory and often stupid and offensive comments. There are so many out there calling themselves Christians, who just want to attack and bring down, anyone who gives you biblical advice contrary to what you want to hear. All because you can hide under someone else doctrine or agenda. Like rats in a sewer they attack anything they perceive not to be a rat. However frequently in their haste and fervour that state of blind excitement they attack their family.

A Call For Repentance: God Waits For Steve Berger and Amir Tsarfati to Humble Themselves Before Him

David's Punishment

It certainly gives me NO pleasure in writing this piece. As a matter of fact, it breaks my heart. I have wrestled with what I’m about to write for the last week.

I have prayed for God to show me if I was to expose the darkness which has seeped into, and is now permeating the Prophecy community.  Today, I felt certain that it is God’s will for me to write about this.

God reminded me that the name of this Blogsite is “Absolute Truth From the Word of God.” How can I not write the truth from the Word of God on a topic of such magnitude and potential harm?

First, I would like to give the reader the link to a well written and solidly Bible-based article by Alice Childs – A prolific and much loved writer for Raptureready.com:

We recently received a question from a brother in Australia about his Messianic Jewish friend who now seems to have denied Yeshua. The question concerns anti-missionaries (normally orthodox Jewish people whose have tasked themselves to deny Yeshua using all manner of techniques, some very disingenuous). Here is Yakov Prasch's rebuttal to the video sent:

We the undersigned as professional experienced police investigators with over half a century of detective experience combined in the investigation of crime  wish to respond regarding  the vexatious claims made against Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch by those supporting a Mr. David Nathan of South Africa in a theological dispute and those acting in concert with them.

With the results of the Israeli elections confirmed, Netenyahu is on course to be Israel's longest serving Prime Minister. Without doubt, Netenyahu's political acumen and savy borders on that of genius. He has mastered the dark arts of discourse. He was able to successfully project himself as the man who can continue to provide security, identity and prosperity.


Blessings, an organization calling itself 'CATALYST' has posted a video clip produced apparently by STUDIO SCOTLAND (makers of the documentary 'The Daniel Project' featuring Jacob Prasch and its sequel  that was commercially sold to Hollywood and communist China 'The Daniel Connection' ) alleging that Moriel and Jacob Prasch are "under investigation". 

First EU country to legalise Same Sex Marriage   First EU country to elect an openly Homosexual Prime Minister/ Taoiseach (a half Hindu; I was in India the week before last and Hindus were catching cow urine and rubbing it on their faces in the streets - the Taoiseach's version of "holy water". I watched cows being fed while small kids were left in hunger).

Blessings from Vietnam While the response by David Nathan to Moriel separating from him for serious doctrinal reasons will be responded to with point by point a rebuttal shortly, we just wanted to clarify the issues by allowing you to watch and listen for yourself to some of what we objected to the point where we had no option to distance Moriel & ourselves from David as his material (which we can only regard as flatly of a heretical nature) was in the public domain and many people were accosting Moriel as sharing and promoting this heterodox error.

It is with a predictable combination of sorrow and joy that we learned that our friend & brother Al Dager has gone to be with The Lord.
He with his beloved wife lived in the American state of Washington in the Pacific North West. Al has battled heart disease for some time.

Moriel & Jacob Prasch commemorate the life & ministry of our friend Chuck Missler, with whom Jacob Prasch shared platforms at multiple conference events in the USA & UK. 
Chuck has rejoined his wife Nancy in the presence of The Lord.

Dear believers in grace,

This month has felt like two months squeezed into one!  We’ve been busy, but in a good way.

At the beginning of this month, David Lister came to visit us.  He came with me to the Women’s Prison and gave his testimony.  The women listened and it seemed like some of them were really touched by the message.  Then, my parents also came to visit us, and are still here.  We did not plan the timing this way, but just as we had baptisms last year when my parents came to visit, we also had baptisms this year…

We are including this article from Dr. Robert Gagnon because we are gravely concerned that the Intelligentsia leaders of New Calvinism are leading the Reformed World into leftist progressivism, and in some cases, Marxism. From Keller to Piper to The Gospel Coalition to Russell Moore, there is a grave cause for concern that these Calvinists are opening up the door to the political, cultural and theological left.

We Should Expect Such Treachery From Politicians, But Not From Jewish Mission Organizations

By James Jacob Prasch

I personally was not surprised when this anti Zionist left wing politician supported Stephen Sizer. I fervently remain utterly disgusted however that Richard Harvey, Susan Perlman, and Jews For Jesus did their back slapping photo op visits to Sizer's pulpit as his Messianic Jewish stooges so he could tell the church "see - I am not so bad despite my links to Christian persecuting & Jew murdering Islamic terrorists, holocaust deniers, anti Semitic conspiracy theorists re. 9/11 etc. because 'Jews For Jesus' likes me".

with thanks to the Hebron Fund



Tell UNESCO To Keep Their Hands off of the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. Abraham was a Jew, not a Palestinian!

This Petition will be sent to UNESCO.

Let Your Voice Be Heard! 

Sign the petition

 Dear Friends,

I am writing to you as I am sure that you join me in feeling shock and heartbreak at UNESCO's latest ploy which throws the Bible and history into the garbage by denying the Jewish connection to our beloved city of Hebron.

UNESCO's vote, ironically in Poland, has declared the Tomb of the Biblical Patiarchs in Hebron a Palestinian Heritage Site. This effectively destroys the Jewish connection to this holy city where our forefathers and mothers are buried and where King David first established his capital. 

If you are as outraged as I am, let your voice be heard and sign our petition to keep UNESCO’s hands off of Jewish Hebron.

Hebron’s Jewish history is indisputable. From Abraham's purchase of the Machpela Cave (Genesis 23), there has been 3,800 continuous years of Jewish presence in Hebron. The Jewish people and their history must not be removed.

UNESCO must hear loud and clear that the Palestinian’s  are creating a fake history ploy against Israel. If you agree, sign the petition to keep Hebron a Jewish city.


Rabbi Dan Rosenstein
Executive Director of the Hebron Fund

PS - After signing the petition, please forward it to friends who are concerned about the future of Hebron!

It is with a sincere sense of grief that Moriel & Jacob Prasch learned that Antony Simon (from Manchester, a UK-born Jewish/Israeli evangelist) was killed in an automobile accident in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq while there on an evangelistic outreach. 

Tony was led to Yeshua by Jacob Prasch in Israel on Christmas Day (around Hanukkah) in 1982 and emerged as a radical evangelist in The Middle East to both Jew and non-Jew alike. His zeal to see lost souls come to salvation in Jesus was without exaggeration nothing short of phenomenal.

We ask for prayers for his Scottish born wife Donna and for their children. Antony is with Yeshua. We will see him again in glory and in the Millennial reign of  Christ. In the meanwhile however, The Body of Christ has insurmountably lost an evangelist whose enthusiastic drive to see souls saved is without exaggeration nearly unparalleled. We do not state this hyperbolically. He was indeed unique.

Dear believers in grace,

We wish you all a blessed New Year in the Saviour of the world!
Teaching at an Elementary School
The first week and a half of December we went to another province to help teach at a Christian school.  Most of the parents and students are not Christians so it was a good opportunity to share the gospel.  I taught English to 1st-5th graders.  The 4th and 5th graders were pretty good, but it was challenging to teach the 1st-3rd graders.  There are few foreigners in that province so the children enjoyed seeing a foreigner and I got to hand out many tracts and also share Bible lessons at the flag pole and at chapel one day.  Micah got to join the nursery school for 3 days until he got some kind of a stomach bug.  He enjoyed learning very much and according to Khae was the most enthusiastic student in the class.
Women’s Prison
We came back to Chiang Mai in time to have a Christmas worship service at the Women’s Prison.  We’re still teaching them from the book of Revelation.  The massage class there is also going well—still a big group of about 80 students.
Christmas Party
We had a Christmas party for our students and invited their parents also.  I also invited my adult students.  About 20 people came.  We sang some Christmas songs and then Khae shared the gospel through the Christmas story and we gave everyone either a gospel of John in the Shan language or some Thai gospel books.  Here are a couple of pictures from that.
John’s Signature Words
A couple months ago Khae read a book by a Thai Lutheran pastor who (following in Martin Luther’s footsteps) doubted that John wrote the book of Revelation or if it even should be in our Bible.  I did a very interesting word study on this comparing the gospel of John, I-III John, and the book of Revelation.  I think the results are beyond any coincidence.  The book of Revelation not only has the “fingerprints” of John all over it, but the author also has such a rich knowledge of the Old Testament woven into the book (by divine inspiration)-- it is unmistakably God breathed.  I’m attaching a short paper on that here.
Peace in Christ, Scott, Khae, and Micahberekiah.

Persecuted Israeli Believers FundBlessings from Israel.

Despite its battles and opposition from Satan and harassment from unbelieving Orthodox Rabbinic Organizations such as Yad L'Achim, we are witnessing a wonderful tide of steady growth in the Body of Yeshua in Israel. Moriel is committed to helping indigenous congregations inane way we can especially in the area of evangelism. But growth creates challenges and presents needs. The increase in numbers of Jewish believers we are seeing has been a blessing that at one time would have been unfathomable.

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