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Friday, 10 September 2010 22:51

Nessim Muse September 2010

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Written on the Jewish New Year -1st day of the month of Tishri 5771
September 9th, 2010

Shalom to all our friends in the many corners of the globe,

May this indeed be a time of New Beginnings, as you will see in this letter, although the Biblical new year is Passover! While the next 10 days are days of heart searching for many religious Jews, we thank God that Yeshua is the Final Sacrifice, and pray that many will receive New Heats, as promised in Ezekiel the prophet, (36:26)

This really has been one of the hottest summers on record. Stepping out of the door at midnight was like putting one's self into an oven! Thankfully the worst has passed, and the evenings and nights are getting noticeably cooler, though it is still in the 30s during the day time! There is still time for some of you sun-lovers to come on a visit!

Perhaps the news of the month is that this Shabbat, 11th September, we are moving into a hall which we are sharing with another community. It is fully equipped with air-conditioning and microphones, and can seat comfortably 70 or more people, which gives us room for expansion. There is also a room for the younger children with small chairs, and there is a fridge and other facilities. After seating people on the stairs, and being hardly able to breathe, this is going to seem like luxury! We do covet your prayers as we go into this new venture for the first time in the almost forty years we have been here. Please pray for us, and that we may be hidden from hostile eyes!

Son, Michael, and his wife and children are moving to Nahariya next week. They have found a beautiful apartment, which is not yet quite ready, so are renting a place for the next three months. It is about 30 yards away from my door! Michael and Avi have both taken up their preaching duties, and have given us some excellent teaching. With the coming of Michael, it may be possible to appoint two or three elders over the next months, as we have been run by a committee until now. With the influx of other young couples, we will also have to organise a Shabbat school, which is already up and running with some volunteers.

Our darling Frederika has been hospitalised and is very weak. I visited her today, and she could not even open her eyes, she just grasped and kissed my hand. However, an hour later, another sister visited her, and she was sitting up with her glasses on, and was able to exchange a few words. Pray that she will call upon the name of the Lord and have the assurance of Salvation before she departs from this life.

On Tuesday the 14th of the month, there is to be a big anti-mission conference in Jerusalem, organised by several ultra-orthodox groups. The orthodox equate all Gospel preaching with "missionary" work which is in their eyes equivalent to Nazism. They would like to see the preaching of the Gospel banned totally in Israel, and are working to this goal. This is a sure sign that the Gospel is making inroads in Israel as so many Jews (and Arabs) have come to faith. This together with the "Peace Conference" and the Iranian threat should provide enough fuel for prayer. Although Abu Mazan, the president of Palestine, is not prepared to compromise one inch with Israel, and refuses to recognise the Jewish State,the Gaza Hamas Regime, have called upon all Hamas members in the West Bank to revolt. This could upset the delicate apple cart, and bring an end to quiet and economic progress in the West Bank.

With this in mind (!), we are planning another trip to Bethlehem next week to see our friends there. This would include ABDM and also some lovely Christian Palestinians, who need our prayers, encouragement and financial support for the work they are doing. A Hamas uprising would jeopardise the work in Palestine and make it impossible for us to go. This is an urgent prayer request.

We also request prayer for the Moslem, Arab girl who has been living with me for the last eight months with her delightful little baby, who has become our thirteenth grandchild. The whole family (including my two unbelieving boys) adore her. The mother has been cursed by her sister, and threatened by the family, as well as losing her own mother a couple of months ago. Rania is now a believer, but faces tremendous challenges and problems. She could also do with a new home abroad somewhere, where she would be safe.

My health is much better, but I am still unable to travel by air until I get clearance from my cardiac specialists. However, on the brighter side, I have finished writing my life story, and am preparing to put in the photos. My chiropodist from Russia is taking an interest, and reading this story a few chapters at a time! Another woman who worked for the Israeli Mossad, is also reading it! We have other friends in High Places whom we cannot mention, but are prepared to help us in different situations. We are amazed at times by the friendly connections we have with all kinds of people!

In closing, we want to remind you that we do have very nice and not expensive Bed and Breakfast in Nahariya, run by Avi and Esther, over-looking the sea-shore. Any one who would be interested can contact me.

We thank those of you who have supported us so faithfully either by prayer or financial support. Gifts for the congregation may be sent by cheque addressed to "Oz Lamo, Ltd." or larger gifts through the bank. Details as follows:

Kehilat Oz Lamo LTD
Registration No: (514263227)
Bank Ben Leumi, Nahariya,
Branch 052
Account No: 372439
Iban IL970310520000000372439

Gifts for Ruth's work among the poor or Palestinians can be sent by cheque and should be addressed to
Ruth, but clearly marked (on a separate sheet!)for the work among the poor or Palestinians. This does not come from the Congregational fund.

Avi, Esther, Michael and Naomi join me in sending you greetings and good wishes,

In Messiah's love,

Ruth Nessim

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