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Friday, 01 February 2008 00:12

Women on the Watch

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by Jackie Alnor
Apostasy Alert

The "Spiritual Perils in the Last Days" conference was held last weekend. In gearing up for it I put my commentaries on hold for a while so I could complete last minute details that needed my attention as both the conference coordinator and a presenter. It was a unique women"s conference, sponsored by Moriel Ministries, because all the featured speakers were women yet men were not barred from attending.

Moriel Ministries founder Jacob Prasch gave a 20-minute message to launch the conference. He really set the tone by pointing out scripturally the need for all believers in these perilous times to be on the watch and that includes women. He used the story of Queen Esther as an example of how the Lord calls women to serve His purposes, but not all out there by themselves, but as Esther, working under the leadership of a godly man like Mordecai. He pointed out the danger of women falling into deception if they ignore the biblical imperative to be covered by male leadership in the body of Christ. He then exhorted the "women who watch" to be bold in the proclamation of the truth while differentiating between the voice of God and the deceptive voice of the enemy.

I was next to speak on the subject of false prophets. I also showed several video clips of various false prophets from Pat Robertson to Kim Clement. I picked up Prasch’s metaphor of Esther and Mordecai by exposing the antics of the "apostle of the prophets," a false teacher named Bill Hamon " “ whose name I pronounced HÄ -man. By comparing his prophetic boasts to the truth of Scripture, I hung him from the proverbial gallows for all to see.

The event also paid tribute to the late Walter Martin. In both of my talks, I showed clips of Dr. Martin’s last appearance on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) with host Doug Clark back in 1986. Both men were subsequently blackballed by the Crouches from ever coming back. Martin’s boldness to confront evil and call it like it is, was a breath of fresh air considering the total pandemic of what he used to refer to as "nonrockaboatus" that we see today. His daughter, Jill Rische, also brought some vintage clips of her dad and told us of her efforts through the ministry she and her husband run, www.waltermartin.com, to keep her father’s legacy alive. The one who stole the title of "Bible-Answer-Man", Hank Hanegraaff, has defiled his memory, so it is fitting that the truth of that comes out. Jill announced the soon publishing of her book, "The Kingdom of the Occult," which was in the heart of her father to write.

We were all so blessed by the music of Beth Williams on piano, accompanying Dwayna Litz’s vocals. She sang beautifully some of the best hymns in Christendom. The presence of the Lord truly filled that auditorium as those praises lifted up. Dwayna also spoke on the subject of "Evangelical Feminism" and informed us of an organization called Christians for Biblical Equality, an apostate group that promotes the idea of calling God mother. She gave many shocking quotes of their feminist agenda and named those associated with CBE such as Rebecca Merrill Groothuis and Ruth Tucker, both women who are popular "Christian" authors. Dwayna’s talk was very eye-opening, especially considering the institutions that endorse CBE such as Denver Seminary and Fuller Seminary.

Deidre Bobgan, co-founder of PsychoHeresy Ministries, compared the wisdom of the Bible to what many women are hearing from their "Christian" counselors. She talked about the vulnerability that many women have when seeking counseling when the ideas of the world have come into the church with an emphasis on self and the victim mentality that blames others for one’s own behavior. She pointed out that mothers are usually the "fall guys" for everyone’s dysfunctions. She addressed the origins of the 12-Step programs during the question and answer session.

Johanna Michaelsen, author of "The Beautiful Side of Evil" had the audience laughing and crying, sometimes simultaneously. She told her testimony of how she was led into the occult when she was younger through Silva Mind Control and acting as the assistant to a psychic surgeon in Mexico. She did all this while considering herself to be a Christian until she was shown the error of her ways by a "dogmatic, narrow-minded, Bible-thumping, Fundamentalist" by the name of Edith Schaeffer, wife of the late Francis Schaeffer, at the L'Abri community in Switzerland. Johanna utilized her first-hand knowledge of the occult to expose the workings of the spirit of antichrist that has crept into the church counterfeiting the true gifts of the Spirit.

We received so many wonderful responses from those who attended. There were some who came that started out with an attitude of skepticism and defensiveness for their own associations and were won over by documentation and Scripture by the time it ended. Here’s a sampling of the feedback we have received:

"The Spiritual Perils Conference last weekend in Fullerton was truly outstanding, and I hope you continue offering these needful conferences. I especially appreciated that each woman speaker had an area of specialization and spoke with biblical authority." " “ M.T.

"Jackie - wonderful and quite revealing conference!" ¦ You sisters were all so dynamic--I only wished that the conference would have been longer--really do" ¦You beloved sisters have clearly identified the Harlot Church " ¦.It is my hopeful conjecture - you sisters who so keenly resolve to press the exposure of apostasy's proliferations and false christs and prophets at the close of the age--will, without hesitation, as the Spirit illuminates His Word to you, provide insight into the times of the Gentiles and their final fulfillment. Increasingly, I see incredible parallels to the content of your insightful declarations - as well as the formidable courage in Christ whereby you singularly and collectively provide such insight and warning to the Body of Christ" ¦ God bless you all as you unreservedly take up the challenge as God's Deborahs at the close of the age--a stark differential to the Harlot Who rides the Beast! "" ”D.K.

"We enjoyed the conference tremendously. Just one comment and one question. If all of this New Age stuff is continuing to infiltrate the church" ¦how much longer will we be welcome in the church? Frankly, it is hard to believe that any church would permit Johanna Michaelsen to be there - but bless them, if they do. If the day comes when we are no longer welcome, where will we go?" ¦ It was interesting there were no pastors there and those who do take similar stands to us aren't pastors either (Dave Hunt, McMahon, Warren Smith, etc.) probably because they wouldn't keep their jobs for long if they did." " “ D.M.

"I’m so glad I obeyed the leading of the Holy Spirit and attended the conference in person. The women on the panel were gracious, friendly, knowledgeable and well- prepared. They gave us an impressive amount of information in a short time" ¦Ã‚  Ã‚   information that was disturbing, invigorating and thought-provoking. I sure wish Jesus would return soon. The Fullerton venue was a good choice, not only for the theatre it was held in, but for the convenience in parking. I think it is crucially important to have this conference every year, especially in L.A. county where there are so many false prophets, false teaching, cults and occult.." " “ D. F.

"I continue to be sadly amazed, maybe shocked is a better word, at what has entered the church and is so readily accepted by Christians. Thank you for standing for the truth and taking the arrows of the critics. They will be held accountable, and all you have to do is be faithful to our precious Savior and His glorious Word, just like all of us must do. He is trustworthy and holds us in the palm of His Hand. May His nearness bring you joy!" (Source: Dwayna’s email inbox)

Women in the church today are seeking answers to modern-day issues that most churches aren’t inclined to assist with. There are many "women on the watch" who see the road bumps on the narrow path and are diligently trying to avoid the landmines along the way. These women of the Word are not appeased by cute little stories at their women’s retreats, but want to dig deep into God’s Word as an inoculation against the deceptions of the enemy. These women are like the five with their lamps lit, looking out for danger and warning one another. They attended this conference and came up to me afterwards to express their relief to find fellow females who share their alarm at the apostasy in the church today.

We had more questions than we could answer at the question & answer session where we had audience members write down their questions on little cards. Some of the questions included:

  • "As a wife, how can I get my husband to be the spiritual leader of our home if he is a nominal Christian? If he won’t step up, should I take that role?"
  • "I have a family member deeply involved in Saddleback Church and Rick Warren. How do I warn them of the dangers without sounding critical or like I’m picking on his church?"
  • "If someone is truly saved and gets caught up in the teachings and practices of the New Age, will they still be saved?"
  • "Some Christian leaders teach truth and yet associate and promote those who are false teachers. What about " ˜guilt by association’?"
  • "My pastor teaches verse by verse, however avoids the End Times, Discernment, and other areas I count as valuable to the Word of God. He teaches the Bible, but seems to be lacking. Do I leave? If someone questions the pastor, he gets upset."
  • "We are very impressed with the boldness and clarity of you sisters " “ where are the men pastors who have such passion for the truth?"

For those who couldn’t be with us, the entire conference is available on DVD from Moriel Ministries.

"But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly.   For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth.   Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."
(Luke 21: 34-36)

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