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The fundamental abrogation of the biblical Gospel of Jesus based on substitutionary atonement has nothing whatsoever to do with the abrogation of biblical Christianity in the Fourth Century.

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Sunday, 01 January 2006 00:12

"Peace Palaces" Promise World Peace

by Jan Markel
Olive Tree Ministries

While parts of the world riot over cartoons and as the mad atomic ayatollahs of Iran are threatening to wipe some nations off the map, is it any wonder that the Bible says that in the latter days there would be a great longing for peace. "They have misled My people by saying, 'Peace!' when there is no peace . . . (Ezek. 13:10). Or, "We have waited for peace, but nothing came . . . (Jeremiah 14:19). The world is tired of saber-rattling, hot wars, cold wars, homicide bombers, airplanes flying into buildings, and more. They just want world peace.

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Monday, 31 October 2005 00:12

Dan Corner

by James Jacob Prasch

Moriel has warned that the outlandish attacks by Dan Corner on Dave Hunt, John Mac Arthur, Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley (and alas Jacob Prasch) are based upon intentional distortion and misrepresentation of their beliefs.

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by David E Lister

Recently Dan Corner has attacked Jacob Prasch on his position on eternal security. I believe Mr. Corner has misrepresented Jacob with bad scholarship and bad exegesis of Jacob"s position on eternal security. Mr. Corner has also attacked Dave Hunt, John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon, and others unjustly. I believe he has misrepresented their positions on various subjects. The following are open questions for Mr. Corner to answer. I believe also they will give our readers insight into the way that Mr. Corner works from his own words. While we are not wanting to give Mr. Corner any publicity, we have found it necessary to state that we do not endorse him and Moriel finds his work untrustworthy and style of attacking godly men such as Charles Spurgeon and Dave Hunt unjustified, unproven and ungodly.

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Monday, 01 March 2004 00:12

A Response to Allan Morrison

by James Jacob Prasch

In my article on "Stephen Sizer and the Sons of Menlaus" , I warn that Allan Morrison has reaped judgment. I don"t know about his flu or computer crash as a supposed divine judgment for his outlandish anti-Israel polemics and his attacks on premillennialism, but I certainly do know about him losing his church in Criche, England and the loss of his job and ministry as pastor. I know about him leaving Britain after betrayal by his Reformed friends for Holland and then leaving Holland for France. We saw God's judgment fall on Allan Morrison after his first monogram. He lost his church, his job, and his pastorate and then left the country in a state of defeat for Holland, and then Holland didn't work out either, so he left to France.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2006 00:12

Acceptance of Debate of Robert Morey

Having been publicly caught in one lie that I do not believe in providence, when page 74/75 plainly states I certainly do, Robert Morey now resorts to another lie. He never challenged me to debate "soul sleep" (which my tapes in the public domain for 3 years prove I not only do not believe and never have, but have opposed). His email proves that he in fact challenged me to debate "annihilationism", which my tapes also prove I have never believed but have opposed. Now he has changed his story again. It is easy to challenge someone to debate something they do not believe because it is impossible for the debate to happen!

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Dear Jacob,

I was listening to a lecture on soul sleep and it was said that your writings on this had a very concerning silence on the issue of the final state of the lost i.e. after the final judgment.   I don"t much care for arguments from silence and so I thought I would go to the source.   What is the final disposition of the lost after the final judgment and are they conscious or not?


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Saturday, 01 January 2005 00:12

Soul Sleep?

It has come to the attention of   Moriel"s American branch via a Messianic Fellowship affiliated with our ministry in southern California that it has been falsely alleged that I subscribe to a doctrine I have always regarded as false called   "soul sleep".

"Soul Sleep"  is a doctrinal error, which   to my understanding is held by Seventh Day Adventists and other aberrational sects, but it is not my view and never has been. The New Testament is clear that when a believer is out of the body they are with the Lord. In the narrative of Lazarus and the rich man, Jesus made it clear that there is an active postmortem consciousness. (Lk. 16:19-31)

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