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Thursday, 14 July 2011 11:45

Doctrine of the Serpent Seed

Dear Jacob,
Over the last several years I have been in some pretty intense debate with a friend of mine over a doctrine that I'm sure you are familiar with called "the serpent seed" doctrine.  I do not believe it to be true and actually find it quite disturbing to say the least.  I look forward to Moriel's "Be Alert".  When ever I see it in my mailbox I open it right away.  I just received the latest and it has an article called "ministry of lies"...the author of this article seems to support "the serpent seed" doctrine.  My question is...do you believe in the doctrine of the serpent seed?  I'm also having a hard time with the book of Enoch and how it is being quoted by some whom I have tremendous respect for...could you give me a brief thought about the book of Enoch and how we as Christians should view it given some of the crazy things written in it?
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Thursday, 30 June 2011 05:06

Allies of Stephen Sizer

to view a video of the allies of Stephen Sizer.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011 01:25

TBN and Jack Van Impe in a Rift

by Jackie Alnor

Bible Prophecy pundit, Jack Van Impe, has just announced that he will be canceling his TV program, "Jack Van Impe Presents'' from the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) after a recent episode was replaced with a program promoting unity between Christianity and Islam.

According to a news release on Van Impe's web site, "On Wednesday afternoon we received a call from Matt Crouch of TBN informing us that they would not run that program, despite having aired it Monday evening. The reason he gave was that we specifically mentioned Rick Warren and Robert Schuller and that it is TBN's policy that broadcasters are not allowed to rebuke other ministries. This is a rather hypocritical statement in light of the fact that they have never said anything in the past when we have rebuked others such as Bishop Spong, Bishop Pike, and in the past few months Harold Camping and Rob Bell."

Van Impe has recently veered from his own policy of not criticizing other ministries. He is infamous for ragging on anyone who dares to refute the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. He is receiving a taste of his own medicine.

It comes at no surprise that it was Matt Crouch, the younger son of TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch, that flexed his muscles in Van Impe's direction. Several years ago while was hosting the Praise the Lord program, Matt expressed his fury at Van Impe by name in response to Van Impe's promotional tape on Y2K. Matt accused Van Impe of trying to raise money by planting fear in people's minds, something TBN does on a regular basis during every Praise-a-Thon fund raiser.

To read the news release go to link: http://www.jvim.com/update/display.php?ITEM=11137

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Sunday, 08 May 2011 07:01

Lunacy Strikes Again

Harold Camping's Family Radio Is At It Once More

Not for the first time, false teacher and proven false prophet Harold Camping and his frolicking band of religious lunatics and "Family Radio" devotees are discrediting the Body of Christ with absurd doctrines and false predictions. The date-setting for the return of Christ forbidden by Jesus, hatred of all other churches and ministries aside from their own, the hideous old crank cum heretical false prophet they have for a guru and the absurd doctrines of this cultic and pathetic deceived brood of supposed scripture-believing Christians of some warped description resembles the Jehovah's Witnesses and the World Wide Church of God of the late conniver Herbert W. Armstrong. It holds no resemblance, of course, to any scriptural model of Christianity dating back to the Millerites of the 19th century. That movement directly and indirectly spawned a diverse array of cults and splinter sects including the Seventh-day Adventists and The Dawn Bible Society which became the Jehovah's Witnesses. Similar episodes of such false predictions for Christ's return have surfaced at multiple pivotal points in church history such as with the early Montanists, the Muenster Ana Baptists in the 16th century and with the Shakers in the 18th century.

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by Jackie Alnor
Apostasy Alert on Rapture Radio

There are two extremes that saints can fall prey to in their walk with the Lord: legalism or license. Both are killers to our witness and our fellowship with Jesus.

It seems like the overall condition of the church flits between those two sides of the pendulum. One occurs in reaction - or should I say overreaction - to the other. It's a fine line to walk in the balance of the two.

[Click to read the whole article]

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Philip Powell the author of this piece is planning a short ministry tour of UK in May/June 2011, when he had hoped to offer the first of a series of books entitled Whatever Happened to the Assemblies of God. That now seems unlikely so it is being published as a two part series in CETF as a prelude to the book series, God Willing. Preparatory to this an early draft of this article was sent to the AoG-UK and Elim head-quarters and, through the kind service of John Glass, General Superintendent of the Elim Pentecostal Churches (ECC) was forwarded at the suggestion of Philip Powell to Colin Dye , senior pastor of Kensington Temple London, UK. Colin Dye and Philip Powell engaged in extensive email correspondence, which ultimately led to an impasse. During the discussion Colin Dye attempted to embargo Philip Powell, who refused to accept Colin Dye's restrictive confidentiality insistence.

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Rob Bell is another in a long list of pastors, theologians and Christian writers who have defaulted to the love motif for resolving what he considers the perceived injustices of the God of the Bible; that is, the God of love who allows humans to suffer eternally in hell.

Most notable in this list of Christian writers is the late Joseph Fletcher, an Episcopal theologian whose controversial book, Situation Ethics: The New Morality, published in 1966, opened the door to social as well as Christian ethical relativism. Fletcher, unfortunately, was only partially right. While attempting to validate biblical love as the means by which all moral and ethical decisions should be based, he ignored other important precepts of biblical truth. The primary flaw in Fletcher's argument was that he failed to define biblical love, other than attaching the Greek meaning of the word agape. Biblical love, even agape love, requires biblical definition within the context of biblical revelation, and biblical love can only be defined by biblical truth. Without absolute truth, love cannot be absolutely defined. As in the case of so many Christian writers who default to the love motif for answering perceived biblical inconsistencies, making love the exclusive fallback position almost always sacrifices biblical truth in the process. The irony is that in doing so, these Christian writers bring themselves down to the level of humanists, philosophers, philanthropists, song writers, celebrities and mystics whose mantra is "What the world needs now is love, sweet love," and promote love as the solution to all the world's ills.

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Thursday, 10 March 2011 00:19

Dangers of the Fourth Dimension

The Serpent and the Dragon: The Story of Two Koreas

Revelation 12 gives a great insight into how Satan tries to destroy God's people. In Revelation 12 we see Satan's attack on the woman (physical Israel), and then his attack on the descendants of the woman (spiritual Israel).

And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. (Rev. 12:9)

The serpent is Satan the deceiver. The serpent deceived the woman in the garden of Eden. As Adam is a type of Christ (called the last Adam) Eve is a type of the church. The attack against the woman came not by persecution but by subtle deception, by putting truth next to error. The dragon rages against the woman. This is clearly persecution. The devil has these two modes of attack: persecution and deception. What makes Satan's attack in the Last Days so terrible is that both the serpent and the dragon are cast down to the earth. This attack is a danger to those who dwell upon the earth: worldly people.

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Thursday, 17 February 2011 10:56

Scientology Exposed from Within

This is probably the first of what may be a number of follow-up articles, this one appearing on the New Yorker website titled, "Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology". Paul Haggis was not merely a member of this organization for 34 years but held prominent positions of leadership and recruiting (particularly in Hollywood). The article is quite long (26 pages in the print edition) but well worth the time, especially if you have friends or family involved with what Moriel Ministries considers to be nothing less than a cult.

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Sunday, 13 February 2011 08:44

Terms of Offense?

A Polite Response To The  Comments In Charisma Magazine By Brother Eitan Shishkoff

(J. Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries)

My own family are Israeli-Jewish believers. My wife is the daughter of Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Israel as a child and our children were both born in Galilee. My wife divides her time between Great Britain and Israel (from where she has just returned) due to family reasons, and our son, a law graduate, completed IDF military service last year and now divides his time between Tel Aviv and my native New York due to his legal services business. In my youth I attended both the Jewish Community Center (at the behest of my father) and a Roman Catholic school (at the behest of my Gentile mother) before becoming a believer and I perceive matters from both a Messianic Jewish and Gentile Christian perspective, from both an Israeli and a diasporic perspective, and a Hebrew-speaking as well as English-speaking perspective. Our ministry operates  branches in several countries including Israel where we financially support evangelistic ministry, local congregations, and assist needy believers. It is with this background that I respectfully take some issue with Eitan Shishkoff's comments to an article published in Charisma magazine concerning Israeli-Jewish believers not wanting to be identified as "Christian" and not having "become" Christians.

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