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Friday, 09 May 2003 00:12

Bolt Blows Head Off Church's Madonna

Stricken . a statue of the Madonna and child at a
church in Mulbarton, south of Johannesburg, after
it was badly damaged in a thunderstorm

Worshippers of the Our Lady of Lebanan Church in Mulbarton, in the south of Johannesburg, were upset to discover that lightning had decapitated the church's imported marble Madonna and child statue overnight.

The head tumbled down the conical minaret, a shrine to Mother Mary, damaging part of the brickwork as it fell.

A huge storm hit the area on Tuesday night.

The church is a creation of architectural beauty: made of stone, with Roman pillars, huge wooden doors and
delicate statues of Mary and Jesus dotted around the yard.

There are large wooden barrels in which roses have been potted.

A few metres away from the church doors stands the shrine.

It was built in May 2002, a year before the church was completed.

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According to Mark Miravalle, President of Vox Populi

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio, OCT. 31, 2002 (Zenit.org).- The Pope's new apostolic letter "Rosarium Virginis Mariae" (The Rosary of the Virgin Mary) has rekindled interest in Our Lady's role in the life of Christ and in salvation history.

Mark Miravalle, a leading proponent for having Mary declared Co-redemptrix, offered his views with ZENIT. Miravalle is professor of theology and Mariology at Franciscan University of Steubenville and president of Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici.

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Sunday, 01 June 2003 00:12

Papal Rome and the European Union

By Michael de Semlyen and Richard Bennett

Papal Rome is widely respected and admired by the world. She is seen as well organised, successful and influential, as well as dignified and authoritative. The aura of uncritical acclaim around the person of successive popes is unique to the Church of Rome. No other global institution has it. Her pronouncements on moral issues carry great weight. So well regarded is the Papacy today that the acceptance of her extends even to Evangelicals, most of whom have ceased to question her doctrine.

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Sunday, 01 September 2002 00:12

"Better to Marry Than to Burn"

Boston and the Catholic troubles

" Sex, shame and the Catholic Church"  was Newsweek"s cover story for March 4th, 2002, subtitled "and new soul-searching across America."  Hopefully, Roman Catholic teaching on virginity and celibacy would have been exposed and discussed rather than simply a quoting some facts and figures, and who says what, with no reference to the official stand of the Roman Catholic Church. Since what has happened is of a most serious nature, it would be in order that some reference be made to the teaching of the Lord Christ Jesus on the abuse of children. The pastoral teaching of the Apostle Paul regarding marriage and ministry ought also to be brought to bear on the issue.

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Monday, 20 May 2002 00:12

Church Loses the Last Word

By Brian McGrory, Globe Columnist, 5/14/2002

Edward Breen didn't get as far as he did in his 92 years by leaving the details to others, so in the end, in his dying days, he summoned his only daughter to his bedside and told her just how he wanted to go.

He sent her to the cleaners with his best shirt not once, but twice. He picked out his burial suit and adorned it with a matching tie. He asked her to get his good shoes shined, then told her to tuck his favorite socks inside.

Oh, yes, at the funeral, he wanted his daughter, Nancy, to deliver the eulogy, just as she had for her mother four years before. And at the end of the service, he asked that ''Danny Boy'' be sung to the gathered crowd.

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Saturday, 01 June 2002 00:12

A Closer Look at Transubstantiation

By David E. Lister

Transubstantiation is derived from the Latin term tansubsubstaniato, meaning ''change of substance''. This term was incorporated into the creed of the Forth Latern Council in A.D. 1215.

Transubstantiation is defined by the Roman Catholic Church's Council of Trent as follows: "By the consecration of the bread and wine, a conversion (or change) is made of the whole substance of the bread into the substance of the body of Christ our Lord, and of the whole substance of the wine into the substance of His blood; which conversion is, by the holy Catholic Church, suitably and properly called Transubstantiation."

The Catechism of the Council of Trent expands this belief by stating: "In this sacrament are contained not only the true body of Christ, and all the constituents of a true body, such as bones and sinews, but also Christ whole and entire". It also explains, "Christ whole and entire, is contained, not only under either species, but also in each particle of the same species." (Species = bread and wine)

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Thursday, 25 April 2002 00:12

First Indian Saint - Juan Diego

Associated Press
Mexico City

Pope John Paul II's plan to name Roman Catholicism's first Indian saint has opened divisions in this complex mosaic of a country where Indian and European traditions remain half-reconciled. The debate over 16th century Indian Juan Diego touches on delicate issues of ethnicity, faith, foreign meddling and respect for Indians, and threatens one of the few things that unifies Mexico: national symbols.

According to Mexican Catholic tradition, the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego in 1531 as the Virgin of Guadalupe, who became Mexico's patron and protector. But as Juan Diego's sainthood approaches with the pope's visit here in July, debate over the story has flared. Was Juan Diego used by Spanish conquerors to smother native beliefs under a mantle of Christianity? Is his canonization a long-overdue recognition of Indians in Latin America or a ploy by the conservative church to cash in on the Indian rights movement and counter Protestant groups making inroads? And perhaps the touchiest question did Juan Diego even exist?

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By Darlene Gavron Stevens
Tribune staff reporter
Published August 17, 2002

Attempting to bring hard data to a persistent rumor in the Catholic Church, researchers said Friday in Chicago that more than half of U.S. priests say they perceive a gay subculture in their diocese or religious institute, with 19 percent saying it clearly exists.

The long-standing debate over homosexuality and the priesthood heated up this year as a result of the church's sexual abuse scandal. Bishop Wilton Gregory, leader of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, complained of the church's "ongoing struggle to make sure that the Catholic priesthood is not dominated by homosexual men," and a papal spokesman said people with "these inclinations just cannot be ordained."

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Monday, 01 March 2004 00:12

Healing Path Reopens Old Wounds

By James Gardiner

Photo of accused Father Alan Woodcock and accused Father Tom Laffey
Accused Father Alan Woodcock
and accused Father Tom Laffey

When Mike Phillips decided it was time to clear the air about a secret that had hung over him for more than 36 years, he hoped the Catholic Church would practice the contrition and charity it preached.

Nearly a year later Phillips, who was abused by three different clergymen as a child, has nothing but scorn and anger for one arm of the church.

He is convinced they are involved in a cover-up either to protect one of their own or to protect themselves from more claims and more legal action.

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Friday, 01 October 2004 00:12

John Paul II: A Hypocrite and a Coward

John Paul II is the pope who denounced Born Again Christians as 'rapacious wolves' and called upon the Catholics of Mexico 'to rise up against the Protestants' in a country where church burning is not common.

John Paul II is the pope who instructed the German Bishops to lobby the German government to recognize Croatia in a throwback to the holocaust when the Ustashi Nazis killed 750,000 Serbs with the active participation of the Roman Catholic Church and their leader Arch Bishop Stepinac. And it was John Paul II who visited the troubled former Yugoslavia and paid tribute to this Nazi war criminal.

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