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Moriel Children's Dental Mission in Olongapo is now underway. 49 kids and 11 more are coming. We took the severe tooth ache cases and gum disease cases first. None of these kids ever saw a dentist and the smaller ones didn't know what a dentist is. Some of the little ones didn't have a clue what was going on.

We interviewed a few dentists to get the right people and facilities we needed. It is fantastic. Just as good with God's help as the Pediatric Medical Mission we did, this time it is teeth, and lots of them!

We did tons of x rays. It will have been quite a project for us when it is completed. This will be followed by classes in oral hygiene by a pedantic hygienist.

This year, as soon as the monsoon rains stop, we are going to war against Dengue fever. We are going to smoke the mosquitoes out of existence before they infect any more of our kids.

The Tegelo translation work of scripture teaching and the pastor training by Brother Hope continues. Filipinos are good at evangelism (although Moriel does evangelize in The Philippines). The spiritual need is discipleship teaching and scripturally qualified pastors.

As you can see from the photos, we are needing a bigger mini bus to transport more kids which we are working on obtaining (we have about 100 children now, all rescued from the garbage dump where they scavenged to survive with predictably rotten teeth and ultra high Dengue fever risk).

To hear these kids sing hymns and say their prayers is absolutely magnificent. The Lord is indeed gracious both to them and to us!

Please pray for Paul Seville and his mission team in Olongapo/ Subic Bay, and the ministry of Brother Hope.

Please also pray that The Lord provides a new larger vehicle for transporting the children. We are only asking the Lord for the money and not soliciting our readers. We have the Dental Mission nearly funded already by God's goodness. We are however in desperate need of a larger and more reliable transport vehicle for the kids.

J. Jacob Prasch

Moriel Missions Policy
Moriel can make needs known (the main one being prayer), and as The Lord leads receive contributions by those so led of the Lord to contribute. Except in very occasional cases of a major disaster however (eg. Earthquakes), Moriel does not, per se, 'fundraise' for its projects. We do however actively and aggressively seek prayer.


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Grace and peace be multiply unto you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Last month we brought our young children at Iba Zambales to attend the Young Peoples Fellowship.

We needed to rent a Van because the small Jeep coulden't accommodate these growing children. Kyla, Kintara, and Shane are first timer in attending the Fellowship.

Going home with joy and learned additional experience are appreciated blessings. Recently, we have conducted again the Moriel Give a Gift School bags and school supplies to complete the school needs of the dump children.

The children were so happy and their parents were glad and thankful. This encourage them to let their children come to School.

Moriel gifts are really a big help for them, it lessens the expenses of their family.

Thank you very much and to all our supporters for all the blessings.

We appreciate very much your generous heart.

May our Gracious God continue to bless you and the ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,

Ptr. Paul

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 12:25

Philippine Garbage Dump Children December 2014

Dear Bro. Jacob and Bro. David,

Grace and peace be unto you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
It's really an additional happiness to our dump children. We gave them the
Year End Thanksgiving Party. We reminded them of God's goodness, your loving
concern to them together with the love of our supporters for them. We always teach
them to be very thankful for all the blessings and giving glory to God.
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Dear Bro. Jacob and Bro. David,

Grace to you and peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Recently, our children received a recognition award from their school, some with honor-medal and others got top on their respective class. It is an appreciation of their parents and our joy too that our children are improving. Thank you so much to our Moriel Regular Feeding Program, the children gain good health and healthy mind.

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Thursday, 06 February 2014 00:19

Philippine Garbage Dump Children January 2014

Grace to you and peace from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Rostita Navarro recently followed the Lord in water baptism, then she decided to dedicate her four children to the Lord. The eldest is Theodell-11 yrs. old,Rizza Mae, Cedrick and the youngest is Jeannarose. They were also the regular receipients of Moriel Gifts and Moriel regular Feeding Program. So we've done the Dedication Service.

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Moriel Give a Gift School Supplies & Shoes 

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Thursday, 25 April 2013 09:49

Philippine Garbage Dump Children April 2013

 Jennarose's home

Grace and peace be unto you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

The coming of Brother Geoff Toole this April 14-15 was a blessing. We visited the four sick children at their home. (Rialyn Cali, Romar Ibanez, Shyrose Baladbad, Jenna rose Romero). They are on our main concern, Bro. Geoff pray for them and brought encouraging words to their family. He also lead us a Bible Seminar. The attendance were more than 35
including mothers, one pastor's wife, and young peoples. Every one received additional knowledge from the lessons of God's word and we all had a happy fellowship.

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Dear Bro. Jacob and Bro. David,

Grace be to you and peace from the Lord Jesus Christ.

The parents of our dump children were glad because they had known the physical condition of their children when Bro. Jacob Prasch and Dr. Hong Jie conduct a medical mission last month of this year. Since then, we gave more attention to 3 kids who have a heart problem and to one who have a cleft lip palate. We continue assisting and helping them,we regularly buy the maintenance medicine of Romar and Shy Rose prescribed by cardiologist. About Jenna Rose,a malnourished child,we regularly buy her personal vitamin and milk. The cardiologist recommended a 3D Echocardiogram for Jenna Rose, that's why we brought her to Philippine Heart Center, Quezon City. and she was given a Doctor's appointment on February 15.

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