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Yad Hashmonah is a Messianic Jewish village community with a hotel facility developed by Israeli believers and Christians from Finland. We urge prayer for Yad Hashmonah. The prayer request from Israel is as follows:

Dear friends in the Lord,

The judge ruled against us, claiming that our refusal to allow gay marriage in the Yad Hashmona guest-house is against the law. we were fined 80,000 shekelsand together with our expenses in this case, its very heavy on us.

This is a quote from the ruling:

""Every person who opens a public business in Israel should know that they must serve the whole public equally, without discrimination... which covers sexual orientation as well. As soon as the defendants opened their doors to all, they cannot close them for those who they believe do not meet the requirements found in the Bible or New Testament."

Needless to say, we do not close our doors to anyone who comes to Yad Hashmona, on the contrary, we are a living testimony of good news of the Messiah to many Israelis that pass through us, this is what I am here for. to be a testimony. But to hold a marriage ceremony of a lesbian couple in Yad Hashmona is to violate God's requirement over this place that we claim to be a Messianic village, and we could not do that.

The Lesbian couple's lawyer, claims that the verdict is a precedent in the sense that "the court decided that the principal of equality trumps the argument for freedom of religion and beliefs". So when it came to our right for freedom of faith, and their right to wed at our village, they won.

What happened yesterday was a shock to me. I know how biased the media is, but the extent of the blindness and aggressive responses, took me by surprise.

Immediately upon advertising the verdict as a lesbian victory in the main page of YNET, the Israeli on-line news page, and Ha'aretz, tens of responses appeared praising the couple and calling us many names.

No one even considers the small community in this village and its rights, the right to hold on to scriptural principles, the right to be respected and not violated in your own home.

No one approached us for responses or wanted to hear our side, because the media is not interested in our "primitive stand". When I tried to write a comment to the article, like hundreds of others, it was not posted!

They rejected again and again my comment and other friends comments who tried to stand with us. Talk about freedom of speech...

Letters of mockery were sent to our reception and this morning we received phone calls by angry Israelis attacking our place, saying they did not know we "believe this foolishness" or are "so old-fashioned". Two people called to say they are thinking to cancel their events here.

In Haaretz, it was quoted that the couple "... expressed hope that the owners of the hall wouldn't refuse to hold gay or lesbian events. "Everyone needs to choose where they celebrate. I would be interested to know if they (Yad Hashmona) accept or reject same-sex couples in the future..."so this morning more phone calls were made by guys asking about wedding details, and the receptionist was afraid it is a trap done on purpose, and asked for guidance what to say to avoid another law suit.

But also good came of it: I received phone calls by religious people, praising our courage to stand on God's word, some even said they wished they had a stage to respond to this gay issue abuse of society. I had a chance to share with some that I believe God sees and hears and He will bring blessing from this.

I always felt that God's verse for our place is from Mathew 5: "You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden".

Being a group of believers on this hill, a known Messianic village, we cannot hide, even if we wanted to. We cannot hide who we are and that is why we are attacked, it is not us but God on the stand. I may be offended (which I am today, believe me), but God isn't. He was not surprised when His son was crucified and He is not surprised when people are mocking His principles. He will have the final word and we should not loose heart.

Very soon major decisions will have to be made now in regard to our small little hotel's future. We need to redefine what it is that we serve and what is the name of our business.

And if this case means to close the hotel and make it something else..a Bible campus, or a Messianic retreat place... I don't know what, but we will have to do it.

We are carried in Yad Hashmona on wings of grace, I know that. I pray for guidance, clarity of direction and much peace in the process for the people who live here.

Continue to pray for our nation who is so much in the dark, continue to pray for the light to shine in Israel, continue to pray for the "messenger of good news" to do their work.

We need all the prayer we can have to lift this case up before our father for great testimony!

Thank you for standing with me in prayer,
I appreciate it with all my heart,

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Thursday, 23 February 2012 08:51

Pastor's Execution Order Officially Issued

Charlie Butts
2/22/2012 11:30:00 AM

While the world's attention is on Israel and Iran in terms of possible military action, an attorney says an Iranian pastor is still in serious trouble and needs the world to petition the government on his behalf.

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has received the death penalty because of his alleged conversion from Islam to Christianity, although he insists he was never a Muslim. Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) tells OneNewsNow that during his 863 days of imprisonment, Nadarkhani has been pressured to recant his faith or admit that Mohammed is a prophet. But he has refused to do so (see earlier story).

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Thursday, 16 February 2012 12:08

Jacob Prasch's Health Update

Moriel & Jacob Prasch thank The Lord and our readers for their prayers.

Jacob's latest cardiology report yesterday indicates a marked improvement in electrocardiogram, atrial fibrillation, and blood pressure. Jacob remains in pharmacological reversion to normal sinus rhythm and his medication dosage has been significantly reduced by his cardiologist. He has been able to resume a more heavy travel schedule. Although there are ongoing health issues we attribute the improvement ultimately to God's grace and the prayers of His people as well as to the professionalism of his cardiologists. Continued prayer is much appreciated. May The Lord keep us all in good health to pursue His work with vigor.

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CHINA - The deputy chairman of the Chinese House Church Alliance (CHCA) was seized again by Jiangsu police on the day he was released from detention "“ even before he reached home.
Pastor Shi Enhao had just been freed on Sunday after 12 days' administrative detention when he was immediately rearrested and taken away to an unknown location, according to Release partner China Aid. He has not been heard from since.

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Seven churches in Algeria have been ordered to close, following the passage of a law requiring registration.

One report is saying that a notice, dated 22 May, was sent from a High Police Commissioner informing the President of the Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA) that a decision had been made to close down all Christian places of worship throughout the country that are not designated for religious purposes, and threatened "severe consequences and punishments" for violation of the order.

Other reports say the Governor of Bejaia has informed the President of EPA that the seven churches in that particular province of Algeria must close down.

Whichever story is the more accurate, and it is often difficult to get precise information in these situations, this is a calculated assault on the church of Jesus Christ and stems from a 2006 law which regulates the exercise of religions other than Islam.  Like Pakistan's blasphemy law, this is a measure specifically designed to cause difficulty to the practice of the Christian Faith.

Naturally, the EPA churches cannot comply with the regulations because the Ministries of Interior and Religious Affairs have delayed responding to the EPA's application for registration. Without legal registration, the EPA cannot apply to register their churches as places of worship.

Algeria is overwhelmingly Muslim with around 60,000 Christians, the majority being what Muslims will regard as 'apostates', in other words, converts from Islam.

Algerian Christians have appealed for urgent prayer for the order to close down the churches to be withdrawn and that the idea will not spread to other parts of the country. They also ask us to pray for 2006 law to be repealed or the necessary procedures implemented to allow the EPA to register.

WRITE (or email): to your MP at: House of Commons, London,SW1A 0AA. Ask your MP to ask the Foreign Secretary what representations the Government have made to the Algerian authorities to demand that they rescind the order, repeal the 2006 law and allow Algeria's Christians freedom of worship.

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Please pray for Nigel ( Moriel New Zealand) who was admitted to hospital this afternoon. He has been quite unwell for some time but the doctors have been unable to get to the root of the problem. He is undergoing tests and it would seem at this early stage that an enzyme has escaped from the heart and gotten into the blood stream and has caused further damage to the heart. This is yet to be confirmed. Please keep the family in prayer as well.

Update: Have just spoken to the hospital and at present they are concentrating on getting rid of all the excess fluid which has gone from the feet to the legs and into the stomach. They are doing a barrage of further tests.

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David Wilkerson has passed away in a head-on collision in East Texas and his wife Gwen is in critical condition. Please pray for her and the family.

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Murder Occurs as the Hands of Islamic Terror in Israel

It is with profound regret that we are informed that Mary Gardener, the British victim murdered by Muslim terrorists yesterday in the explosion that injured dozens of people in Jerusalem, was an Evangelical Christian missionary to Togo in Africa. She was on academic furlough in Israel studying Hebrew for purposes related to her ministry. This was accompanied by rocket attacks on Ashdod and Rishon L'Tzion and the brutal murder of a Jewish family including including two small children and a baby by the Muslims in Samaria.

Some call Islam a religion of peace and others call it a murdering heathen terrorist religion of Satan. Indeed, there are jihadist Muslim fundamentalists calling it a terrorist religion themselves. As believers in Jesus we must love our enemies and pray for the salvation of both Muslims and Jews. Mary is now with her Savior who will avenge her death with the fire of hell unless they repent and believe.

We urge prayer for her mission board and for her family and for God's swift justice for her Islamic murderers. Please pray for the protection of Israel and God's Hand against  those in the media, politics, and even in the so-called church who defend these enemies of Christians and Jews.

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In the mercies of Jesus no one known to us was among the victims in the double barrel earthquakes in Christchurch (nor in Japan where we had a contingent of Moriel contacts).

In the initial hours after the second earthquake we scrambled amidst our prayers to get word that our associates in that city were alright. We know Jesus warned of a unique increase in seismic activity as a sign of His Return, but it would be difficult not to attribute some spiritually emblematic significance to the fate of the Anglican cathedral given the utterly backslidden state of that institution. It has already caved in morally, doctrinally, and spiritually so I suppose the cathedral's demise is simply a reflection of those painful realities, although I wish Anglicans no personal ill and I grieve for the victims of that horrific dual tragedy.

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Japan Update - March 17, 2011

Firstly. Praise the Lord. The pastor, Tokio Tanaka, whose town was destroyed by the tsunami, was found today by his son in a refugee camp and is now on his way back to Sendai. He will still need our continued prayer as I imagine he has lost everything. But he is alive.
Secondly, everyone is worried about this nuclear risk. Please pray that they can get this under control. No doubt you all have more information than us about this. That is why it is scary. The Japanese are gazing at all the foreigners fleeing Tokyo and some are wondering why.
Our Calvary Chapel friends from Tokyo are preparing to minister in the most badly affected regions as soon as they are able. They also report that people around them are still closed to the gospel.
We are getting some good signs of response among those who attended our recent Moriel seminars last month. Unbelievers have been reading the bible, listening to our online MP3s and asking questions. Please pray that they will come to church while this window of mercy is open to them.
The situation in Tokyo is getting worse each day and many refugee camps are still without supplies. On top of that it has become winter again with snow and cold wind everywhere.
This is a foretaste of what is coming. There is no question about that.
We intend to continue with our focus on evangelism and have some tracts printed regarding prophecy and the return of Christ. The window of time when people's hearts are open will not be long. The fields are white (and the sky is glowing red).

Urgent Prayer Request / Japan Update

As a matter of ongoing urgency we request prayer for the pastor of our contact church in the area of highest tsunami impact, his family and his congregation. The Moriel Japan branch has not been able to make any contact with him and we do not know if he is among the survivors. Akito and all other Moriel associates have been located alive.

Below is the e mail from our branch office in Osaka.

[caption id="attachment_7184" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Pastor Tokio Tanaka"][/caption]

We have found that our subscriber to Moriel Japan, Pastor Tokio Tanaka, lives and has his Methodist church by a river side right on the coast of Sendai. From the map it appears to be right on the water's edge. After seeing the footage of that area it seems there is little hope but reports say that although the water level in his area is still waist deep people around there have survived. Let's hold up his congregation in prayer.

His phone is out of course and I am hoping for a reply from his 'BlessJerusalem' e-mail address. It may be a long time coming.

Please pray with us for Pastor Tanaka and his church.

Praise Jesus - Akito has been found a few hours ago !

We finally managed to get some communication at the Moriel branches in The UK & USA with the Moriel office in Osaka, Japan despite most of the phone system and cell phone system being knocked out. While damage is not serious in Osaka however, Daisuke & Geoff from the Japan branch of Moriel  inform us that there a number of Moriel associates in the Miyage and Aomori areas (near the off shore epicenter)  whose whereabouts and circumstances we are unable to establish. There are also a number of other believers connected with Moriel in Tokyo and there are Moriel subscribers at the Tokyo Calvary Chapel. There are also a number of 'Arielniks', associated with Arnold Fruchtenbaum's ministry in the same area. Jacob Prasch has also been connected with and spoken at the fellowship in Sendai that is interested in Israel & prophecy. This city of Sendai has been hit very badly but there is no communication.

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