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Monday, 20 November 2006 00:12

American Priest Says No Peace Without Syria

Syrian Arab News Agency

American Protestant Pastor Rick Warren on Monday said there was no peace in the region without Syria, noting that 80 percent of the American people rejected what the US Administration is doing in Iraq and considered the US policy in the Mideast as wrong.

Syria"s Grand Mufti Sheikh Badr al-Din Hassoun received the American Pastor in Damascus in which he referred to the importance of spreading culture of amity, peace and coexistence instead of the 'clash of civilizations'.

The Mufti called for conveying the real image of Syria, national unity and its call to spread peace, amity and justice to the American people which the US administration has distorted their image before the world.

Pastor Warren expressed admiration of Syria and the coexistence he saw between Muslims and Christians, stressing that he will convey this image to his church and country.

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Tuesday, 01 August 2006 00:12

Peace Plans? Rick Warren's or Christ's?

The New Testament clearly relates the divine plan for global peace in and through Christ.

Ultimately, wars and rumors of wars are determined. Not until Jesus returns will nations fulfill Isaiah"s prophecy of beating spears into pruning hooks.

The way the church as a ministry is to work for global peace now is through the evangelism that will see the Kingdom of Messiah arrive in its fullness according to Ephesians 6 and Isaiah 52.

It is therefore no coincidence that to entertain the alternative Rick Warren P.E.A.C.E. Plan, we must first reject the one of Christ.

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By Paul Proctor

This is a first, my friends. Mark it on your calendar. Until now, no mainstream news organization has dared call into question the "People's Pastor" and his Purpose Driven Life.

Not unlike the infamous pedophile scandals of the Catholic Church, it too has taken years to get this protestant perversion out of the closet and into the view of public scrutiny - Bible believing Christians being ostracized, even thrown out of their churches for resisting the herd - ridiculed and railroaded for holding faithfully to the Word of God rather than the wily words of a man named Warren.

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By Suzanne Sataline

IUKA, Miss. -- In April, 150 members of Iuka Baptist Church voted to kick Charles Jones off the deacons' board. The punishment followed weeks of complaints by Mr. Jones and his friends that the pastor was following the teachings of the Rev. Rick Warren, the best-selling author and church-growth guru. After the vote, about 40 other members quit the church to support Mr. Jones.

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Pastor Chuck Smith  Issues Recall Notice on Book, Discontinues Purpose Driven Materials

June 16, 2006 - Costa Mesa, CA: Last week at Calvary Chapel's annual pastor's conference, founder and Senior Pastor Chuck Smith announced that Calvary Chapel was rejecting various movements and practices that have been taking place within the Christian church at large as well as in some Calvary Chapel churches. According to a number of pastors who spoke with Lighthouse Trails this week, Smith asked that those Calvary Chapel pastors who were going in the direction of the emerging church would no longer call themselves Calvary Chapel churches.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2006 00:12

Global Peace Plan - Whose Is Right?

Rick Warren, author of the best selling book " ˜The Purpose Driven Life" and leader of the Saddleback mega church in California has launched a global PEACE plan which aims to enlist " ˜one billion foot soldiers for the Kingdom of God". In a talk given to 30,000 people in Anaheim, USA he announced his plan which " ˜will permanently change the face of international missions to take on these five "global giants"  for which the church can become the ultimate distribution and change agent to overcome Spiritual Emptiness, Self-serving Leadership, Poverty, Disease and ignorance (or illiteracy). This is the most important series of messages we've ever taught in 23 years here at Saddleback church. We believe it is part of the beginning of a Spiritual Awakening, a Global Movement, a New Reformation. The First Reformation returned us to the message of the original church. It was a reformation of doctrine - what the church BELIEVES. This Second Reformation will return us to the mission of the original church. It will be a reformation of purpose- what the church DOES in the world." 

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Thursday, 01 September 2005 00:12

Will Success Spoil Rick Warren?

America's new superstar pastor wants to rebrand evangelical Christianity. He's got the management genius to do it. Here's where he's leading his troops.

By Marc Gunther

After Hurricane Katrina hit, Rick Warren was one busy pastor. He traveled to Houston to preach to 8,000 evacuees in the Astrodome, standing in a skybox next to Oprah Winfrey. He went on the Larry King show to explain how churches were stepping in to do relief work. He lobbied his friends in the White House to release disaster-aid money to religious groups. And in case anybody missed his post-hurricane tour, his publicist issued a press release when it was done.

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40 Days of Peace # 1
Sept 17-18 2005

Message at Saddleback Church

These 3 paragraphs are in the exact order as spoken by Rick Warren. Paragraph 2 is the key paragraph.

"We"re blessed to be a blessing. Now that"s the basis. God commands us to learn to love. He wants us to become like Jesus. He wants us to practice love. He wants us to be a blessing to others. So what keeps us back? Why don"t we spend more of our effort, helping others, serving others. What are the barriers that keep us from making a difference with our lives? Well, there are 6 barriers. But all 6 can be summed up into one word and you can write this word down. It is this, fear. Fear. Fear is what keeps us from making a difference with our lives. Fear is the most crippling emotion. It is your greatest enemy. It is a self imposed prison. It robs you of so many joys that God wants you to have on this planet.

Let me tell you what my definition of hell would be. Hell would be if God were to show me all the blessings in life that I"ve missed because I was selfish or afraid. To me that would be hell. I missed that just because I was afraid, just because I was insecure." 

We need to look at these fears as we look at these 40 days together. Now the truth is 40 days of peace has some of you in anxiety. You"re thinking of 40 days of anxiety. And you"re going what is Rick getting us into now. It is not that big of a secret anymore folks. Since the twenty-fifth anniversary the peace plan has been discussed on TV and radio and has been covered in Time Magazine and U.S. News & World Report, and The New Yorker, and the Wall Street Journal and all other kinds of magazines including today"s Register (ed. Orange County Register). It"s not like it"s a big secret. But we need to clarify what it is and what it isn"t.

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Friday, 01 September 2006 00:12

Warren of Rwanda

The best-selling megapastor wants to turn the genocide site into the first "purpose-driven nation"

By David Van Biema

Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, is not known for hugging pastors. Catholic and Protestant clergy have been convicted in connection with the genocide in his country in 1994, and Kagame has repeatedly stated his disdain for religious organizations. Thus a buzz went up in Kigali's Amahoro Stadium last month when Kagame allowed Rick Warren, pastor of the Saddleback megachurch in Lake Forest, Calif., and author of the best-selling The Purpose-Driven Life, to throw an arm over his shoulders and "pray for the President."

In fact, their bond now extends well beyond prayerful embrace. Kagame has committed his government to cooperation in a five-to-seven-year self-sufficiency project staffed by Rwandan volunteers but initiated, advised and at least partly funded by Warren's network of "purpose-driven churches." Warren talks of turning Rwanda into "the first purpose-driven nation."

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by Stephen Weir

Reasons For This Paper

As manager of a conservative evangelical Christian literature service I am being asked with increasing frequency by concerned customers for information about Rick Warren"s best-seller of over 20 million copies, "The Purpose-Driven Life"  (Zondervan, 2002). There are also believers personally known to me asking for similar information. Many good papers have already been written, to which this is intended to be a useful supplement. Because so many believers and churches are being affected, and because PDL contains so much harmful, dangerous false teaching, I have sought the Lord"s help to set out clearly and systematically, in a single paper, the basic objections and dangers I have found in this book.

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