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by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Th.M, Ph.D
Director, Ariel Ministrie, Tustin, CA

The Despatch Magazine is produced by Endtime Ministries Assoc., based in Australia and put together by Wendy B. Howard and Wendy K. Beuster. I was sent a copy of the June 2000 (Vol. 12, No. 2) issue since it contained a rather vicious attack on myself and a number of other Messianic Jewish leaders, particularly Jacob Prasch. It made for rather tedious reading since it is 96 pages long, and not very edifying since it is nothing but one attack after another after another of various members of the Body of Christ. It is obvious that the Wendys are often attacking me and others, not based upon first-hand information, but purely on the fallacy of "guilt by association," and/or on the basis of Jewishness, and/or on the basis of what translation these individuals choose to use.

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Sunday, 05 December 2004 22:36

King James - The Founder of Freemason Lodges

The KJV - A Freemason Bible

The history of King James' role in the formation of Freemasonry is mandatory reading in the Hiram Key book of Masonic scrolls attempting to link Christ with the Pharaohs.

Freemasonry, in its present form, came into being through the Lodge system, established under the auspices of King James VI of Scotland, (later King James I of England), the only son of Roman Catholic Mary Queen of Scots. At the age of 37, two years after becoming a Mason, James became the first Stuart king of England and immediately began to persecute the Puritans, rejecting their petition to reform the Church of England along biblical lines.

James was initiated into Freemasonry, into the Lodge of Scoon and Perth in 1601, at the age of 35. Fifteen years after taking active control of Scotland and five years before becoming English monarch, he ordered that the Masonic structure be given leadership and organisation. He made a senior Mason, named William Schaw, his General Warden of the Craft, and instructed Schaw to revamp the entire structure of Freemasonry into what it became today. Schaw commenced this project on 28th December 1598, on the orders of James.

To this day, the 1611 edition of the King James Bible remains the Freemason Bible and is the edition conventionally used in secret Masonic temple rituals.

Moriel does not, however believe that the Masonic association with the KJV or the Freemasonry of King James, founder of the Masonic Lodge system, detracts from the validity of this outdated but valid translation of the Bible. Nonetheless, it is the Freemason Bible and has been from its inception, commissioned and authorised by the same Freemason King who commissioned and authorised the Masonic Lodge structure. We can only speculate how many members of the KJV Only cult are in fact Freemasons.

(Moriel thanks Mrs Sara Robinson for providing excerpts of The Hiram Key)

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Friday, 05 December 2003 11:01

Mike Claydon

by James Jacob Prasch

An anti Pentecostal cessationist and extreme Calvinist aligned with Ruckmanites in Australia named Mike Claydon has launched a series of malicious and defamatory attacks upon Dave Hunt, David Wilkerson, Jacob Prasch, and Philip Powell. This includes a campaign of unbelievably untrue statements manufactured by Mr .Claydon attacking the character and ministries of non cessationists. We only respond on behalf of Jacob Prasch; the other defamed brethren are capable of responding for themselves should they believe it worthwhile. Jacob Prasch & Moriel however continue to endorse the ministries of Dave Hunt, David Wilkerson, Bill Randles, Philip Powell etc.

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Sunday, 05 December 2004 10:40

Engstrom The Ruckmanite

by James Jacob Prasch

Richard Engstrom is spokes - member of a Tennessee King James Only communal sect which defends Christian pot smoking , calling itself "US" and operates a web site calling itself 'Apostasy now'. It is unclear to some if the apostasy refers to themselves or those they attack as apostate, including Jacob Prasch & Moriel, and their communal setting with a defence of Christian pot smoking and a propensity to openly lie and bear false witness has led various discernment ministries to regard them as a cult. The web site is operated by cult member Kevin Burge and the guru is by some thought to be Dean Flanders.

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Tuesday, 01 January 2008 00:12

What is the Ruckmanite Cult?

Ruckmanites are a neo gnostic cult following the beliefs of Peter Ruckman. Ruckman (a three times divorced and remarried white supremacist who refers to Blacks as "niggers"), like his followers and as with most cult leaders has no formal training or expertise in the matters he pontificates about. Ruckman and his followers hold the 1611 edition of The King James Bible as authoritative and infallible instead of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, and maintain that KJV additions are "further revelation".

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Tuesday, 01 January 2008 00:12

Apostasy Now or Hypocrisy Now?

The Dual Standards of Richard Engstrom The Ruckmanite & "US"



Ruckmanite Richard Engstrom is a most peculiar individual. He claims to be a Christian but seems to believe it is quite permissible to lie. He pretends to be scholarly in theological matters but cannot even read the original biblical languages. Indeed, as with the other Ruckmanites such as Gail Riplinger, who was discredited by The Christian Research Institute, but whose nonsensical book Engstrom endorses, Engstrom sees no need to understand Greek and Hebrew in order to understand the most accurate original meanings of original texts.

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