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Tuesday, 01 January 2008 00:12

Introducing Sibi of Ebyown

Photo of Sibi

We would like to introduce you to Ebyowns new child Sibusiso or Sibi for short. We picked him up today and already hes feeling at home. Sibi has CP and cannot talk. He manages to get around quite well on his zimmer frame, in fact too well, we had to coax him down from the climbing frame . Sibi is now on ARV's and we hope that with love and a home he will begin to develop. I must confess I was watching him get ready and he was tying is own shoe laces, very slowely, very patiently with hands that could barely bend. I thought my word, how long has it taken him to learn this skill that we all take for granted? I have to admit I admire the little chap, hes been in hospital 9 months, basically left there by family but thank the Lord through your support "God places the solitary in families" Psalm 68. Please continue in your support, we now need to buy Sibi new clothes etc, maybe you can help?

In Jesus
Dave & Lyn Royle
Moriel Missions
Psalm 68:5-6

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Saturday, 15 March 2008 00:12


7th October 2006 - 10th March 2008


We got to know Angel when Promise (her mum) starting coming to Ebyown for help in English, maths and general home skills. Sadly Promise had lost Angels dad to a shooting and was coming over to further her education.   She came over from the informal settlement once a day and would bring little Angel. Angel would sleep, until she got old enough to sit and play while Promise had her lessons. Angel was always a vocal point when she came due to being such a quite, bright eyed little girl. Promise's mum, Patience, works at Ebyown in the house and laundry so a family friendship has been built up between us all.

Early Sunday morning Patience brought Angel to us concerned about her breathing and dehydration. With great concern and many prayers we took her quickly to hospital where she was placed on a drip and given oxygen. Sadly Angel died in the early hours of Monday morning. Though her family are not saved we know how precious children are to our Lord and that God is not unjust. Thus having been 1 year and 5 months when she passed away we entrust her to be in the comfort and peace of her creator. Please uphold the family in prayer at this time.

Mark 10:13-16

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Thursday, 01 June 2006 00:12

First Child in Ebyown's Disability Unit

Photo of Siphiwe

We would like to introduce to you Ebyown's latest youngster, Siphiwe. She is 11 years old and has spent the last 8 months in hospital. She has Cerebral Palsy and little movement but she has the most amazing smile. Siphiwe will be the first child in our new disability unit that is to be built in late March. Anyone wishing to help sponsor Siphiwe can either contact us directly, contact your nearest branch office of Moriel, or here.

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Monday, 01 May 2006 00:12

Jacob in South Africa 2006

On his visit to South Africa, Jacob spent some time with Dave, Lyn, Salvadore, Chris, Aaron, the children of Ebyown, and Bezaleel who were visiting also. Also visiting to throw a party for the children were a group of brothers and sisters from Klerksdorp.

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Tuesday, 01 February 2005 00:12

Can God Change a Life?

By Dave Royle

Today started like any other day in rural Gauteng . The previous warm day had succumbed to a clear winter's night. So clear we were able to see the orbiting International Space Station with the Space Shuttle stuck to it like some kind of limpet, cross the night sky. Of course the temperature plummeted and this in edition to the smoke given off from hundreds of coal fires from Kwazinzeli squatter camp meant that our start to the day was smoggy. Nether the less it was 5.30am and it was time to start the day in our new home at Ebyown Children's Village.

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Saturday, 01 January 2005 00:12

The Truth about HIV Orphans in South Africa

Dear Sir/Madam

I was really touched by a program on TV several months ago concerning the plight of children in Joberg, some orphaned, many with HIV, who are living in terrible conditions and in constant danger. Also the appeals from child welfare on how stretched they are and how many kids need the publics help to cater for the situation. I was also touched by the present advertisements on DSTV which highlight those kids sexually abused and how they need help.

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Wednesday, 01 December 2004 00:12

Latest Addition of EBYOWN

Dear Beloved

Attached is a photo of Carlos. He's 4 years old and pictured here with his mum. His mum Themba is going into hospital to die of HIV/AIDS. She wanted to take him and settle him in a place where he would be loved and nurtured in Christ as she herself is a believer. As you can imagine parting company was traumatic. Please pray for this little one and if the Lord burdens your heart to help in some way then do not hesitate to contact us.

Psalm 68:5-6 James 1:27

In Yeshua
Dave & Lyn Royle

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Friday, 01 October 2004 00:12

Ebyown Has Yet Another New Comer

The latest little one at Ebyown. His name is Baden, 15 days old.

Mum is very sick, 17 years old with septerisma (Spelling sorry) she is also HIV positive. Please pray she will hear the gospel and accept Jesus before she dies.

She tried looking after him until he was 8 days old when she was found passed out on house floor; only her and her Gran living there. Gran too old to look after baby.

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Wednesday, 01 September 2004 00:12

Latest Addition to Ebyown

The latest family member of Ebyown

This is Lehlohoualo "Luke" he is 5 months old his twin sister died yesterday he is HIV+ and has shingles.

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Sunday, 01 August 2004 00:12

Newest Members of the Royle Family

Please can I introduce you to our latest members of the Royle Family.

The first photo is Prudence and she is 8 years old. Physically she is in very poor condition with TB, HIV+, Just recovered from Pnuemonia and terribly thin weighing in at 12kg. She also appears to have an earnia which we shall get a medical opinion asap.

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