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By Jonathan Petre
Last updated at 1:08 AM on 20th December 2009

teacherA devout Christian teacher has lost her job after discussing her faith with a mother and her sick child and offering to pray for them.

Olive Jones, a 54-year-old mother of two, who taught maths to children too ill to attend school, was dismissed following a complaint from the girl's mother. She was visiting the home of the child when she spoke about her belief in miracles and asked whether she could say a prayer, but when the mother indicated they were not believers she did not go ahead.

Mrs Jones was then called in by her managers who, she says, told her that sharing her faith with a child could be deemed to be bullying and informed her that her services were no longer required.

Her dismissal has outraged Christian groups, who say new equality regulations are driving Christianity to the margins of society.

They said the case echoed that of community nurse Caroline Petrie, who was suspended last December after offering to pray for a patient but who was later reinstated after a national outcry.

Coincidentally, Mrs Petrie lives nearby and has been a friend of Mrs Jones for some years. Mrs Jones, whose youngest son is a Royal Marine who has served in Afghanistan, said she was merely trying to offer comfort and encouragement and only later realised her words had caused distress, for which she is apologetic.

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Thursday, 03 December 2009 07:48

Alternative Carol Service?

Dear Rev Griggs,

Christian Greetings.

My family are Jewish Christians, not infrequently at odds with various elements of the Jewish community for our faith in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

As a Christian, our ministry and I are  also concerned about the usually ignored plight of the persecution of Christians in the Arab nations that surround Israel, including capital executions in Iran and Saudi Arabia and Islamic Fatwas even in more moderate Islamic countries.

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The misplaced remarks of Canon Jonathan Wilmot of RCN attacking Pastor John Angliss and journalist Alan Franklin for their criticisms of Barak Obama's pro-abortion and pro-same-sex marriage policies as unbiblical and dishonoring of those in authority, and his appeals to Imagio Dei arguments, reflect a fundamental ignorance of scriptural doctrines and principles.

Jesus Himself as our perfect divine example incarnate directly denounced Herod as a "fox" referring to his dubious character (Luke 13:32). Was Jesus guilty of dishonouring the one in authority, or with his unscrupulous actions and demeanor did Herod dishonor himself?

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Sunday, 22 November 2009 02:56

War Against Christianity

Great Britain is officially a Christian nation but is becoming more against the gospel. The same can be said about America. Please note the similarities between Tony Blair and Barack Obama.


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At the beginning of this week, the House of Commons voted by a majority of 197 to remove Lord Waddington's free speech safeguard. Lord Waddington's clause is a just and reasonable one, which protects Christians' freedom to comment on sexual ethics.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009 22:00

Myth or Lie?

The Fallacy of a Peaceful Islam in the West

Disclaimer: Moriel is not a political organization and our purposes in addressing politically related issues is only where such issues concern and affect Judeo-Christian theology in areas of doctrine and prophecy, Christian and Jewish religious freedom and human rights, and in areas of social morality. While we spiritually and theologically oppose Islam, we do not oppose peaceable moderate Muslims personally and we denounce racism as contrary to the faith to which we ascribe. We electorally sanction NO political party and endorse no political candidates under the auspices of our ministry or organization.

Lie upon lie, politicians in most Western countries from Gordon Brown and Tony Blair to Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama continue to lie each time another act of Islamic terror is perpetrated against the West with the prostest that Islam is a tolerant religion. The biased media machine is always prepared to propagate this myth as is the left wing academic establishment. In a recorded video Barak Obama even once referred to his "Muslim faith", irrespective of whether that was an error or not, and it thus remains unclear if he indeed is a Muslim or not.

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Monday, 26 October 2009 07:52

Government Home Ed Plans 'Deeply Sinister'

by Thursday, 22 October 2009
Christian Institute

The Government is taking its powers "a step too far" if officials are allowed to question children without their parents present, warns a Daily Telegraph columnist.

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Times Online
Oct 2, 2009

This video shows US televangelist Benny Hinn doing his 'let the bodies hit the floor' routine. There are regular reports of miraculous healings from his missions around the world, including Britain. Benny Hinn was meant to be evangelising the UK as I write, with three days booked from last night until 3 October at Excel in London's Docklands. But his attempt to enter the country at Stansted Airport was unsuccessful. According to sources he took his private jet to Paris and then tried a second time, at Luton Airport. That attempt failed too, and tonight, Friday, he is on his way back to France.

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By Jonathan Wynne-Jones
Religious Affairs Correspondent
Published: 9:30PM BST 19 Sep 2009

A Christian couple who run a hotel have been charged with a criminal offence for allegedly insulting a female Muslim guest about her beliefs.

Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang are charged with breaching Section 5 of the Public Order Act "“ causing harassment, alarm or distress. If convicted, they face fines of £2,500 each and a criminal record.

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Friday, 11 September 2009 02:39

The Islamic Antichrist

The Unresolved Problems with Joel Richardson's Theory

by J. Jacob Prasch

Note: This review is based on the electronic version of Joel Richardson's book published on his website "Joel's Trumpet".

The Internet has been abuzz with varying views and reviews of Joel Richardson's book promoted by World Net Daily titled, The Islamic Antichrist. The book offers interesting comment and some insightful observations but seeks to challenge and reverse the popular teaching of Babylon the Great being related to either Roman Catholicism or a revived Roman Empire, but instead belonging to the Islamic world.

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