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By David Wilkes
Last updated at 12:46 AM on 26th May 2009

Anand Rao, 71, claims he has been sacked for suggesting a visit to a church during a training exercise.

A nurse has been sacked after suggesting a 'patient' could go to church to relieve stress during a role play session on a training course.

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By Stephen Glover
Last updated at 8:02 AM on 13th May 2009
Mail Online

[caption id="attachment_4764" align="alignright" width="233" caption="Aaqil Ahmed: The BBC's new head of religious affairs is a practising Muslim"]aaqil-ahmed[/caption]

The BBC's director-general Mark Thompson has said that religious broadcasting gives rise to more controversy in his job than any other subject. I am afraid he hasn't seen anything yet.

On Monday, the Corporation announced that it has appointed a Muslim as head of religious broadcasting. This is not a joke, I can assure you.

The person responsible for overseeing the BBC's "” so far "” largely Christian output will be Aaqil Ahmed, a practising Muslim.

Let me say at once that I have nothing whatsoever against Mr Ahmed, who is, I am sure, an excellent broadcaster who may have much to contribute to the coverage of religion.

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Wednesday, 06 May 2009 00:52

Elim Temple Bible Institute Appointment

Exposed Homosexual Scandal Preacher Appointed to Direct Elim's Kinsington Temple Bible Institute

by Jacob Prasch

Roberts Liardon, the publicly exposed homosexual preacher and the defender of heretic William Branham and of Oral Roberts' 900 foot tall Jesus threatening to kill Roberets if he did not come up with millions of dollars by the end of the month to save Robert's now defunct medical institution, is now appointed to run Elim's Kensington Temple Bible institute.

I once walked out in front of 3.000 people when Liardon was ranting his nonsense in Bournemouth and I once watched him on TV in Califiornia defend the maniacal antics of Oral Roberts and his 900 foot tall Jesus Christ threatening to kill him if he didn't cough up the cash by the end of the month.

For years I warned about former ballet dancer Colin Dye's association with this proven homosexual preacher. Not that it made a bit of difference to Wynn Lewis (now standing before the judgment seat of Christ to give account for his relentless promotion of the Toronto Deception and feeding the Lord's sheep to wolves like Morris Cerullo). Neither did it make a difference to the Elim establishment such as John Smith, Gordon Hills, and Elim's elder statesman John Lancashire.

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By Rebecca Camber
Last updated at 8:48 PM on 07th April 2009

Hundreds of teenage girls who were drugged at care homes in the 1970s may have given birth to children with birth defects.

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Monday, 13 April 2009 12:26

Psychics Get Grant To Talk To The Dead

Friday March 27,2009
Mark Reynolds

A PAIR of psychics have been given £4,500 of taxpayers' money to help grieving relatives "contact the dead".

In a move branded a disgrace and "hocus-pocus", mediums Paul and Deborah Rees were awarded the sum to teach people how to contact "the other side".

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Last updated at 10:40 AM on 12th April 2009
Daily Mail Reporter

A charity worker was suspended after telling a colleague about his Christian beliefs against homosexuality, it has emerged today.

David Booker, 44, was chatting about his faith with co-worker Fiona Vardy during a late shift at the hostel in Southampton, Hants on March 26.

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Wednesday, 08 April 2009 20:02

The Patented RFID Ink Tattoo

The SOMARK identification system is a chipless radio frequency identification (RFID) platform. Typical RFID systems use a microchip and an antenna embedded in a tag affixed to an object. The SOMARK chipless system eliminates the high-cost microchip and antenna, instead using simply an electronic ink to create the identification "˜tag'. This ink is deposited directly onto or within the object which creates seamless integration of the object and the identification of that object.


The ID "˜tag' or tattoo in the SOMARK system is special ink deposited in a unique barcode pattern. The ink is the same for every tattoo, however the pattern in which the ink is injected under the surface of the skin or on the surface of an object is different for each item to be identified. This unique pattern is what gives each item a different and unique number, just like a fingerprint. ...

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Wednesday, 08 April 2009 18:29

Ex-Lap Dancer to Perform for Church Leaders

Like a prayer: The Italian nun who spent 20 years as a lapdancer

By Nick Pisa

A lapdancer has opted for the most dramatic of 'career' changes and become a nun.

Anna Nobili, 38, spent 20 years performing in strip clubs across Europe.

Deciding she wanted more out of life, Miss Nobili has joined the order of the Sister Workers of the Holy House of Nazareth.

Anna Nobili

Dancer for God: Anna Nobili (pictured now) spent 20 years as a lapdancer

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The Times
April 4, 2009
Abu Qatada. Pic: London Media
Sean O'Neill, Crime and Security Editor
Richard Ford, Home Correspondent

The extremist cleric Abu Qatada has issued a 6,000-word rallying cry to his followers from inside one of Britain's most secure prison units.

The Palestinian preacher hails the "victory" of the Mujahidin and claims that his treatment has helped to radicalise a new generation of young British Muslims.

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By Melanie Phillips
Last updated at 9:51 PM
29th March 2009

The resignation of Michael Nazir-Ali as Bishop of Rochester is a terrible blow, not just for the Church of England but for Britain. The bishop says he is resigning so that he can work for endangered or beleaguered Christian minorities both abroad and in the UK. What a shocking rebuke to the church, that he has to leave his post of influence and authority as a bishop in order to carry out the church's core duty to defend its own against attack.

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