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Mount of Olives Mission
Moriel Missions SA
PO BOX 793 Swellendam 6740, Western Cape, South Africa
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cell: 0823739297


Dear friends in the Lord

Greetings in the lovely name of our Lord Jesus to who we give all the praise and glory! Needless to say its been a busy and exciting year with the majority of work focusing on the development at the mission. As we complete almost 16 years of service to the Lord here in South Africa our work is entering its final stages. As you recall from our mission statement right at the beginning the work was to involve two major stages. First of all a place of safety and nurture for the youngest and most vulnerable of our children but after years of development and healing a place where they could contribute themselves to society. The mission is purely that, a place where the children can learn life skills and a place where the gospel is faithfully lived and propagated.

Saturday, 21 November 2015 01:10

Memorial - Mrs. David Hocking

It is with tremendous joy for her but sadness for David that we learned that our sister and friend Carole Hocking went home to be with Jesus after a long standing battle with a cruel blood disorder.
May David Hocking know the encouragement and assurance of the resurrection of Jesus during this season of bereavement secure in the certainty that such a temporary loss is but an interruption.
Carole is not dead but asleep yet in the conscious presence of Jesus and will reign with Jesus on the earth for 1,000 years literally and physically before the greater blessings still of the New Jerusalerm. 
We had the blessing and privilege of knowing Carole personally and we shall miss her until that coming wonderful day. She was a sweet, Christ loving lady who without complaint endured much agony related 
to her illness but she is now perfected knowing only the inexpressible glories of being with Yeshua. 
Jacob Prasch & Moriel request prayer for David Hocking at this time and may he know the condolences, love and fellowshjp of The Body of Christ as he awaits seeing his beloved Carole again.
Wednesday, 18 November 2015 14:43


Sister Ann Liwanag Sevilla, Pastor Paul's wife of the Garbage Dump children,  is rushed to the Clinic because of continues bleeding and she's losing her strength. The Doctor checked her condition through an Ultra sound. The Doctor advise her to undergo blood transfusion because her hemoglobin count is very low. After the blood transfusion she would have to undergo an operation and take his ovary out. We hope and pray that there is no other complications and that it is not cancerous.
Please pray for her and may God's loving hand be in control.
Thank you so much.
Sioncerely in Christ,
Pastor Paul
Wednesday, 18 November 2015 05:06

Daniel Connection

Moriel has received a considerable volume of questions regarding ordering copies of the DVD  'THE DANIEL CONNECTION' produced by Studio Scotland.
This film is not a Moriel production and Jacob Prasch was not involved in its production or as a cast member and Moriel is therefore not involved in its sale, marketing , or distribution (brief film clips from other unrelated footage of Jacob filmed at an earlier point without any reference to The Daniel Connection do appear, but not as a cast member and with no involvement of Jacob or ofMoriel).
The earlier 'THE DANIEL PROJECT' is a Documentary in which Jacob was involved in the production as narrator for evangelistic reasons and it can be ordered via the Moriel catalogue.
The DANIEL CONNECTION however is a Docu - fiction and is not a DVD that we carry.
Orders for THE DANIEL CONNECTION cannot be placed or made with Moriel and we cannot provide any information concerning its script or its sale. . We respectfully request Moriel not be contacted in this regard as we have no authorization or capacity to furnish such information   


Monday, 16 November 2015 14:13

Prayer Request for Carole Hocking

Last week David Hocking's wife, Carole, was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California to do an eye surgery (detached retina). The doctor (a strong believer) was shocked when beginning the surgery a surge of infection burst forth from the damaged eye. He had never seen this though performing hundreds of eye surgeries.
Carole was immediately taken to the Medical Intensive Care facility and anti-biotics given to her. That night was a severe test to our faith, as Carole's heart and chest pain increased its normal functions. Her husband, David, was called that night by the Intensive Care Physician at the hospital - Carole was struggling severely, and death seemed imminent. 
An enormous amount of prayer from God's people and the gracious healing hand of the Lord brought her out of that night's struggle, and she now rests quietly and bring watched carefully 24 hours a day. While still having some infection problems, she is much better, although still in the Intensive Care Unit. Please continue to pray for her - it has been over 8 months since her bad fall and knee and leg surgery. Our trust is in the Lord and His power and will.






This his how they get rid of “street animals.”

According to The Oslo Times, contractors have been hired by the Iranian government to get rid of stray dogs and puppies with the help of lethal injections. The problem is that these shots are a simple acid concoction that leads to an extremely painful and slow death.

WARNING: This video contains scenes and language that some viewers may find very disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

This his how they get rid of “street animals.”

According to The Oslo Times, contractors have been hired by the Iranian government to get rid of stray dogs and puppies with the help of lethal injections. The problem is that these shots are a simple acid concoction that leads to an extremely painful and slow death.

WARNING: This video contains scenes and language that some viewers may find very disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

Sunday, 15 November 2015 22:55

Prayer Request

Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Brother Alan McIntyre who is in Cyprus recovering from major cancer surgery of a very serious nature. Please pray for Alan's recovery and that the cancer has been eradicated by The Lord's grace.
Alan operates a blog and represents Moriel on a volunteer basis In Cyprus. Alan had  been a senior ranking fire fighter in Liverpool, England but took early retirement after objecting to firefighters being compelled to March in Homosexual parades and attend 'gay sensitivity' training during the era of  Tony Blaire's government, knowing that unless they unlikely repent which Romans chapter 1 states is unlikely once God 'gives the practitioners of such lifestyles over to it' , such persons whom Alan desired to see saved will be in a situation where all of the firefighters in Great Britain will not be able to extinguish the fires of eternal hell or rescue a single one of them.
After retirement Alan did not retire from ministry and helped organise Moriel day seminars etc. in North Wales before relocating Cyprus which is near Israel where he and wife frequently visit.
Your prayers for Alan and his family and his ministry as well as wisdom for his physicians are deeply valued.
Saturday, 14 November 2015 06:28

Condolences - Nancy Missler

Moriel & Jacob Prasch express our sincere condolences in Jesus to  our friend & brother Chuck Missler on the temporary loss of his 
beloved wife Nancy. Our prayers are that Chuck will know the consolation of .Christ during this time of bereavement. 
Her battle against the gruesome facial cancer was not lost;  but rather the victory of Jesus was won. 
Jacob of course knew Nancy and Chuck and we rejoice that through a sincere faith in Jesus death has been conquered.
Job 19: 25-27


Saturday, 14 November 2015 06:19

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