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Jacob Prasch

Jacob Prasch

Contrary to baseless reports being circulated on feminist blog sites calling themselves "Christian" , neither Moriel or its leadership have issued any apology for our doctrinal opposition to this feminism of the secular world infiltrating the Body of Christ under the clear influence of Satan. The doctrinal ignorance reflected on these feminist blogs is unmistakably evident as is the fact that their feminist rants are fuelled by emotionally charged outbursts reflecting the demonic Jezebel spirit where the husbands submit to their wives in an abrogation of God's order.

Moriel recognizes the indispensable  role of women in ministry in the Body of Christ , including in leadership and teaching ministry to other women as well as in deaconship, and exercising charismatic gifts in scriptural order which includes ministering under the authority of protective male covering , and as help mates to their husbands.  To this end, Moriel additionally has also funded the ministry of various women and sponsored women's conference events and continues to do so. There are in fact also two Moriel branches administrated by women whom we doctrinally classify as deaconesses. We also continue to sanction the excellent women's ministries of notable figures such as Johanna Michaelson, Caryl Matriciana, and a number of Precept women discipled by the teaching of Kay Arthur. There are indeed a number of women's ministries  who deserve our prayers, support, and endorsement - but neither the Paula White, Cindy Jacobs, and Joyce Meyer houses of heresy, the lunatic fringe "Women's Aglow" or the cultic "End times Handmaidens of The Lord" movement, or their first cousins - the blogging pseudo Christian feminist Jezabel clubs are among them.

We also however stand by the unambiguous scriptural teaching that leadership is male and that women cannot teach doctrine to mixed congregations or function as pastors. When God uses an Esther, there is always a Mordecai. When God uses a Deborah, there is always a Barak, and when God uses a Priscilla, there is an Aquila. Where there is an Ahab however, there is also a Jezebel.

The husband is the head of the wife as Christ is head of the church (Ephesians 5:22-23). This is God's position, and thus it is therefore also ours. This is the unambiguous teaching of God's Word and we unapologetically abide by it.


Carol ChampionMoriel & Jacob Prasch request serious prayer for long standing Moriel team member Carol Champion who has been diagnosed with a rheumatoid arthritis affecting her health inter systemically including her eyes.

We have recently experienced the graciousness and power of God and the power of prayer with the safe return home of Shiphiwi in Africa against all odds for which we remain grateful to The Lord and to those who prayed. May the same God that kept His Hand on Shiphiwi keep His mighty Hand on Carol and may it be a hand of healing. May The Lord bless her with His peace during this ordeal and grant wisdom and guidance to her physicians in Jesus Name.



Wednesday, 13 July 2016 10:30

See the end is getting closer…


This is exactly what David Wilkerson prophetically predicted would take place in 1977.

Vladimir Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin (Reuters)

7,000 Churches Fasting, Praying Over Terrifying New Persecution Law

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an anti-terrorism law, but for the country’s many churches, the signature sparked a demand for prayer and fasting.

The bill toughens punishment for acts deemed to be terrorism and for the organization of “mass unrest,” according to the Los Angeles Times. It would also introduce prison sentences of up to a year for those who fail to report such crimes.

Furthermore, Great Commission Ministries Chairman Hanny Haukka tells Charisma News the law entails:

  • Foreign guests are not permitted to speak in churches unless they have a “work permit” from Russian authorities
  • If a friend or relative from outside Russia wishes to share his/her faith in your home the guest will be fined and expelled from Russia.
  • Any discussion of God with non-believers is considered missionary activity and will be punishable.
  • Missionary activity will be permitted by special government permission. Example: If one traveling on a train shares his faith without written permission the offender will be taken into police custody for the duration of the journey and will be fined 50,000 rubles ($1,000).
  • Offenders from the age of 14-years-old will be subject to prosecution
  • Religious activity is no longer permitted in private homes. Most churches in Russia meet in homes.
  • Every citizen is obligated to report religious activity of neighbors to the authorities. Failure to be an informant is punishable by law.
  • One may pray and read the Bible at home but not in the presence of a non-believing person. You will be breaking the law and be punished.
  • If the church has purchased property it cannot be converted into a place of worship.
  • In church buildings, it is not permitted to invite people to turn to God. Worship services are permitted but making a non-believer a follower of Christ is against the law.

In response, thousands of churches across the country have come together to cry out to God.

“The church is appalled at the news of the new law. About 7,000 evangelical/protestant churches are in fasting and prayer at the moment over the news,” Haukka tells Charisma News via email.

Churches aren’t the only residents enraged by the law.

American refugee Edward Snowden tweeted: “#Putin has signed a repressive new law that violates not only human rights, but common sense. Dark day for #Russia.”

What’s more, critics are now declaring the Yarovaya laws, aka the “Big Brother,” laws, as a sign of the end times:

If these amendments come into force, prison sentences for certain non-violent “extremist” crimes will potentially be twice as long as, for example, murder committed in the heat of passion, which carries a maximum sentence of three years.

Despite receiving nearly unanimous support in parliament, the Yarovaya laws have triggered a flood of apocalyptic commentary. Many wonder why Russia’s already excessively harsh criminal laws are being made harsher.

The only official criticism of the legislation, however, has come from the Presidential Human Rights Council, which has highlighted ways in which the proposed amendments directly contradict the Constitution and existing laws. This criticism has been almost entirely ignored.

The Duma has already passed a number of laws that have harshened Russian law in the name of fighting terrorism and extremism. It criminalized “public calls for the violation of territorial integrity” and “rehabilitation of Nazism,” a direct affront to the freedom of speech. In 2013, it passed a law that allowed the state to confiscate property from individuals affiliated with terrorists, including their relatives.

The government has long used the “fight against terrorism and extremism” to justify repressive laws, no matter how obviously senseless they may be. As a result, Russia’s statutory framework can now be effectively used to target not only credible extremist threats, but also political opponents of the state. A large group of prominent Russian lawyers decried this problem in an open letter in 2013, saying that the “parliament’s legislative work has acquired a distinctly prohibitive and repressive character.”

In response, Haukka pleads with believers around the world to join with Russian churches in prayer and fasting.

“Russia is closing down in an awful way. The new law is in total conflict with the purpose and the task given to the church by the Lord. The law will send the church back into Soviet era Communist persecution,” he says.

Sunday, 03 July 2016 10:38

God calls this "ICHABOD"

California Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Word for Today Against Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & Brian Broderson

Commentary by Moriel & Jacob Prasch

A Must Read for All Those Who Love and Uphold Truth

On June 27, 2016, the Court of Appeal of the State of California (4th Appellate District Division 3) ruled against Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (CCCM), Brian Brodersen, Roger Wing, Phil Twente, John Jackson, and other CCCM board members in favor of Word for Today and Janette Manderson (Chuck Smith’s daughter) regarding a counter-suit that CCCM had filed against Word for Today.[1]

According to one court document, Word for Today has been involved in a lawsuit against CCCM since 2014 in an effort to reclaim access to Chuck Smith’s “recorded sermons, writings, and other religious materials” that allegedly have been in CCCM’s possession since Chuck Smith’s death in 2013.[2] 

The June 27th ruling rejected CCCM’s counter-suit which had called Word for Today’s suit a frivolous lawsuit (under the anti-SLAPP statute). The court document states that Word for Today seeks “an injunction enjoining Calvary Chapel from engaging in the unfair and fraudulent business practices.”[3]

In providing an historical background, the court document states that Calvary Chapel hired Chuck Smith as its senior pastor in 1965, upon which he served for 48 years until his death. In approximately 1978, Chuck Smith and his brother, Paul Smith, founded Word for Today, which allowed for the dissemination of Chuck Smith’s sermons, broadcasts, and materials. The June 27th California court document also states:

As part of this cooperative working relationship, Pastor Chuck and Word for Today agreed to allow Calvary Chapel to have access to and use his religious materials during his lifetime. In exchange, Calvary Chapel agreed that Word for Today beneficially owned all rights and interests in Pastor Chuck’s religious materials, Word for Today would have the exclusive right to control and disseminate the materials upon Pastor Chuck’s death, and Calvary Chapel would pay Word for Today for using Pastor Chuck’s religious materials. Calvary Chapel, Word for Today, and Pastor Chuck confirmed his agreement in a signed resolution Calvary Chapel’s board of directors passed and ratified in 1998.[4]

However, according to this same document, CCCM allegedly refused Word for Today access to Pastor Smith’s materials immediately following Chuck Smith’s death.

Pastor Chuck, Word for Today, and Calvary Chapel agreed in writing that Calvary Chapel could use the materials during Pastor Chuck’s lifetime, but beneficial ownership at all times remained with Word for Today and Word for Today had the exclusive right to those materials upon Pastor Chuck’s death. . . .when Pastor Chuck died, Calvary Chapel seized control of Pastor Chuck’s religious materials and Word for Today’s office, including the post office box and toll-free telephone number Word for Today had used for more than 20 years to receive donations and orders for Pastor Chuck’s materials. . . . Calvary Chapel essentially put Word for Today out of business by refusing to provide it access to Pastor Chuck’s religious materials, failing to pay for its sale and use of those materials, and holding itself out to the public as the owner of the materials.[5]

Now that the California appeals court has ruled against Brian Brodersen, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and other plaintiffs who were trying to have the Word for Today lawsuit thrown out, on August 29, 2016, there will be a “Remittitur issued” (meaning the case will be sent back to the courts to be retried).[6]

The trial hearings in this case are also dealing with a second issue regarding life insurance for Chuck Smith’s widow.

The operative complaint also alleges claims for elder financial abuse and constructive trust on behalf of Pastor Chuck’s wife, Catheryn Smith. These claims allege Calvary Chapel agreed to purchase a life insurance policy on Pastor Chuck’s life and name his wife as the beneficiary. Calvary allegedly did so, but then later changed the policy to designate itself as the beneficiary. Calvary Chapel’s special motion to strike also challenged these causes of action.[7]


On the basis of 1 Corinthians 6:4-8  where it states "it is better to be defrauded" than to take brother to court and hang the church's soiled linen out in public, it is good this phony law suit by Brian Broderson & Co. was thrown out. It is doubly sad, however, that Calvary Chapel could not have held Brian Broderson and CCCM to account within its own ranks. Paul Smith and Chuck's family are plainly the victims. It is a very sad day when a corrupt civil court system has more moral and ethical integrity than what is supposed to be The Body of Christ. Had the senior Calvary pastors stood up and taken responsibility as God's Word commands (1 Cor. 6:5)  and not in so cowardly a fashion deferred to ecclesiastical politics with its play for money and power, it would not have come to public scandal like this.

I know many leading CC pastors who could have and should have arbitrated this without it going to a fallen world's godless judicial system. Where were they? Is 1 Corinthians 6 not in their copy of the Scriptures?  No one in CC would stand up to Bob Coy - and look what happened. No one in CC would deal with that tragic mess that got into the secular media in Albuquerque or the other mess in Idaho. No one in CC would stand up to Brian Broderson, and now look at the result. But most of the CC leadership is not about Jesus anymore - it is a self-serving theocracy motivated not by God's Spirit based on His Word, but by a quest for a theocratic empire and the cash that comes with it, instead of building the Kingdom of God and proclaiming the return of Jesus as they once did. They now abjectly build their own fiefdoms.  

When my friend Chuck Smith checked out I made an appeal to the CC pastors on YouTube, etc. that was desperate and sincere. This was before the self-inflicted collapse of Bob Coy's ministry and the legal scandal in which Costa Mesa is now drowning.  I and others predicted and prophesied an avalanche of this very kind of treachery and spiritual, ethical, moral and doctrinal decline. I do not say this makes us "true prophets", but if it did not happen, we would certainly need to be regarded as false ones.

Beginning with George Bryson, Roger Oakland, Paul Smith and a few others there were those (including myself & Moriel) who desperately tried to prevent this. We warned when Chuck went to be with the Lord and even before that time that if a radical house cleaning with a sense of urgency and repentance did not take place quickly, CC as we knew it would fragment into a movement no longer held together by the Holy Spirit or common dogma (which were already dissipating prior to Chuck's departure) but rapidly mutate into a religious sham driven by a self-serving pursuit of numbers, money, and power and not by Jesus. We warned it will become defined by public scandal and an eventual resulting decline and will no longer be identified and defined by the fruit of the Spirit. 

The house that Jesus built through Chuck was hijacked and turned into a stinking theocratic racket by misfits who never should have inherited the leadership and the cowardly enablers and compromisers who knew it was wrong but remained silent. This shameful public scandal is an absolute disgrace that never should have happened and would have been prevented if only many leading CC pastors I thought were good men stood on God's Word, put Jesus & His sheep and the reputation and testimony of His church first and not taken the path of fear and self-interest, remaining silent and not 'sold out'.


Some CCs I know have taken down the dove as their logo. This seems quite appropriate. The dove has flown away. The Spirit of God has departed from that movement. Any remaining faithful pastors in CC need to stop imitating ostriches and seek the Lord earnestly about their own future and the future of their congregation.  As with most other once dynamic movements held together by Jesus, CC morphed into a de facto denomination held together by convoluted church politics and a carnal hunger for power and financial control disguised in the cloak of self-righteous religiosity while doctrinal, moral, ethical ministry, and authentic spirituality standards, but disintegrating after being first allowed to progressively evaporate by the self-aggrandizing silence of those who really could have stopped it and preserved CC. 

Take our word for nothing - please read the Court documents for yourself. Thanks to the latter day sons of Eli the Priest (2 Samuel 2) and the hireling clergy who let it happen, the noble heritage of Calvary Chapel has been assassinated in the courts and in the news media. Whatever happens now is just for show. In fact the real show is now over and every honest observer of this sad and sickening fiasco knows it. So does the press. Thank God my friend Chuck Smith did not live to see this. If he had not already gone home to be with Jesus this reprehensible travesty would have killed him. God knows a few good brethren warned and tried to prevent this. But only a few - too few!

Tragically and un-necessarily, Calvary Chapel as a movement has been allowed to become ICHABOD .    

Get a shovel and bury CC next to Chuck. As we have said - CC died with him just as Methodism largely died with John Wesley etc., etc., etc.

[1] The Word for Today, Inc. v. Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa:http://www.courts.ca.gov/opinions/nonpub/G052514.PDF (a court opinion freely available to the public): “These opinions are known as "unpublished," they generally cannot be cited or relied upon in other cases . . . This does not mean, however, that the contents of these opinions are protected or private information. All opinions posted on this site are public records and may be indexed by internet search engines. 

Monday, 13 June 2016 12:41

Ahab, Jezebel & Mohammed

The death of boxer Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) dwarfed the media coverage on the death of Queen Jezebel (Jan Crouch).

As we know, the instant he arrived in eternity the boxer wished he had never changed his name to Mohammed or embraced the racist variation of the Nation of Islam of Wallace Fard, Elijah B. Mohammed, or Malcom X (whom the former is said to have had murdered). The boxer knew immediately he had wasted his life pursuing a lie, that Islam is not true, and that he was not as he claimed “the Greatest”. In the end he was a deceived loser who likely lost his soul for all eternity.

I take no delight in this. I would have preferred that he turned to Jesus before it was too late.

In a sickening parody of Ahab & Jezebel mimicking Jim and the late Tammy Bakker, Jan Crouch, the wife of the late Paul Crouch – whose financial and moral shenanigans were openly confronted even by members of her own family, gave up the ghost almost simultaneously with Mohammed Ali.

Paul Crouch was reported on the front pages of the LA Times daily three days consecutively for the $425,000 in hush money included in a legal settlement with secrecy clauses about charges of homosexuality. Jan was actually filmed, while Paul was alive and married to her, in an amorous embrace of an actor who played Jesus at their theme park in Orlando at night in the parking lot. Little of this mattered, however, to their die hard supporters and followers. Like the Bakkers, the Crouches were people who actually began right with integrity, honest motives, and a scriptural Gospel – only to become corrupted by religious pride, the love of money, and immorality. As with 'Jim & Tammy' the Crouches became vehicles of Satan to discredit the Body of Christ, distort the Gospel of Jesus into a financial con-job, and to propagate heresy and false prophecy among undiscerning believers of the type whom St. Paul described as “wanting to have their ears tickled” (2 Timothy 4:3) whose ranks would swell in the last days. TBN was transformed by Crouch into a platform to make the term “Born Again” a household joke.

To be sure, the PTL Club, proven false prophet and conniver Pat Robertson's CBN, and Howard Condor's Revelation TV were and are none better. TV was too powerful a medium God could use for good, so Satan needed to corrupt it and he found a willing agent in Jan Crouch.

As her late husband Paul on TV literally denounced doctrine (the teaching of Jesus) as “excrement”, Jan exclaimed that those critical of the apostate doctrine, bogus prophecy and financial con artistry continually broadcast on TBN were “going straight to hell”. In defiance of 1 Corinthians chapter 5 which forbids followers of Jesus from being associated with “so called brethren” who are swindlers, figures from Greg Laurie to Ed Hindson appeared regularly on TBN lending that mouthpiece of Satan an artificial credibility to merchandise its heretical wares.

New Testament guidelines for Christian women to adorn themselves modestly were jettisoned by Jan Crouch and Tammy Bakker and their clones in favor of cakes of makeup and cosmetics with laughable hair styles that caused the world to mock her as a whorish looking gaudy old hag.

Jan Crouch literally dressed and resembled the Whore of Babylon in Revelation chapters 17&18, thinking of herself in the same character: “I sit as a queen and no sorrow will overtake me” (Revelation 18:7). Well, like Tammy Bakker, Jan Crouch now understands – she was wrong.

From Paul White to Juanita Bynum to Hillsong's Bobbi Houston, to Cindy Jacobs and Gloria Copeland -and other such daughters of Queen Jezebel who backslidden churches tolerate (Revelation 2:20), we see in them the very nature of spiritual seduction incarnated. Like wicked Queen Athaliah they manipulate and connive. Yet in the end, the ultimate victims of their deception are always themselves.

I pronounce no judgments concerning these women. Yet I do know what God has already judged in His Word. Jan Crouch served Satan, not God.

Friday, 03 June 2016 10:36

The EU's Pagan Foundation!

Contribute to the Brexit debate.

People want information!

Help them by copying and pasting it as a post or tweet, editing as you wish:

Where exactly was the EU’s founding document signed?

View this informative short video on the European Union's Pagan Foundation:



Tuesday, 26 April 2016 06:23


Friday, 15 May 2015 16:53

Moriel Affiliates

Moriel Ministries is an international multi-faceted ministry of Jewish and non-Jewish regenerate believers one in Jesus the Messiah.

Check out the table below and see where there is an affiliate close to you in the world.

Genesis 4:5

Saturday, 22 December 2012 06:28

Urgent Speaking Notice

Jacob Prasch will not be speaking as scheduled at Normandy & Tongham Christian Fellowship, UK Sunday morning, 23rd December. Jacob is stranded in USA with cancelled flights due to snow storms with an unavailability of alternative flights due to heavy holiday air traffic. Moriel & Jacob apologetically regret the cancellation due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. We nonetheless extend worshipers at the carol service holiday blessings in Jesus.

"The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law. (Dt. 29:29)

As the Preacher has already told us, "There is nothing new under the sun”. (Ecc. 1:9) So why should we be surprised that yet another person has been the exclusive recipient of yet another "secret” from God and, for the first time in the history of the world, is making it known to us? For some reason, instead of writing it down in one of the original languages of the Bible and making it freely available to all like the original Prophets of old, this time around God chose to have it printed in English and sold for $16.99 ($9.00 on the Kindle). For a fee, the "prophet” will come and speak about it. False teaching disguised as "revelation” like Jonathan Cahn's The Harbinger have been around since  handwriting was invented and such will, no doubt, persist until the Lord returns. Please do not buy it or even bother reading a friend's copy; why should you take away time from your personal meditation in Scripture, the only true source of revelation? But such things keep coming up, so I keep going back to the above verse.

  • Fact 1: God has not revealed everything to us, nor will He.
  • Fact 2: He has already revealed everything we need to know in His Word. There is no room for new books in The Book.
  • Fact 3: If we cannot be obedient to what has already been revealed, there is no "new” or further revelation coming.

In addition to outright false teachers and false prophets who teach error, there are also those who, "…speak a vision of their own imagination, not from the mouth of the Lord”. (Jer. 23:16b) In either case, it is to be rejected just the same.

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