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Jacob Prasch

Jacob Prasch

Some months ago in the UK, I visited a Bible college for training seminarians for ministry in a particular nation in the Middle East. The deputy principal was a former English missionary to that nation who worked with a para-church mission organization.

He seemed strongly opposed to my own belief that contemporary events in the Middle East are of prophetic significance eschatologically. He disapproved of my own friendship with Tim LaHaye, stating that the kinds of ideas Tim LaHaye represents were disproven because of the collapse of the Iron Curtain, meaning that Gog and Magog could not mean what people like Tim LaHaye have always believed. He said such people as Tim LaHaye and others like him were proven wrong.

Monday, 11 April 2011 22:25

The Alabama "Revival"

A Question for Jacob RE: His Television Comments

The following was forwarded from Revelation TV:

I am writing in response to your interview with Jacob Prasch . I really enjoyed him and all the knowledge that he possesses.  I would just like pick up on a point that one of your viewers wrote in about regarding the revivals that have happened (such as Lakeland etc) and are happening now in Alabama.  Jacob said that these were counterfeit and not of God.  I cannot speak with any authority on previous revivals but feel passionately about what is happening in Alabama.

I have known Nathan Morris since he was 6 years old his Father is the pastor  of my church.  The heart of that family is that the lost will be saved they love the Lord with un compromised lives.  I know Nathan and the testimony of how God saved him.  He walks only in obedience to the Lord and nothing of what he does is driven by selfish ambition or deception.  He wants souls for the Lord.

I just felt I had to speak up because I don't want him to be tarred with the same brush (so to speak).  He speaks an uncompromised gospel and signs and wonders follow.

Jacob Responds:

Greetings in Jesus.

I know nothing of Nathan Morris. (Obviously however he has never been anointed of the Lord to have a major evangelistic impact for Christ in his own country, the UK, or we all would have heard of him). This so-called "Church of His Presence" in Alabama, however, is pastored and led by John Kilpatrick, the same religious con-artist and proven liar who led the Pensacola scam that ended in financial scandal and an ugly split between Kilpatrick and Michael Brown.

Rob Bell is another in a long list of pastors, theologians and Christian writers who have defaulted to the love motif for resolving what he considers the perceived injustices of the God of the Bible; that is, the God of love who allows humans to suffer eternally in hell.

Most notable in this list of Christian writers is the late Joseph Fletcher, an Episcopal theologian whose controversial book, Situation Ethics: The New Morality, published in 1966, opened the door to social as well as Christian ethical relativism. Fletcher, unfortunately, was only partially right. While attempting to validate biblical love as the means by which all moral and ethical decisions should be based, he ignored other important precepts of biblical truth. The primary flaw in Fletcher's argument was that he failed to define biblical love, other than attaching the Greek meaning of the word agape. Biblical love, even agape love, requires biblical definition within the context of biblical revelation, and biblical love can only be defined by biblical truth. Without absolute truth, love cannot be absolutely defined. As in the case of so many Christian writers who default to the love motif for answering perceived biblical inconsistencies, making love the exclusive fallback position almost always sacrifices biblical truth in the process. The irony is that in doing so, these Christian writers bring themselves down to the level of humanists, philosophers, philanthropists, song writers, celebrities and mystics whose mantra is "What the world needs now is love, sweet love," and promote love as the solution to all the world's ills.

This day is eventful to me. Knowing my own feeble state as a believer, it amazes me that our gracious and sovereign God uses even the pathetic likes of my reprehensible self despite my shortcomings too numerous to count and too disgraceful to mention. I know it is Him and nothing to do with me. It must be Him. Anything I do in my own strength I usually mess up, particularly in ministry.

I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. "” 2 Timothy 4:1"“5 (NASB)

In the first article on this website titled, "Is the Rapture Really Taking As Many As You Think?", I used the event of the Rapture (without going into the eschatology behind it) as a vehicle to suggest that with all the false movements currently wreaking havoc within the Church, with so many followers of false teachers and false prophets, and with the general tolerance of sin within the Christian community, that not everyone who claims the label "Christian" or even "Evangelical" is currently meeting the minimum biblical requirements to participate in that event.

I followed this up with the article, "Who Will Be Left Behind?" which explained from Scripture that those who will be left behind the second go-round will be the same ones "left behind" at Christ's First coming, people who claim an association with God but refuse to accept Christ on His terms, who further refuse to deal with willful sin and false doctrine in their life, and are ultimately proven false by their lack of spiritual fruit. But now I can fully divulge my ultimate destination in tackling this subject: who is responsible?

The vast amount of finger pointing focuses on the myriad false teachers and the powerful false movements they propel, but while this is significant, I am going to offer these may not be the most guilty party. Those who just might have to shoulder the greatest burden of responsibility for the "great falling away" of these final hours is you and I.

Murder Occurs as the Hands of Islamic Terror in Israel

It is with profound regret that we are informed that Mary Gardener, the British victim murdered by Muslim terrorists yesterday in the explosion that injured dozens of people in Jerusalem, was an Evangelical Christian missionary to Togo in Africa. She was on academic furlough in Israel studying Hebrew for purposes related to her ministry. This was accompanied by rocket attacks on Ashdod and Rishon L'Tzion and the brutal murder of a Jewish family including including two small children and a baby by the Muslims in Samaria.

Some call Islam a religion of peace and others call it a murdering heathen terrorist religion of Satan. Indeed, there are jihadist Muslim fundamentalists calling it a terrorist religion themselves. As believers in Jesus we must love our enemies and pray for the salvation of both Muslims and Jews. Mary is now with her Savior who will avenge her death with the fire of hell unless they repent and believe.

We urge prayer for her mission board and for her family and for God's swift justice for her Islamic murderers. Please pray for the protection of Israel and God's Hand against  those in the media, politics, and even in the so-called church who defend these enemies of Christians and Jews.

In the mercies of Jesus no one known to us was among the victims in the double barrel earthquakes in Christchurch (nor in Japan where we had a contingent of Moriel contacts).

In the initial hours after the second earthquake we scrambled amidst our prayers to get word that our associates in that city were alright. We know Jesus warned of a unique increase in seismic activity as a sign of His Return, but it would be difficult not to attribute some spiritually emblematic significance to the fate of the Anglican cathedral given the utterly backslidden state of that institution. It has already caved in morally, doctrinally, and spiritually so I suppose the cathedral's demise is simply a reflection of those painful realities, although I wish Anglicans no personal ill and I grieve for the victims of that horrific dual tragedy.

Monday, 21 March 2011 21:42

Obituary for Dr. William Alnor

When a brother or sister in Christ is suffering from a terminal illness and it is not the purpose of God to heal them but to call them home to Himself, it is always with a combination of sadness of joy that we learn of the temporary loss. So it is as we learned of the temporary loss of Christian academic journalist Dr. William Alnor, beloved husband of Christian apologetics researcher Jackie Alnor.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 11:37

These Are the Days of Eli

Contrary to  the lyrics in a popular worship song currently being invoked  in the church today,  "These are the days of Elijah", I believe a  more accurate description of our time  would rather  be from 1 Samuel  3,   "These are the days  of Eli, the priest of Shiloh".

It is important to understand the  true  condition and diagnosis that we as  a church have  entered  into,  and unfortunately  it is not a condition that warrants  singing about our  health and well-being. Scripturally, the   "righteousness  being restored"Ã‚  will actually come through judgement not favouritism. According to God's Word  what  really  lies ahead prophetically  is  a  period of   trouble, exile,  and persecutions  and  not  triumphalism. What we do  need   is to be  prepared spiritually and mentally. We need  a  deep  sense of humility, and a determination to obey God's Word (indeed, as Elijah  did)  so as  not to miss  the  direction the Lord is taking us in.  We must, among other things, not end up trying to protect   an established   leadership in so many cases in today's church when so much of this contemporary leadership  is actually  under God's condemnation ( as John the Baptist and Elijah  warned Israel).

Tuesday, 15 March 2011 22:49

Walter Martin's Last Stand on TBN

In light of another Calvary Chapel pastor making an appearance on TBN's Praise-the-Lord program, I thought it apropos to share a tape in my collection of how a Bible believer should behave when invited onto TBN or any of the other errant "Christian" networks. What sort of message is communicated when a solid Bible teacher shares the platform with heretics and does not bring reproof? Certainly it gives the impression that the guest endorses the teaching of the hosts and /or founder of the Christian network.

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