JOBAMA—How Putin, China , Iran, and North Korea Really View Joe Biden

JOBAMA — How Putin, China , Iran, and North Korea Really View Joe Biden by Rubin Rothler LL.B , LL.M

Certain striking parallels exist between the way that the Obama administration engaged itself and its more recent incarnation under Biden on both the international scene and domestically. The similarities are most lucidly observed in light of relations with Putin. Obama notably drew a line in the sand over the use of chemical weapons by Assad and his Russian backers in Syria. And then he did nothing when they were horrendously deployed with catastrophic effect in the Syrian theater. Putin was further emboldened by Obama’s weak response to Putin’s invasion of Crimea. Much alike, Biden ambiguously drivels over what repercussions will lay in wait should Putin employ the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine. This reinforces the notion in Putin's mind that Biden is merely a frail (and possibly senile) version of Obama, whom he served as Vice President.

In the middle east Iran was encouraged by the placation of Obama in releasing $150 billion in frozen funds, while Iran was funding terror and killing US servicemen in Iraq. Indistinguishably Biden is now doing the same, providing tens of billions to Iran while pushing up the value of its oil and reopening Iran's access to financial markets. Concurrently Biden has been making strategically absurd concessions on Iran's nuclear program. This has caused tensions in relations with Israel and has also resulted in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States snubbing Biden in his appeals for increased oil production due to their fear of Iran being empowered by Binden's policies that simply expand those of Obama.

In the realm of their attitude to hostage negotiation there is also correlation. Obama released five dangerous terrorists with blood on their hands from Guatamino to secure the release of an American soldier who was facing court martial. Now Biden wants to pay $7 billion dollars in ransom for American hostages being held by the Iranians. On the economic front Obama's opposition to American energy independence has been exacerbated by the policies of Biden that now see American consumers paying up to $6 a gallon for gasoline. Obama as a US senator was responsible for not putting the brakes on the subprime lending debacle of fannie mae and freddie mac along with Chris Dodd and Barney Frank in the House of Representatives. The legislative maneuverings of Obama facilitated the crisis of 2008 (although George Bush was equally responsible). Biden has likewise pushed the economy to the brink of implosion. After 8 years of Obama the average income of an African American family declined by $900. In the current attack on working Americans, minorities (particularly blacks) will feel the first hunger pangs, courtesy of the dishonest politician they voted for.

Obama's actions against Israel in UNESCO - lobbying and mustering other nations in the UN to oppose Israel's right to control Jewish holy sites, is matched by Biden's pro Iranian anti-Israel diplomacy. As Obama went to communist Cuba paying homage to Castro, Biden made diplomatic efforts towards Maduro in Venezuela. The pro-abortion and pro-transgender policies of Obama have been doubly energised by Biden. The Nixonian misuse of the deep state as a personal political police force has seen a renaissance with Biden. The same inexperienced and unqualified bureaucrats that surrounded Obama, led by figures such as Susan Rice are now once again employed in the Biden White House. The racially divisive policies of Obama, where Eric Holder denounced America as a nation of cowards in matters of race has now seen the sexually and racially driven biases of Biden in his appointment of his Vice President and now a Supreme Court justice on the basis of skin color and gender. As if those attributes were qualifications in themselves. And he has done so through the discriminatory detrimant of the other 96% of the population who are neither female or black. The record setting fiscal deficits of Obama that were already dangerous are now being amplified by Biden to a proportion that is out of control. We are seeing blue state America at the precipice of a social and economic abyss under the present administration. Obama's vice president is now president and in the eyes of China, North Korea, Iran and Putin Biden is viewed simply as s senile reincarnation of Obama - taking Obama's nationally destructive policies to their natural conclusion.

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