Asian Mission Fellowship Update - Jan 2020

Welcome to our new church (Moriel Missions Thailand) Asian Mission Fellowship on the Thai-Burma border, reaching out to immigrant workers from Myanamar.

After much searching we've finally found a good place to rent for the Burmese/Shan church.  Jallay has named it Asian Mission Fellowship (AMF).  There were a few other good places to rent, but they were noisy from the road noise.  After the 3rd or 4th day of looking for a place, and after praying, we finally found one that's quiet-- a good distance from the road, but still in a good location.  And, it also has an outdoor area for children to play.

Along the main road there are at least 20 factories with many Burmese and Shan workers.  The first service is scheduled for February 2nd.  Jallay's asked me to give the opening message.  Myanmar has more Christians than Thailand, but it's still a small percentage, and mostly among the hill tribes, not the ethnically Burmese people.

The first contact that Jallay made was with a group of about 50 ethnically Burmese Buddhists.  The focus of this church is mostly evangelistic, but we welcome Christians, too of course.

Please pray for an awakening among the Burmese and Shan workers to come out of pagan darkness and to look to Jesus to be saved.

Thankful for Jesus' triumph over sin and death, Scott.


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