UNESCO is Throwing the Bible in the Garbage!

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Tell UNESCO To Keep Their Hands off of the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. Abraham was a Jew, not a Palestinian!

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 Dear Friends,

I am writing to you as I am sure that you join me in feeling shock and heartbreak at UNESCO's latest ploy which throws the Bible and history into the garbage by denying the Jewish connection to our beloved city of Hebron.

UNESCO's vote, ironically in Poland, has declared the Tomb of the Biblical Patiarchs in Hebron a Palestinian Heritage Site. This effectively destroys the Jewish connection to this holy city where our forefathers and mothers are buried and where King David first established his capital. 

If you are as outraged as I am, let your voice be heard and sign our petition to keep UNESCO’s hands off of Jewish Hebron.

Hebron’s Jewish history is indisputable. From Abraham's purchase of the Machpela Cave (Genesis 23), there has been 3,800 continuous years of Jewish presence in Hebron. The Jewish people and their history must not be removed.

UNESCO must hear loud and clear that the Palestinian’s  are creating a fake history ploy against Israel. If you agree, sign the petition to keep Hebron a Jewish city.


Rabbi Dan Rosenstein
Executive Director of the Hebron Fund

PS - After signing the petition, please forward it to friends who are concerned about the future of Hebron!

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