Voting Rights or Voting Wrongs ? by Rubin Rothler LL.B, Ll.M

Voting Rights or Voting Wrongs ? by Rubin Rothler Ll.B, Ll.M

The voting public have become accustomed to the conventional chorus chanted by the Democrats concerning voter reform. Due to dissonance within the Senate Caucus between the left center establishment and the few remaining centerists within the Democratic party, tensions and contentions have assumed center stage. In particular, vigilant  Independent voters are arising to smell the coffee, and Independents statistically determine the outcome of national elections.  The dominant factions within the Democrat party would have the public believe that it is an unconscionable encumbrance to request that photo identification be tendered upon presenting to vote. Voting reform has become a cornerstone agenda for the  administration after Democrats pivoted to the issue following the failure of a sweeping social spending bill in December. Democratic lawmakers have continuously berated Republicans claiming that the legislation is required as stricter voting laws adopted in several red states have disenfranchised minority voters. Republicans have maintained that stricter laws do not disenfranchise voters, arguing they are necessary measures to prevent voter fraud. The fear, not  only among Republicans and conservatives but also in the ranks of many Independents, is that institutional electoral corruption becomes a threat to the democratic fabric of the electoral process. 
The Freedom to Vote Act attempts to reverse a number of key election regulations instituted by some Republican-led states in addition to mandating for same-day voter registration and no-excuse mail voting. Furthermore, it would  prevent states from requiring a photo ID to vote and would permit felons to vote in all states. This is viewed as both a usurping of states rights and also an invitation to fraudulence by ineligible voters  While Covid is rampaging through the Nation, violent crime surges and inflation graduates  to out of control proportions, the Biden strategy is to deflect from these pressing problems by focussing on voter reform. Biden desperately needs some positive news coverage, as he is the most unpopular President in a political generation. More remarkably this was achieved in less than one year, which is unprecedented in modern political history.   
Some left wing proponents of voter reform would go even further in their demands, declaring that the electoral college be abolished altogether, along with the Senate filibuster. It is important to note for the context of any discussion that voting laws are constitutionally intended to be enacted by state legislators - not by Congress. The very narrow Democrat majority in Congress, whose days are likely numbered, are desperate to transfer electoral control to the Federal government. This has become particularly evident in the increasing pressure on Chuck Schumer. At first it was maintained that it was a matter of election security. Then this narrative changed to be about voter confidence. Now the party line is to assert that only a national system can preclude obstacles that prevent people from voting. In reality their probable motivation is for voter harvesting and illegal voting by undocumented aliens to become institutionalised to the benefit of the political left. The Democrats have become increasingly frantic that approximately 50% of Hispanic American voters have moved to the center right. This has fuelled their thirst for a transfusion of illegal immigrants voting illegally in the hope that they will vote Democrat, particularly in purple states.
Following the election of Donald Trump, the Democratic party leadership moved to a neo-Mccarthyist position, ascribing Trump's win to unfounded allegations of collusion with Russia. Yet currently, when 70% of Republican voters and a growing number of Independents question the legitimacy of Biden's victory, it is dismissed as lunacy with the de facto support of mainstream and social media.This is despite revelations of invalid voting procedures in Arizona, Georgia and elsewhere. There's been a strain of anti democracy sentiments in significant quarters of the Democratic party for some time. Yet, as a political movement it has gained a momentum unseen in contemporary political history. The Democratic party under Biden and his Obamasist minions is viewed by the right center, conservatives, libertarians and swelling numbers of Independents, Hispanic Americans and even a remnant of Democrat moderates as attempting to destroy the integrity of the election system. 
This is not just unilaterally dismembering state election regulations, but with enthusiasm moving to dismantle the very systems that mitigate against voter fraud. While the United States still remains the most powerful nation in post Imperial  history, it is rising to the  precipice and therefore this affect can only impact the global community. With the U.S. presently marching towards the eradication of constitutional norms (that have already eroded in Europe) and which never fully existed in Asia, it is the responsibility of the voter to revert to political sanity before it becomes too late to do so. 
The dire political quest of the Democrats to pass the voting rights bill despite 85% of the U.S. public thinking that a photo I.D. should be required for voting - defies the common will and the common sense of the people who are governed. This becomes a classic Jeffersonian  caveat scenario of government enslaving the people, if the people fail to enslave government. 
The described strategy of the Democratic party, due to its strong arming and biased support from the left wing media  has thus far been limited to a partial success. The conflict however is not over and the final outcome is yet to be determined. Much of the public however, including many Independent and Latino voters, are growing weary of the endless litany of  fanciful tales alleging hideous actions that the 'facist' Republicans are doing to the society in a country that is being subjected to the threat of collapse of the mechanisms that ensure fair elections. The management of the  Democratic party is taking sophisticated measures to ensure they will succeed. We are left with a society of more angry and resentful voters whose numbers are blossoming and whose voter blocks are currently beginning to mushroom.
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