In a Post Judeo-Christian/ Neo-pagan developed world characterized by apathy or hostility to the Gospel and where Con Artist Money Preachers and Religious Hype Artists, and False Prophets of various description have been anointed by Satan to discredit the Church and its message, and the Judases of Ecumenism have betrayed the Way of Salvation, Evangelism has become a very difficult and complex task. Much of the developing world however is open to the Message of Jesus, though the toxic venom of most Televangelists and The New Apostolic Reformation has dripped into these Mission Fields.

These are inescapable issues Moriel and certain others have attempted to address for years.

What is the way forward? How did Jesus tell us to carry out the Great Commission in the Last Days of False Teachers and Deception that He warned would come paving the way for the Anti-Christ and False Prophet prior to His Return?

The unambiguous answer is found in Christ's predictive instruction in The Olivet Discourse, to preach “The Gospel of The Kingdom”, that is to use End Time Prophecy of His Return and the events preceding it as an evangelistic platform to engage the unsaved who turn to demonic nonsense such as horoscopes, clairvoyance, and the occult to know the future when the true knowledge of the future is found in The Word of God. Even non-believers often know something is happening that is historically unique in the way the world is evolving and the pace at which it is happening. It is true believers in Jesus who understand.

Several years ago, I narrated a film project that attempted to achieve these goals. The content, much of it filmed in Israel, was effective. The film served its purpose and it achieved, in a limited way, what I wanted to communicate at the time. However, we are now closer to the Lord's return, as such, we are seeing more and more prophesy coming to pass. We are excited to see how Jesus is fulfilling His word.

For this reason, we have since undertaken a new evangelistic project of our own under the direction of a gifted Christian film maker. The propriety of this will remain in the hands of The Body of Christ, and will not be sold to Hollywood or to Christian persecuting Communist China. We plan, Lord willing to make it available cheaply on DVD, thumb drives, MP4 electronic download and ultimately for free on-line video as well as, God willing, translated into various languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, and others.  We promise The Lord and we promise our prayer partners that this film will be a ministry of, by, and for Jesus. 

The film asks and answers the question: 'Why is the present time in history with its constellation of events different from the other times in Christian history when believers from the Thessalonians to the 19th Century Millerites and others thought the return of Christ to be impending'?

Our first and biggest request for this project is prayer for The Lord's guidance, and secondly for His provision. Moriel indeed needs and welcomes the contributions of those brethren led by The Lord to help finance this costly project. If you are so led to support this work, you will find a new Donation fund on the Moriel Webstore called “Digital Evangelism Films Fund” But we absolutely covet your prayers. 

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