UPDATE! An immediate Prayer Request from Jack Miranda

Update from Jack Miranda; RE: Uncle Marcos 

I just got an update from my mother about my uncle’s condition.

He’s out of surgery and recovering after having heart bypass surgery.

I think Mom said he had four blocked arteries however, we had a bad connection so I may have misheard her (calling Puerto Rico from Virginia/USA).

The doctors said my uncle was a very good patient and will need to spend two weeks in the hospital to recover.

I can’t thank you enough for all the prayers, concerns and well wishes.

My Uncle Marcos is very dear to me and I am forever grateful to you and all who prayed for him. May God repay your prayers 1000 fold (Luke 6:38). Thank you all! God is good!!!

BTW, he’s a Roman Catholic. I’m praying for him to be drawn by God and for his salvation.

It’s really the only “contention” he and I have. But he’s such a wonderful man. I love him so much….



"Oh boy. When it rains, it pours."

I just found out from my mom that my Uncle Marcos (who lost his first child to suicide last November) is in hospital.

He had earlier complained to my Aunt about chest pains and that he was going to see the doctor in the morning.

Aunt Myrna said “no, you are going to the emergency room now”, however, now, he’s undergone open-heart surgery.

Please pray for Uncle Marcos Sanabria.

Thank you





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