THANKSGIVING with Jacob Prasch and Tim Leech in Crystal River Florida November 28-30th

From November 29, 2024 10:00 until November 30, 2024 17:00
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Brothers and sisters!  We are hitting the road again to exhort you all to the upward call of God!

Jacob Prasch and Tim Leech will be teaching for two days over Thanksgiving weekend.  We are going have Mandy Leech for worship with another wonderful brother Mauro.  David Lister along with myself in assistance, will be there also.  I am bringing my husband and son with me!  The group that has formed in Crystal River is precious and so very encouraging.  We will be returning to them to encourage them further still and to be encouraged by them!  I know all true believers in Christ Jesus have this longing within them to be among their brethren.  We recognize our Lord working in each other and that the same spirit that works in us, is working in these other members of the family of God.  We are doing these things to demonstrate the reality of the family of God and encourage you to prepare for what lies ahead.  You need to know your family and be known by them.  

Our Sunday meeting is closed with the group that was planted as the growth has filled the house.  Praise the LORD!  House to house and in the temple.  Now is the time to get serious about house groups.  Who knows we may come and see you also!  Let us know if you have a house group or want help forming one.


Thursday evening there is a Thanksgiving buffet put on by the Plantation Resort and we will be having dinner there.  It is open to the public and tickets can be purchased through their website.  We hope to see you there if you are able.  


For those who are willing, a conference room is organized for Friday and Saturday, November 29th and 30th where Jacob Prasch and Tim Leech will bring teaching.  Tim Leech will be doing two sessions the first day and Jacob will be doing one.  Then Jacob will be doing two sessions the second day and Tim will be doing one.  We plan to have teaching from 10am until 3pm.  You really do not want to miss the kind of sweet fellowship we have seen here.  Get yourself knitted in with the kind of love that only comes from the LORD.  With all the changes going on in the world around us, do not be discouraged.  Our Father and Good Shepherd, by the Holy Spirit is making changes in and among us as well.  Let us not fail to receive this family the LORD has paid so dearly to build.  A family that will be the inheritance of our King and Saviour!  Who could fathom that He should choose to bestow His love on us?  

If you are thirsty, come and be refreshed.  If you are hungry, come and eat.  If you are tired, come and be strengthened, If you are weary, come and share your burden.  Let us come together and share the One whom our soul loves.

You can message me directly at   The meeting will be held at The Plantation Resort in Crystal River, Florida! 

May the grace, peace and mercy form our Father, and Risen Lord be with you all increasingly, until He comes for each of us and all of us.  

Your sister thanks be to Jesus,




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    Jacob Prasch

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