Questions for Catholics

Questions for Catholics

Hello, my dear friends. I’m speaking, of course, to our Catholic friends, and I mean friends. I have many Catholic friends and, on my mother’s side of the family, Catholic relatives, including my mother. My mother is of Irish-Catholic background. In her family there are members of the Roman Catholic


Let us begin, please, with my first question. In the first epistle of St. John 1 :7 we read that the blood of Christ


The third question I would like to ask is this one: I was always told in Catholic schools and by my mother that Peter

But I have yet another question.

In the Gospel of St. John 6 I've heard it quoted, quoted, quoted, and re-quoted as applying to the Eucharist.

But I’d like to ask you yet another question. All over the world we are seeing scandals: Australia, New Zealand. Latin America. the United States,


But I would like to ask a third question of my Catholic friends.

Without doubt Mary – her real name was “Miryam” – Mary the


But I have one final question for my Roman Catholic friends. And I assure you I have many friends, I am not speaking antagonistically

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