These Books are books that young Christians should read. these are foundational works for the young believer or any Christian should read if they have not read them.

  1. The Pilgrim's Progress: John Bunyan
  2. Know What You Believe: Paul S Little (get early editions if possible)
  3. Know Why You Believe?: Paul S Little (get early editions if possible)
  4. The Screwtape Letters: CS Lewis
  5. The Normal Christian Birth: David Pawson
  6. Unlocking The Bible: David Pawson
  7. Love Not The World: Watchman Nee
  8. The Normal Christian Life: Watchman Nee
  9. Not I, But Christ: Watchman Nee
  10. The Best of AW Tozer: (Warren Wiersbe)
  11. Israel in The New Testament: David Pawson
  12. The Master's Plan of Evangelism: Robert Coleman
  13. Grain For The Famine: J Jacob Prasch
  14. More Grain For The Famine: J Jacob Prasch
  15. A Lamp To My Feet: J. Jacob Prasch
  16. The Dilemma of Laodicea: J Jacob Prasch
  17. Who Moved The Stone: Frank Morrison
  1. Evidence That Demands a Verdict – 2 Vol Set: Josh McDowell
  2. Kingdom of The Cults: Walter Martin
  3. The Seduction of Christianity: Dave Hunt
  4. The Testimony Of The Evangelists: Simon Greenleaf
  5. Christ of The Forty Days: A.B. Simpson
  6. The Christian in Complete Armor: William Gurnall
  7. Yeshua - The Jewish Way To Say Jesus: Moishe Rosen
  8. The New Evangelicism: Paul Smith
  9. The Fox's Book of Martyrs
  10. The Life and Times of Jesus Messiah: Alfred Edersheim
  11. The Temple, its Ministry and Services: Alfred Edersheim
  12. The Pilgrim Church: EH Broadbent
  13. The Biography of David Brainard
  14. The Journal (Diary) of John Wesley
  15. God's Outlaw (Biography of William Tyndale)
  16. Resisting The Mystical: Scot Noble

(Also Recommended: Sermons of Chas. Spurgeon, and Assorted works of Martin Lloyde Jones, FB Meyer, and JC Rhyle).