THE FLEECING OF CHRISTIANITY takes a fresh and fascinating look at the tactics some use to misuse the Gospel for personal power and gain.

FLEECING shows the place "Christian" television plays in the spread of the Great Apostasy as prophesied in the Bible and documents  the formation of the unified one-world church as it happens. Jackie Alnor is known worldwide for tireless research and well-documented facts, which shed light on the sometimes murky depths of cult religions. Jill Martin Rische of Walter Martin Ministries calls FLEECING, “A reader-friendly style, sharp analysis and a strong Scriptural foundation [which] combine to make this book an intriguing and enlightening read.”

Jackie Alnor is a veteran researcher, writer, activist, teacher and defender of the faith who has been monitoring and taping Christian television for over twenty years; produced the highly acclaimed 1999 documentary, “The Great Apostasy: The Lost Sign”; and is a lecturer of news writing at a Christian university.

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