Questions for Mormons

Questions for Mormons

Hello, friends, my name is Jacob Prasch and I have met a number of Mormons. I have attended the “Miracle of Mormonism” pageant in Manti, Utah where I met mainstream Mormons and I met fundamentalism Mormons – polygamists, bigamists. I've met Mormons in Great Britain, I’ve met Mormons in Italy,

This question that I have is : In my youth I studied biomedical science and something has developed now that was in its sub-infancy when

But I have another question. I’ve read a number of Mormon books: The Pearl of Great Price, The Book of Moses, and The Book of

But I have yet another question for my Mormon friends. The question is on Brigham Young's doctrine of atonement. Brigham Young's doctrine of atonement said

And reading The Book of Mormon, I’m brought to one other question. I’m told that Jesus is the half-brother of Satan and that Adam was

I have a sixth and final question. Your religion teaches there are three heavens, as it were: The “telestial”, the “terrestial”, and the “celestial”.

If you really believe American Indians are Lamanites despite the irrefutable DNA evidence, please explain to me how. Please e-mail me; I really want

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