Questions for Muslims

Questions for Muslims

“Marhaba. Ismi Yakub.” Hello, my name is Jacob, happy to meet you,

I’ve been meeting a lot of Muslims in Britain and America and other countries and I've been talking to them about their faith. And most of them are quite enthusiastic about sharing with me the beliefs of Islam,

This question is about the person and character of Mohammed. According to the Quran and according to the Hadith, Mohammed grew up next to the
My next question is: Mohammed was the greatest prophet –  greater than Jesus, greater than Moses – al-asam so teaches: “There is no God but
I have a fourth question for my Islamic friends, particularly the educated ones, those that have done degrees in law, medicine, dentistry, engineering, science, mathematics

My next question concerns the teaching of the Quran on “Ummah” – unity among Muslims, that you are one nation and one people. Now Christianity


But I have another question. Slightly more than half the world's population are women. We all know that in Saudi Arabia a woman can’t

But I have another question. The question is on “Jihad” – “holy war”. Western Muslims like to say, “Jihad is a struggle within oneself to

Are you one nation, one people, or are you a divided nation and a divided people who needs a common enemy to create the illusion?

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